You Guys Rock

No seriously. You do. I have the best readers ever.


Last week I wrote about a current fundraiser going on at our local YMCA, and you answered.


Ms. Trish is only $134 away from her fundraising goal! A big thank you to all who donated. Every dollar counts. If you haven’t donated your $1 yet, there is still time.


When I took K1 and K2 to gymnastics this morning Ms. Trish ran out to hand deliver her hand made thank you to us. It was really, really sweet. I had to share it with you, because I didn’t donate alone. You helped, and thank you.


Her thank you card says,


You are so awesome! Lol! Thank you sooooo much for your donation! Just so you know your money is going [to] help a low income family, children & seniors. To help them participate in sports and stay healthy. We are non-profil therefore, we are a tool for the community-it works if you work it! I love watching the kids, they’ve gotten so BIG! and chatty haha! Thank you for teaming up with me to help others.

Ms. Trish

DSC_0615 (2)

Ms. Trish also posted a thank you comment to you all on my original post. Feel free to read it. Her comment really made me smile, because it means that she noticed what we did.


So basically thank you again. To everyone else go give your $1 ….. see they really do add up! Let’s have one more push to help Ms. Trish get to her fundraising goal!

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