Once upon a time I was a member of The Greater Holyoke YMCA. I took swim lessons there. Seriously though who didn’t? At least in my age group. That was the place to go. I also competed on their gymnastics team for nine wonderful years. Seriously. I was my own worst enemy at the time. Nothing was good enough. I felt I executed nothing perfectly. Little did I know that I would still look back at how much I truly loved gymnastics.

This being said, you would have thought that when it came time to take my DD for gymnastics this is where I would have gone first. Nope. Not so much. Wrong. I went to some other random gym nearby. They did not have a real mommy and me program. We saved our money and did not go.

For some reason when I decided it was time for swim lessons for her, the Y was the first place I looked. Weird, right? Somehow my almost 30 year old mind knew the place that I went to, for only 2-3 sessions of swim lessons was the first place to go to for my own daughter. Why not the gymnastics too? Who knows.

Anyway the whole reason that I decided to write this post is that we went and got a family membership today. It was only because of the Open Doors program that the East County YMCA offers. It is like financial aid for families who make less than $50,000 a year. I wish we knew about this two years ago, when we went into another one of the East County YMCA’s. We would have signed up then. No matter we did now. I really am so excited, if you can’t tell by the fact that I am blogging about it.

I can go to the gym again?

I can go to the gym again!

My babies go too. DD get’s to play. They hold DS. It is like they are at a play date, without me. Where do you think I will be when I need a break? Yup. What? I’ll see you there? Perfect. Lol …

Anyway they have a Healthy Family something event going on at what seems like all their locations. I have seen that some still have the event going on tomorrow. Check it out!

I just wanna say that the sign that made me decide to write this post was reading this Insta Friday blog post. So maybe someone else out there needs to know about this possibility near them.

FYI it goes without saying, but, this is not a sponsored post. They made the use of their facilities a reality to me and decided to share.

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2 Responses to 'YMCA'

  1. Angela King says:

    awwwwwww! i had no idea you linked back to me. i just try to visit everyone that has visited me. thanks for the blog love. 🙂

    i too didn’t know about their financial aid program. a lot of people at work were signing up for it. i came in with that intention and then it just so worked out that me and the kids on financial aid and my fiance paying for herself (we didn’t live together yet) would be about the same as a regular membership so she just signed us all up. i LOVE the gym. however, i didn’t love it so much for the first year or so. i never came. what a big waste of money. i’m glad we never cancelled though cause now i go four or five times a week and i nver would have signed back up to do that.

    i hope you have a fantastic time at your Y! 🙂

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      Your welcome! I found before that I payed for a gym membership and didn’t use it. I think that with it being all of us as a family we will get our money’s worth out of it.

      Thanks for checking back! (sorry I took forever to respond, slacker lately)

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