When Dogs Bite

My heart is heavy today. My mind continues to wander back to a singe traumatic event.

Yesterday evening at 4:21 PM my dog was attacked by two dogs. After such a pleasant day. Trip to the airplane museum, and cooking a new vegan recipe for dinner. They were pit bulls, possibly mixes. One did not appear to be on a leash. The second was leashed, but overpowered his owner who was not alert, or aware of what was going on. This attacked lasted more than 5 minutes long, and up to just under 10 minutes. No over dramatic exaggeration.  
My floppy, furry, no longer a puppy, English Springer Spaniel, is in the doggy hospital, where she will remain for at least 3 more days. She will have a consult with a surgeon tomorrow morning, when I will get more information. For now her breathing is stable, which is important, as one of her injuries is a pneumomediastinum. (air bubble between her lungs) That is the only injury which is life threatening. She will survive.

Baby guardian
I know that her survival, and recovery are not my worry. If she never has use of her leg again, another of her injuries, she will still get around. She can still be happy. No, my worries are for her mental health. After the hospital, after her injuries have healed, then. I worry because no human could make it through such an attack without mental injury. A human might be afraid of Pit bulls forever, worse even, all dogs, or maybe the park, jogging, the activity that was taking place at the time of the attack. A dog may be no different. Then she may not be happy. 

Side kicks, best buds.

There are several variables.Here are just a few that I have thought of already;
 My dog might become aggressive all the time. While I think it unlikely due to her demeanor prior to this attack, I can not rule it out. 
Most likely she will suffer from fear aggression. The attack when she’s scared type. My concern with this is how she will react when the kids come up behind her without warning. Also there is some concern for other dog. There is behavior training for this type of thing, but it just takes time. Time that may be difficult to wait through with two small children. However, not impossible, but very very concerning.
Fear of dogs. While this is large concern, it will not ruin our lives, or hers. It will be a challenge, but life will not be impossible. 
She could be afraid of that park, jogging, or any place were leashed animals may be. Again, she could still live a happy life this way, it will just be an added challenge. 
I am most worried about the aggressive possibilities. I am sad to think that after all the time she will be spending in the hospital and time recovering, if she becomes aggressive her time with us will be done. I guess I do not have to think about those things today, but as a mother of two it would be silly to bury my head in the sand and pretend those chances don’t exist. 

Not the brightest or most clear photo, but here the two princesses are trying to nap in the summer heat.
There IS something positive to take from this, at least so far. I have gone jogging for several years. Yes I took a few years off after an ACL repair, and two kiddos. Either way, I have never jogged with more than my cell phone, my dog, and doggie bags. Occasionally I had an iPod, and sometimes no cell phone. It looks as though maybe something like pepper spray would have helped. Helped to stop the attack. I have never owned such a thing, or considered taking it with me. However, while jogging my dog is not the only one who might be in danger, what about myself? I never considered such a thing, until last night. I will be getting some soon. I am sad that this is how the message was delivered, however I do understand it.
As someone very wise pointed out to me yesterday, I am very glad that my children were not on the list of witnesses. I could not imagine, my daughters face. Hey crying and screaming. Would she be afraid of all dogs too? I am very glad that today, that is not my concern.

Basking in the morning quiet before the kids wake up.
Do you carry Mace or Pepper spray? Some of the time or all the time? Do you have a plan in the event of an attack?

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3 Responses to 'When Dogs Bite'

  1. Elkins says:

    I do not carry Mace or Pepper spray! But it may be high time too…Scarlett is in our Prayers…Love to you all!

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      It might be! I have been thinking it may be a gift to the ladies in my life for a holiday or birthday. May need to think of it as AAA or jumper cables for the car. At least those is my new thoughts. Better safe, than sorry.

    • Linda says:

      Kayci had pepper spray, but I don’t know that she ever carried it. Expired now. We had a conversation about getting more…will make it a priority. Never thought about carrying it when walking my dog, and have had only a couple of instances where I have even felt threatened by a dog on the loose, but we’ll get some with a leash attachment so whomever walks the dog has the option, if needed. <3

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