We’re Engaged!

Just wanted to stand up on the blog odium, and shout, to the non existent corners of the Internet, that we are engaged!

In the spot he proposed. Frosty is on his head, ha ha. 

I guess here, there is just “I” not “We” because only I post on this blog, but you get what I mean.

Yes I will tell you how he asked, because that is the second most popular question.

Most popular questionWhen/Have you set a date?
Really? Do people have a date set less than 12 hours after the proposal? Did you?

On with the story

We try to be active even with our two kiddos, which compared to single life, it is excruciatingly hard. With this in mind we decided to buy a bike trailer a few months back. In the days before Christmas we took advantage of all the Christmas fun. This included viewing Christmas lights by bike trailer. Seriously, fun is  bundling the kiddos up, packing them into a trailer, with blankets, helmets, and a flashlight, to drag them to another neighborhood to see Christmas lights up close and personal. You would be surprised how much you miss viewing them from a car.

The Saturday before Christmas when S came home from work, he suggested we do this again. S headed off to a nearby gas station to put air in my flat bike tire, only to discover a hole in the inner tube. He patched it up with a skabs. We packed the kids into the trailer and headed back to the gas station for air. With a full tire we raced off to Tinsel Town. Except by raced off I mean, we got halfway there only to find the patch had failed, and the tire was flat again. At this point I offered to just turn back and go home, being that we were only half way and would have to walk the remaining way there and all the way home, but S refused. I suggested he just take the kids to see the lights, and meet me at home. S still refused. I said that I would walk the bike to the next gas station then. He also refused that. The next gas station is basically the location of our destination, and he decides to jog the bike there, while I ride his bike and drag the kiddos.

At the gas station we realize the skabs he thought he brought were on the counter at home. Ironically the air machine at the gas station was out of order, so the tire was meant to be flat. We decide to walk the bikes through the neighborhood, because we were right there, and why waste the trip.

Don’t mind my helmet hair

Every time we visited this neighborhood there was something different, to see. More lights, a new inflatable Santa, something. This time one house was blowing snow. It was really romantic stopping and having fake snow blow past us like flurries, and kissing.

 No, this was not the spot. We walked our bikes through the entire neighborhood before he stopped to tie his shoe, again. There. On a culdesac. In front of a house decorated like a scene from frosty the snowman. (but not all cartoony like) He asked if I would marry him. Of course I said yes.

 Now for the planning, and saving. Yea.

To answer the most popular question, we have not set a date. We have a month kind of selected, but waiting to decide if it will be 2013 or 2014. Cue in Verruca Salt from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, “but I want an Oompa Loompa, now”. However, we will do what is best for our budget.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you will find a board “When he and I become we”. In case you couldn’t tell from my pins, I am thinking of yellow, black, and white … Maybe some grey, for wedding colors. I can totally say that I have become more fond of yellow. I think I owe some thanks to Natalie’s Sentiments. (you should check out her blog, if you have time) Yellow is always bright and cheery, sometimes bold, so why not? I mean my car is yellow. Yes, when I bought it, I was not the yellow car kind of girl. Clearly I have grown into the correct owner for my car, whose name by the way, is the sun, just to give you an idea of how yellow.

What’s new and exciting for you? What were your wedding colors? Did you love your engagement?

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One Response to 'We’re Engaged!'

  1. Elkins says:

    My wedding colors were YELLOW and Sage Green! YELLOW is my favorite color!

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