Vacation Time and Visitors

I have been very quiet on here this week, I know. We have just had a lot of excitement this past week, and it isn’t even over yet! 

We started the week off with a fun trip to the library for story time. Both kids really enjoy story time, it is just super exhausting for mommy, chasing kids around to collect all the books they pull off of the shelves.

An impromptu birthday gathering for a friend. By the way, the princess is a 32 year old man, but whatever.

Play time with friends in between trips to here and there.

A nice visit to somewhere I find to be most beautiful. It really has been too long. This was actually K2’s first trip here. I actually almost forgot how much I love it here.

Stopping to take a photo of little footprints, just so that I can remember how tiny they really were later. You know when they’re all grown up and stuff. (Yes I need a pedicure, I know, don’t judge.)

A trip to the park on a beautiful sunny day, to teach a little lady how to fly a kite. She was very much not interested at first. Then I adjusted the string so that it was much lower to the ground and she could actually see it. Then, she loved it. She ran back and forth with it trailing behind her. Totally worth the dollar we spent on it.

Off for a family hike to enjoy time with Aunt K and Grandma before it expires. With great weather, why not?

In and Out for lunch with Aunt K before she leaves. Oh and just in time for the power steering pump to sort of burst and leak everywhere, billowing smoke so that I thought something terrible happened. You know, normal every day stuff. What, that doesn’t happen to you while you are parking?

First dentist visits and cleanings. Balloons and stickers to go home with make every little person happy.

Coloring with an adoptive uncle while daddy fixes the car and mommy does home work. Truly a great week, and great time off with daddy. It’s not every week that he gets four days off in a row, or that Grandma and Auntie visit, we definitely made the most of it.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the past few days.

I also have another giveaway surprise tomorrow.

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One Response to 'Vacation Time and Visitors'

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for the fun times, excited for our next rendezvous…XOXO to all!

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