Tula Photo Shoot

A few months ago we participated in a Tula Baby Carrier Photo Shoot. I though I would share just a couple photo’s.

Awe …… from all the photos that were taken and edited, 18 of them had parts of our family in them. DD was having a very rough day that Saturday evening (6PM dinner time). She was not very willing to smile for photos.

Sadly out of all 18 I would guess that this photo will be the most likely to make the pamphlets, and such.

Photo taken by

Yes, yes, yes, you can tandem. The weight actually distributes pretty evenly. For this photo, I actually had the toddler on my back first and then put the baby on after. That is backwards of what I have done in the past, but works best with two SSC’s.

Photo taken by

 This is one of the three photo’s that I have printed and framed on our wall from this photo shoot. We really just went to participate. I mean why wouldn’t I? I love my Tula. Of course I will take time out and give back-ish. Getting three print quality photo’s from the shoot was a bonus.

Chrystal from Chrystal Cienfuegos Photography really did a great job, shooting, selecting, and editing.

Oh and if maybe you were thinking about it, you should check out Tula baby carriers. They have some new prints available. There are also some wrap conversions available.


Just in case there was maybe a passing thought in your mind, this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Photos used with permission from Chrystal Cienfuegos Photography.

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