Trying To Find Me Time

Let’s just start with letting you know my kids are still not healthy. Well, maybe they are better, but they both vomited early on Monday morning. Yesterday K2 woke up with what looks like Pink Eye. Fortunately I have drops from when he had pink eye before and started using them. Today his eye is much less pink, and it never swelled. All of that being said we are working on three weeks of sickness and stuck inside time.

I am not very good at doing things that benefit me, taking time away and the like. So you can imagine that the last three weeks have been worse than normal. No doing reading homework at the gym. No play dates of any type. (even the ones that were planned ahead of time) I have been going a little crazy.

Well I still decided this week to find some time for myself. Saturday night S was very tired and I snuck away to a friends house to hang out and chat. It was much needed. I didn’t realize how much so until I looked at the time at 3 AM. Oops. Silly mama, kids wake up with or without you.

Yes I have done other, healthier things too. I agreed to participate in a group to motivate each other to work out and eat well. The first group suggestion was to do a plank challenge. You do 1 plank every day. 1 minute each day for the first week, 2 minutes each day for week 2, and so on for a month. I second agreed to do a squat challenge. You start with 30 squats on day one and increase by 5 each day, also ending at a month. Lastly I agreed to participate in daily workouts which are about 20 minutes. There have only been three days of work outs so far and I have not yet completed today’s, but did do the last two. I plan to do today’s work out after the kids are in bed.

I started the planking and squats the day the ideas came up, even though the group was waiting until Monday to start. I figured why wait? How long can 30 squats and 1 minute take? So I just did them. I invite you to do them too. Please don’t say that 30 squats won’t do anything. Still sitting on the couch, or chair, now that won’t do anything. Every something you choose to do is better than nothing. Get up and squat! This isn’t a competition, so while form is important so you do not hurt yourself, I will not be in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, (where ever you decide to do them) telling you that you are not doing good enough. SOMETHING is great. ANYTHING is a benefit. I have only been doing the squats for 5 days, but I genuinely think my thighs and butt are already thanking me. I guess maybe I should have taken a before picture, but oh well.

Let me know if your squatting too! What little things do you do for yourself and your health?


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2 Responses to 'Trying To Find Me Time'

  1. Elkins says:

    Girl I feel ya on the squats, I do about thirty-two everyday amongst all the other Curves Equipment. And, you Butt and thighs would love you considering our bodies actually crave exercise. Keep it up and way to go!

  2. Linda says:

    I can give you a Saturday afternoon and evening if you want to plan some “you” or “you and S” time next weekend… 🙂 <3 XO

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