Today was the day

Today was the day. The day that I wished I used, or had disposable diapers.

Today there was an Easter egg hunt event at our YMCA. I signed the kids up for the event earlier this week. (I had to pay in advance) I knew that they have been sick since Sunday, but I really believed they would be better. This morning really seemed like that was the case. Right up until I took K1 potty before we left. She had loose stool again, and within 45 seconds of being done, she told me that she didn’t feel good. I can honestly admit I wasn’t 100% certain if it was real or fake. We returned to the restroom, and she did nothing and said she was fine, so off we went.

Waiting is not the best color on them

Just a bit of a side rant, but timeliness when organizing an event that includes children is important. Children, while they need to learn, they do not quite understand wait. Especially when wait is more than 5 minutes. Put together 150 kids in age ranges from 1-9. That’s 50 1-3 year olds that were waiting more than 10 minutes past the start time. We arrived a little early to have extra time before the event started to sign in, snack, and potty again if needed. Then the event started way late. K2 could not hold himself together. He wanted down. Everyone around me knew it, because that was all he kept shouting. Those bright beautiful eggs were calling to him, but it was not yet time to start.

When the egg hunting finally started I think my kids were in shock. Your not saying no mom? I can go? Really? Then there was the whole concept of putting eggs in a bucket. K2 showed K1 how it’s done, and then she was ready. Before heading inside to play in the gym (think gymnastics) we stopped in the bathroom to make sure all was well. K1 went potty K2 was dry, so we were ready to play.

Thirty minutes later K2 needed a diaper change. I collected K1 and returned to the bathroom. [Warning possible TMI] K2’s diaper was bad, almost going through the cover. Add to that I only had two wipes, and somehow no wet bag to put it in. Ahhhg. I got everything settled, returned our belongings to the locker and back to the gym we went.

My plan was, I would work out after all of the playing. I brought lots of snacks, and a sandwich so the kids didn’t feel like chewing anyones arm off, and would make it through to nap time. After returning to the gym I only let them play for a few minutes before shuffling them on to child watch. I headed for a stair climber and started steppin. That lasted for a whole 5-10 minutes. K2 needed changing again. Yay. I decided it best to take that as my sign and leave. K1 wasn’t sure how she felt, and she played really hard in the gym. K2 was on his last diaper, and not so happy. (he had been crying in child watch)

We all got a similar, crazy stomach bug sickness in December. I can’t believe that the kids got something like this again so soon. At least it is less vomiting than before. I don’t think K1 could have handled a week of vomiting like last time. She got sick 3 times one morning this week and ended up with hives, and a trip to the Dr. thanks to her hands, feet, and face turning blue. Somehow this other non vomiting stuff is easier to deal with. However weeks like this make me wonder why I ever started cloth diapering in the first place. At least its less trips to the store. Excuse me while I do another load of laundry.


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