Tired Mornings

You don’t know this yet, but I went back to work part time. I started Monday, and have worked the last three nights. I also have class tonight and I need to find some time to study for it.


I am tired. Not because anything is particularly difficult, just from a lack of sleep and relaxation.  I am literally meeting S at the door when he gets home from work so that I can walk out the door to go to work, and the same will be happening tonight for class. He and I will get to catch up on Saturday, sometime.


Tired mornings need coffee

I know I have mentioned to you a few times about getting up before my kids, and seriously, I need that. I am not an early bird. I am a total night owl. I have found that I am nicer, more relaxed, and better equipped to handle my kids when I get an hour without them in the morning.


Each morning that S and I have woken up early, our kids have too.  Actually, I think they are racing us, to see who can get up first. It is making me a crazy person.


I understand from their perspective that they are awake, and they have no concept of time, so they are ready to go. To them it is time to be awake and start the day. The problem is that previously we could put them back to bed and they would go back to sleep. Now, once they discover mommy and daddy are no longer in bed, their is no going back to sleep for them.


There have been two particularly fun mornings that have come from all of this.


One morning while mommy and daddy were downstairs getting ready to face the day, they worked together to empty all the contents of K1’s dresser, in addition to the shelves full of books, animals, and blankets.


A second morning mommy and daddy were still in bed trying to sleep. K1 decided to take down the gate so that she and her brother could go downstairs. Once there, they played a little Uno, and used pieces of gum to bet. I’m joking on the betting part. They did get my purse off of the counter and remove every piece of gum from both the pack, and it’s wrapper. After they realized that gum is not actually fun, they tried to smush them back into the gum package. At least they cleaned up, right?


I am at a loss right now. I need sleep, AND time to collect myself in the morning.


How do you keep your kids in bed until it’s “time” to get up?

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