Time to Re-evaluate My Goals

Already. I know.

With a dog attack 8 days into the month, one of those goals I set need to change. Already. I feel like it is so soon to be adjusting goals for the year. I guess it is better to adjust what needs changing now, then look back in May, and say something like “well I was never gonna do that anyway”.

Heading out for a family bike ride. 

I have not yet gotten pepper spray, or mace. Yes I need to. I do not want to go jogging alone without it. I really don’t want to go jogging alone early in the morning anyway. My dog was a great excuse to get me going. She is still on bed rest, and will likely be benched for some time.

That leaves my fitness goal in limbo. I still need to do something to ensure I can get myself in better shape, even if the kids are sick.

At home fitness videos and home work out plans are not the answer. I mean they work and they are great. They are just not for me. I will only do them like once or twice. Maybe even a week, but that’s it. I’m not sure if I loose interest, or drive. Either way they collect dust on a shelf, so not worth it for me.

That doesn’t really leave me a whole lot of options that I can think of.

I came up with a crazy idea a little over a week ago. I mean it was crazy enough that I didn’t even tell S about it. He has a way of making things happen, and I wasn’t sure I REALLY wanted to do this, or not.
I thought that we could require one of our weekly grocery store trips be by bike. Or walk I suppose. The bike trailer has more room for groceries than the stroller does. Then, I could go if the kids are sick without an issue, and I would get at least one day of cardio a week. I would also use a little less of gas. Every little bit helps right?

After yesterdays family bike ride, I feel like that is not an impossible goal that I will give up on tomorrow.Yesterday after we got home, I told S about it. He is on board. I decided I would let you all know  about it and make it official, and stuff.

I know that this alone will not get me in shape, but it is a plan, and a start. Which is better than no plan at all.

What are some ways you stay in shape when your kids are sick? What do you do to make time for your fitness each week?

(Super side note, but every time I hear the word fitness that Fergie song pop’s in my head. Weird. Oh, and 2006 wants their song back.)

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One Response to 'Time to Re-evaluate My Goals'

  1. Elkins says:

    I workout at Curves 4 to 5 days a week, but James doesn’t leave for work until 2:30 in the afternoon and plus I workout while I am at work. I think your idea is fantastic! I know some people plan there workout into there weekly calendars.

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