Things On Thursday

Not so exciting things

  • My daughter, K1, has decided to stop being potty trained. She has enough accidents a day to say that she’s not potty trained, but she was. ???
  • It’s cold in our house every day, and every where outside that is not in the direct sun
  • I haven’t done our taxes yet
  • My dog has been limping pretty bad the past few days
  • We haven’t gone on a bike ride to the store yet this week
  • I have yet to find a part time job (not sure if that should be here or under happy thoughts)

Random things

  • I don’t have to buy a new leash for my dog. The first vet that treated her called and said that they have it. (and a $290 bill that I haven’t talked to the attacking dog owner about yet)
  • K1 thinks that all things “Princess” should include Ariel.
  • K1 likes Ariel and Fiona because they “have red hair like me” So cute. (she hasn’t met Meridia yet)
  • M&M’s are crack for kids
  • My kids napped at the same time twice this week
  • A right handed mommy and a left handed daughter make coloring together challenging. My hand is always in her way

Happy Things

  • I had my homework done on Sunday and class is not until Thursday
  • K2 gives kisses now. It is super cute, even when they are slobbery cause he’s laughing
  • K2 loves dancing. He even stomps his feet at the right time to “Happy and you know it”
  • My dog is on the mend, finally. The reaction she had to her medication is clearing up. I might actually feel comfortable sharing a photo of her.
  • Aunt K (K0, Kc … not sure which), sent a gift card our way for Christmas. We ordered the fun box of stuff you see pictured above.
  • Getting packages in the mail! We (like everyone else) love happy mail, and got two packages this week! The box above and a little love from the Grandparents. 
  • We had a great beach day with daddy on his day off. We often don’t take advantage of beautiful sunny days and free time, so it was really nice. 
  • Surprise Valentines from friendly neighbors


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2 Responses to 'Things On Thursday'

  1. Linda says:

    thanks for the fun and informative update! As luck would have it, I <3 to color, am going to be there soon, and -- luckiest of all -- I, too, am left-handed. Hope K1 will want to color with me. Also looking forward to dancing and kisses from Mr. K2. Love you all!

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