The Tap Has Not Run Dry

Still. The milk tap that is. Even thought I have not nursed my son since May 30th. The afternoon of the 30th to be specific. And yet my body is still producing milk.

It is not the quantity that it was a week or so ago. I do not leak randomly in the afternoon, or anything, but it’s still there. I pretty certain that my son can still smell it. He tries to pull my shirt up occasionally when he sits on my lap. He does pleasantly drink milk from a cup, but still requests the tap. Most often after what he considers traumatic events. You know like falling down, or having his sister steal a toy from him.

The fact that my body is still putting it out there, makes me feel like I should just give it up and let him have it. On the other hand I like the freedom. My body is (almost) my own. Again, for the first time in four years.

I am not in any pain from the lingering milk supply, just annoyed mostly.

My neighbor and a few other mama friends asked me if I have tried cabbage. I haven’t. Honestly the thought never crossed my mind. I thought that cabbage was for soothing painful nipples, but apparently it will help dry you up too. Now that I have this information I should put it to use, right?

Maybe not. It’s strange. I feel a little sad at the thought of cabbag-ing myself. It’s as though I am really saying goodbye to baby-hood. In a way it’s silly to think like that. I mean I haven’t nursed my son in 19 days already anyhow, and I have a toddler, not a baby. Still I can’t really explain why, but the thought makes me a little teary eyed.

I have been told that it can take my body up to six months to figure things out. That sounds a little crazy to me. Especially considering that he was only nursing once a day at the point that I stopped. I was very much convinced he was not getting any milk, and that it was just for comfort. I really thought drying up would be super fast. Based on the lingering milk, it is looking like I was wrong.

So, to cabbage or not to cabbage, that is the question? What would you do in my situation?

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