The Quaint Life

Never fear, I have no plans of turning into a Quaker, or becoming Amish. No one sees any of those things in my future, of that I am certain. There are however, simple little things that I like. S and I often talk and wonder about times long ago. What it was like? How people survived? What they did in general? For me, those conversations are fun. Things were harder, and yet somehow simpler. They were very very different from today. Realistically it was all for the same things that we work and strive for today. Food, home, warmth, education, security for ones self and ones family. The path they took to get those things, are what we like to discuss.

As I previously mentioned I have a goal to go grocery shopping by bike, at least once a week. Last week we went for a family bike ride on Sunday, and picked up a few things. That counted as our weekly trip. This morning the kids had a Dr’s appointment, and we had planned to get eggs on the way back home. We made a stop at the college in between to get books. That stop created chaos. Needless to say the eggs were forgotten until we got home. The plan was to make breakfast for lunch. I decided that was the perfect time to go for our family bike ride, and pick something up.

Farm fresh, hand delivered, eggs.

Here comes the quaint life part.

There is an egg ranch like two miles from the house, maybe more, not to sure. I went there two weeks ago to get our eggs by car. How did I find them? I had purchased their eggs at the grocery store before, and saw their address on the package. I noticed that we are in the same city, and decided to look them up online hoping they had a store. I mean everything is cheaper at the source, right? It is possible that’s not always the case, but it worked out for me that with eggs it’s true.

I rounded the fam and started off on a bike ride for eggs. While riding on my bike with the cool cold wind whipping through my helmet I had this thought. I grew up in the epitome of urban. Tall apartment buildings, no parks, trees were just for lining fancy streets. Now we also live in a city, a little less urban, but city still. We didn’t go and move out into the country when you weren’t looking or anything. Yet we rode our bikes to a local egg farm to get our eggs for the week. I mean, don’t such things only happen in villages? I kinda loved it. I’m not saying I am gonna throw away my car keys. Let’s be serious I love travel, so I need a car. Okay, I want a car. There are ways without it, just not for me. Everything about the ride was fun. I really felt good, in an old time-y nostalgic kind of way. Bicycling as a mode of transportation is not really something I think I ever understood before. It’s cool. I got this. Well, today at least.

You can laugh, it is completely okay.

I thought the idea of trying to garden was quaint. I know now that I was wrong.

What comes to mind when you think of the word quaint? Do you do anything that fits that description?


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One Response to 'The Quaint Life'

  1. Elkins says:

    I sometimes think the same things. I love that you can bike to get eggs!

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