The Latest Doll House Addition

Meet Yana. The latest addition to my daughters doll house.

When we decided to get a doll house for K1, we specifically hunted down a wooden doll house. Specifically because they are a more eco friendly option than the plastic choices out there. I have been trying to reduce the plastic in our home by limiting what I bring in, so wood was a perfect choice for us.

When I went looking for an eco friendly doll, I really had a hard time. There aren’t many options on the market. I could find dolls made from wood, but they were less functional. They did not have removable clothing, and were not pose-able  in addition to being six inches or less in height. I really felt that wood dolls were not a viable option, because K1 would grow out of them too quickly.

Then I stumbled upon Zeenie Dollz.

Insert happy green hearts here. I really really love eco friendly things. I do, I do.

I was genuinely excited to receive this doll. No you read that right, I was excited. K1 didn’t even know she was coming. I immediately took her over to show her off to my neighbor. Yeah, that excited.

Why? Well, Yana is made of 100% recyclable materials, so she will never live in a landfill. (Smiley faces to go around) Also all dolls are modestly dressed, and still pull of a fashion-ista level style. The part of her that I like the best, you can’t even hold. It’s the message that comes with each Zeenie Dollz. Let me explain a little further.

When doll hunting, I was a little turned off by most of the popular dolls on the market. It is really hard to put a finger on, but I didn’t like the message that they were sending. I feel that those dolls are sending the wrong message, or maybe just a message I don’t like. I am aware that it could be just fine, but if there is a better option why not go for it?

Directly from Zeenie Dollz website;

Yana is the protector of the oceans and all its marine inhabitants along with her pet dolphin Serena; together they work hard to protect the oceans from pollution and its species from over fishing.

What more could you ask for? A positive lesson without really trying to teach it. On their website there is a page dedicated to each doll where they tell their story. Here K1 and I were able to send a “zcard” with a photo that included her doll. Yana also told us about some ways that we can help protect oceans and marine life. I really liked it. I think you should check it out (even if you don’t have a doll).

The first thing K1 said when I gave her the doll was, “Oooh, I love her earrings!” Which are removable by the way. Then she said “I want fish earrings like Yana.” She’s cute. (and impressionable) She also proceeded to sleep with her at night for the next few nights, until mean mommy put a stop to it.

Yana is a bit larger than the other dolls that we have in our home. In the photo I posted above you can see that she is about a head taller than Ariel. (Sorry there are no Barbies in this house to compare) Yana fits into our doll house perfectly. Her feet hang off the bed a little, but she didn’t complain. I guess after living on a boat sleeping in any bed was cool with her.

Yana is completely pose-able, even her hands an feet. K1 really appreciates this. She loves moving her hands while she’s “talking.” Honestly I have been a little leery of my 17 month old, K2, getting his hands on the doll. I worry that he will break a foot off, but all has been well, and she is still in one piece holding up just fine.

Yana came with a red bracelet, luggage tag, pet dolphin, brush for her hair, and doll stand. K1 loves the bracelet. (she doesn’t wear enough red, cause it never matches)

Zennia, the doll for Mother Earth, is next on our list. K1 loved her as soon as she saw her online. “Oh I love her, she’s may favorite.” (Everything is her favorite now a days. Thanks V!) I can’t blame her I mean she does have a fabulous dress. She also liked Evee, because “she looks like me,” so maybe it will be a toss up.

You can keep up with Zeenie Dollz on Facebook and Twitter for updates, information, and fun earth facts.

Is the message that a toy may send you child important to you? Does it influence your selections?


Full Disclosure. This is not a sponsored post. I received this product to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own and yours may be different. 

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8 Responses to 'The Latest Doll House Addition'

  1. Athena Nagel says:

    So cute – my daughter no longer plays with dollhouses. I totally miss those days.

  2. Poseable dolls are a huge deal for my girls too. I really love the idea of less plastic too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Katie Jones says:

    That is really cute! I love the positive message it sends.

  4. I love that these dolls have more substance than your stereotypical Barbie! Will keep this in mind for the future in case I have a girl. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are super cute – I think my girls would love them – even if they tower over the other dolls! 😉

  6. couponwahm says:

    Ooo…My daughter is so in to dolls right now. I never heard of this one…thanks for sharing.

  7. jheylo says:

    a cute doll indeed 😀 i bet your daughter loves yana her new doll

  8. Ruby Ragar says:

    I love they eyes these dolls have! So awesome compaired to the painted eyes of Barbie they almost look real!

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