The Decision To Stop Breast Feeding

Ahh, such a tricky topic. Why? Well because everyone has an opinion, and really they should, it just doesn’t mean that their opinion is worth sharing, but they do anyway.

K2 in action at 14 months old (today his is 18 months old)

I truly believe that deciding when to stop breast feeding is a personal decision. Yes of course it is good for you to offer breast milk for as long as your child drinks milk.  We are the only mammal that not only continues to drink milk after weaning, but we also will drink another mammals milk. Because we as humans are weirdo’s, but we have long ago accepted that. So the idea of drinking breast milk forever is pretty much crazy. In comes the personal decision part of when to wean.

I think (this is all just my opinion not fact) everyone could use support for breast feeding and that there could/should be more over all exposure. Both of my children had latch issues. It is possible that if I was more comfortable around breast feeding in general, it would have been a less stressful time in baby hood. I actualy never saw anyone breast feed until I was trying to do it with my daughter. She was also preemie and in NICU so this had to happen on a schedule, not when nature thought things would work out.

With K1 I never actually decided to stop breast feeding. My children are 19 months apart. When K1 was 11 months old I started baking K2. I had to have a cerclage placed for both of my pregnancies. Breast feeding is not allowed once those stitches are placed, because nursing causes contractions. Bad times for everyone. So, a few days before my surgery, I stopped nursing her. With K1 it was a fairly easy transition. We had stored BM (Breast milk) and I was working at night, she was used to taking a bottle of milk from daddy anyway. Yes there were times when she asked, but all was pretty smooth sailing.

With K2 there is no pregnancy to mandate the stopping of breast feeding. He also never took a pacifier. He  pretty much never took to a bottle, and instead went right to water in a sippy cup. My son loves his mommy. There really has been no end in sight. It’s has only been a mild frustration because he depends on that to go to sleep at night (not at nap time).

Wednesday I decided he was done. I have no idea why, it just felt like the time. We have only been nursing once a day, at night. Thursday I had my final and wouldn’t be home anyway, so I decided to quit. As with K1 there is stored BM for him, and it will last a good while, at least 3 months.

Every night he cries and screams for milk and mommy.

Tonight was the first time that I had to put him to bed, alone, with no one else in the house since I decided to cut him off the tap.

Tonight I got the same cries that I heard every other night. When I went back in after letting him cry for 5 minutes he said “mommy no milk” and cried his little eyes out, repeating it a few more times. Way to break my heart little guy. For real, that’s just not fair.

Add to that the fact that I never really went through the whole “drying up” business before. The last two days my body has been expelling milk in the afternoon. Really? I was fairly certain he wasn’t really drinking any milk, and this sort of leaking business is less than pleasant. Ugh.

While I decided it was time for us to stop breast feeding I am not certain my son agrees. I am thinking/hoping he will come around to the idea. Thoughts?

Why did you decide to stop breast feeding? How did it go?


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4 Responses to 'The Decision To Stop Breast Feeding'

  1. Kari Starr says:

    I couldn’t breastfeed with Kassie… The aforementioned breasts would not cooperate. 🙁
    I did try to pump at home to bring to her in the NICU but that barely worked either.

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      Before K1 I didn’t know anyone who successfully BF. I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to. I can say I was fortunate and did. At least you tried. Every little drop helps. 🙂

  2. Anastasia says:

    Aw, that’s heart breaking! You’re strong, I think I would give in the first night with him! My 18 month old boy is so attached to my boobies, he still nurses about 5 times a day, even though he eats solids. I weaned his older sister exactly at 2 years old when I got pregnant with him, my breasts were sore and hurting and I told my girl that breastfeeding hurts and she can’t have anymore mama’s milk. She understood, she is a smart, mature girl. With this one? I’m honestly scared he’ll be still nursing at 5! hehe He is so stubborn and such a mama milk addict. I don’t think weaning him will be as smooth as with his sister. 🙁

    • Gwendolyn T says:

      Really it is okay for him to nurse as long as you both a comfortable. There will come a day when one of you has really had enough and stop, but that day doesn’t have to be today. My son is still asking and lifting up my shirt but not more than once a day. My body is still producing too. That almost made me give in just two days ago.

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