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You Guys Rock

No seriously. You do. I have the best readers ever.


Last week I wrote about a current fundraiser going on at our local YMCA, and you answered.


Ms. Trish is only $134 away from her fundraising goal! A big thank you to all who donated. Every dollar counts. If you haven’t donated your $1 yet, there is still time.


When I took K1 and K2 to gymnastics this morning Ms. Trish ran out to hand deliver her hand made thank you to us. It was really, really sweet. I had to share it with you, because I didn’t donate alone. You helped, and thank you.


Her thank you card says,


You are so awesome! Lol! Thank you sooooo much for your donation! Just so you know your money is going [to] help a low income family, children & seniors. To help them participate in sports and stay healthy. We are non-profil therefore, we are a tool for the community-it works if you work it! I love watching the kids, they’ve gotten so BIG! and chatty haha! Thank you for teaming up with me to help others.

Ms. Trish

DSC_0615 (2)

Ms. Trish also posted a thank you comment to you all on my original post. Feel free to read it. Her comment really made me smile, because it means that she noticed what we did.


So basically thank you again. To everyone else go give your $1 ….. see they really do add up! Let’s have one more push to help Ms. Trish get to her fundraising goal!

Annual Giving Program

We are members of our local YMCA.


This membership has only been made possible for us thanks to their open doors scholarship program which I blogged about before.


Today I was approached by one of their great employees, who informed me that our local East County YMCA is currently looking for individuals to make an impact, and a difference by giving. Patricia Madison works with my kids when S or I go to the gym. She is with them frequently while they are in child watch. They like her, and have lot’s of fun together. So when she told me about her goal I wanted to do what I can to help.


Patricia has set a goal to raise $575 to support low income families in their use of the YMCA. Today she has already raised $176 and is 30% of the way there. This is where you come in. I am asking you to help. I am asking you to donate $1. That is all, no need to go crazy just $1. There aren’t any fee’s through their site, so your $1 will go directly toward helping family’s like ours afford services at the YMCA.


I can attest that their scholarship program has made a difference for our family. Through their classes, here and here, and their free events here and here. Realistically these are just the few times that I decided to write about the benefits we have received. That is not including all those days that I went to the gym just to get a break from my kids.


I have already made my donation today, and I am asking you to also. When you head over to her donation page here if you feel like listing The Gemini Mama as your “company” so that she will know how you found out about it, you can, but don’t feel that you must. It is not about recognition, it’s about helping.


PS every $1 counts. I know, first hand.


This is in no way sponsored post. No one asked me to write about this, I chose to do this on my own because I also want to help.

Dance Class

wpid-PicsArt_1380228278775.jpgI imagine that a few of you might have been curious how dance class has been going. I have had a very hard time taking pictures that are actually worth sharing. I did snatch a few videos to share with daddy, so that he could see her in class.

wpid-PicsArt_1380228614336.jpgI wanted to get a few pictures before her first class started. Most of the time you aren’t “supposed” to take photo’s during the classes at the YMCA. Just in case this one was the same, I wanted to keep the moment. You know to savor for all times and stuff.


I asked her to do an arabesque for a photo, and this is what I got. Thriller anyone?

wpid-PicsArt_1380228740112.jpgAnd then class started. No longer so sure about it.


Every move the instructor asked them to do she said, “I don’t know how to do that.” Duh …. that’s why we are here, isn’t it?

wpid-PicsArt_1380228969575.jpgShe finally got to hear what her tap shoes really sound like. Now this is something that she can get into!


The instructor the first day was actually a sub. She has no children, and not yet figured out how to effectively guide them. Picture 5 girls, in tap shoes, running. In circles. For 15 minutes. K1 had fun tho.

wpid-20130918_100935.jpgThe second week, with the regular instructor, was much better. It also helped that K1 knew what to expect in class.

wpid-PicsArt_1380229313932.jpgPosition 3, or is it 4, I don’t know. This position, she can do all on her own without any help. The other positions she needs help moving her feet into the correct places.

wpid-PicsArt_1380229457281.jpgNo need to teach her to love herself. She’s got that down.


At the end of the next session there is a recital. Complete with tickets to be purchased and props for the routine. I am excited for her already. It’s going to be so cute. November 23, mark your calendar.


This weeks class will have another sub, and it’s a guy. Let’s see how this goes!

Fall Family Festival

Saturday we went to the Fall Family Festival put on by our local YMCA. It was a fun time, as expected.


Daddy went with us too. He is great at making fun things even more fun.


Under age sack races?
This guy K2, loved the bubbles.

You know those things that we blow on the steps outside our house? His.favorite.part.of the whole festival. 

He didn’t even try to jump In the kiddie pool filled with bubbles like some of the other kids. He was great. He just didn’t want to do anything else. Nothing.
Puppet shows put on by kiddos.
Jump-y obstacle course thing.
K1 couldn’t wait to get her shoes off to go on the jump-y thing. K2, well he tried. It wasn’t his cup of tea.
K1’s favorite part, were the crafts.
She really enjoyed them. There were edible crafts and art crafts. She was content with either.

We left with the colorful fall page you see in the pictures. She also went on to paint it. After painting her scene she made a cool coffee filter butterfly, which is now hanging up at home.

At the festival I learned that, while my three year thinks she understands what waiting in line means, she really doesn’t.

We waited in line for a balloon animal three times, and left with out one. She also waited in line for the jump course twice before actually having a turn.

We will get there eventually. There was a moment there where I thought we were just going to wait in line all morning. I’m glad we didn’t.

It was a nice Saturday morning. I love our YMCA. They take care of us.

What were you up to this weekend?

Another Week In Photos and the End Of The Photo Challenge

First, happy Friday!!

Second I completed a photo challenge!

Third I’m linking up with;

life rearranged

I know everyone on the planet thinks their kids are cute, but this is great. What you can’t see in this photo is the little guy K2 walking up to me with those orange wings saying “help help”. While he was walking around the house with them on I remembered that the photo challenge of the day was orange. Boom! Naturally sisters want to do whatever their brothers are doing, and the next thing you know there are fairies flying around the living room.

After helping K1 get her wings on, then comes mommy following K2 around with the phone trying to take a picture that did not include inappropriate parts. Blurring was the best that I could do.

After we were done being fairies we headed out to the nearby playground. While we were there this little guy figured out how to climb slides. Then to instill this skill he continued to do this until we left.

New bathing suit. She’s kind of excited. Mommy’s not 100% certain she loves all the exposed skin with a one piece, or the amount of taking things off to go to the bathroom. We’ll see, I might change my mind.

Another new suit …. Cars. Pretty much a win for all the kids in the house. We love Cars. I was just thinking like yesterday that I should go and buy Cars 2. K1 hasn’t seen it since she was tiny 2.

Photo challenge crescent. Cleaning up at the end of the day when I thought there were no crescents in sight. Ta da. Thanks K2.

This girl won tickets to the Padre’s game from the local YMCA. Fun times at the game. Daddy’s finger is in the photo, he was there too. That’s your proof.

I just want to add that everyone of the people in this photo laughed at me for asking permission to post this. They’re all pretty great.

Photo challenge, red. Brick building and old co-workers. Check.

Photo challenge, oval. I know that some of these beans are no oval, but for real a few of them are. I was going to zoom and focus on one, but there are a couple ovals so I left it. Then a smarty said they were bean shaped, so I guess I loose anyway.

Fun at the game. Blow up slide. If the lines were shorted she would have done this 10,000 more times.

We go K1 a doll house for her birthday, but K2 loves it just as much as she does. She told me this morning that we need to buy more dolls. The things these guys say, I swear. Maybe we should get some boy dolls.

Photo challenge, black. Okay this one was kind of a stretch. Someone else I know took a photo of their black dog. Instantly I could think of nothing else black to snap a shot of. (Hello Keurig why were you hiding?) Half the day went by when I noticed K1 doing this and, well, there was some black.

Super ultra lame I know. But I didn’t borrow anyone elses idea, even though I wanted to.

Photo challenge, blue. The dino is le tired.The I is underlined so that you say it correct. It’s a dIno not dino the little dog/dinosaur from Flinstones.

This is a mirror image of what I was doing at the pool. I was feeling motivated, and didn’t want to just sit while the kids were snacking.

Guess she was too!

“Mommy, what’s this guys name?”

We moved K2 into a toddler bed a few nights ago. Nap time is rough. Especially when his sister is in the room not yet napping. After an hour this mama had enough. I grabbed my wrap and tied him up. Swaying for 6 minutes with him all wrapped up, put him out. Instantly my blood pressure dropped.

Of course then it’s fun getting him down, but he sleeps through it.

If you haven’t done so already please drop a dollar in here. The proceeds go to Families of SMA.

Or you can always buy a T-shirt here. You will be able to proudly wear “Victory for Violet” and simultaneously be supporting SMA research. Does it get better? 

What did you week look like? I would love to know!


You can still enter to win a Amazon Gift Card to cover a kindle edition of Safe Haven.

Also you can still enter to win 4 bags of Organic Coffee here

On working out

You may or may not realize that I have been back to the gym for the last three, going on four months. It feels good. The first week back was rough because little K2 had separation anxiety. After a hard core week of going every day and pushing for as much time as possible, he can now stay in child watch at the Y for as long as I need. That is as long as his sister is in there with him. (we started with only 16 mins, big improvement)

That first week at the gym all I did was cardio. Then I would come home and do a few muscle toning exercises. Simple things. Squats and planks, I know I mentioned before. Then as K2 held out I gradually increased my plans for gym time. I started developing a shin splint in the same leg that I had surgery on. I really think it is more an overworked and under developed muscle. None the less I had to tone down my working out, or rather change what I was doing. I added in swimming instead of running.

The time has been really nice. I get to do something for me, and get time away from my babies. They get to play with new toys and other kids, everyone wins.

The beginning of last week we were home bound. Unable to go to the Y because my daughter K1 was sick with a high fever. Since I have had children this would be the point where I drop off working out. I won’t say I give up, because I don’t actually think about it. That is the problem. When life gets in the way I just go on, don’t think about what I want or need to do, I just react.

Last Saturday, which was the last day I went to the gym, S said that I should wait and work out with him at night. Then Sunday K1 was too miserably sick for us to go anywhere. I thought about working out in the afternoon, in the living room. Except I remembered what S said the day before, so I chose not to. I decided to wait for him. When he walked through the door arriving home from work I informed him that I did not work out specifically so that we could work out together when the kids went to bed. He was not exactly receptive. He started listing excuses. I can’t blame him, there was no forewarning or anything, I just sprung it on him (a day after he said something, but whatever, details).

Needless to say, we worked out together. He basically called me a slave driver, but it’s okay. In the begining that’s what you need. Someone there to push you when your not sure you want to go. What was unexpected was the neighbors coming out to watch when we were doing exercises outside. No it was not like it sounds, an audience. It was lucky timing, people were coming and going at the time that we happened to be sweating our you-know-whats off. Three families of neighbors in all. The nice part was the added motivation they offered. One of the neighbors said how nice it was that S would do that for me. Talking about how her husband wouldn’t do the same.

It’s hard to work out alone. It really is. It takes more motivation to go it alone, then it does when someone is there with you, putting in the work with you. After thinking about what our neighbor said S and I had grand ideas of our whole block working out together in the parking lot at dusk. Don’t worry I’m not delusional enough to think that it will actually happen, but how fun would that be? Laughing at each other together, pushing together. I think it could be fun. I guess that’s why there are group fitness classes at local gyms.

Do you work out alone, or with a partner? Do you fall off the work out wagon when the kids get sick? What do you do to get back at it?

Please take a minute and go donate a dollar to our fundraiser for Families of SMA. Just a buck!
Or buy a T-shirt!


Once upon a time I was a member of The Greater Holyoke YMCA. I took swim lessons there. Seriously though who didn’t? At least in my age group. That was the place to go. I also competed on their gymnastics team for nine wonderful years. Seriously. I was my own worst enemy at the time. Nothing was good enough. I felt I executed nothing perfectly. Little did I know that I would still look back at how much I truly loved gymnastics.

This being said, you would have thought that when it came time to take my DD for gymnastics this is where I would have gone first. Nope. Not so much. Wrong. I went to some other random gym nearby. They did not have a real mommy and me program. We saved our money and did not go.

For some reason when I decided it was time for swim lessons for her, the Y was the first place I looked. Weird, right? Somehow my almost 30 year old mind knew the place that I went to, for only 2-3 sessions of swim lessons was the first place to go to for my own daughter. Why not the gymnastics too? Who knows.

Anyway the whole reason that I decided to write this post is that we went and got a family membership today. It was only because of the Open Doors program that the East County YMCA offers. It is like financial aid for families who make less than $50,000 a year. I wish we knew about this two years ago, when we went into another one of the East County YMCA’s. We would have signed up then. No matter we did now. I really am so excited, if you can’t tell by the fact that I am blogging about it.

I can go to the gym again?

I can go to the gym again!

My babies go too. DD get’s to play. They hold DS. It is like they are at a play date, without me. Where do you think I will be when I need a break? Yup. What? I’ll see you there? Perfect. Lol …

Anyway they have a Healthy Family something event going on at what seems like all their locations. I have seen that some still have the event going on tomorrow. Check it out!

I just wanna say that the sign that made me decide to write this post was reading this Insta Friday blog post. So maybe someone else out there needs to know about this possibility near them.

FYI it goes without saying, but, this is not a sponsored post. They made the use of their facilities a reality to me and decided to share.

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