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On working out

You may or may not realize that I have been back to the gym for the last three, going on four months. It feels good. The first week back was rough because little K2 had separation anxiety. After a hard core week of going every day and pushing for as much time as possible, he can now stay in child watch at the Y for as long as I need. That is as long as his sister is in there with him. (we started with only 16 mins, big improvement)

That first week at the gym all I did was cardio. Then I would come home and do a few muscle toning exercises. Simple things. Squats and planks, I know I mentioned before. Then as K2 held out I gradually increased my plans for gym time. I started developing a shin splint in the same leg that I had surgery on. I really think it is more an overworked and under developed muscle. None the less I had to tone down my working out, or rather change what I was doing. I added in swimming instead of running.

The time has been really nice. I get to do something for me, and get time away from my babies. They get to play with new toys and other kids, everyone wins.

The beginning of last week we were home bound. Unable to go to the Y because my daughter K1 was sick with a high fever. Since I have had children this would be the point where I drop off working out. I won’t say I give up, because I don’t actually think about it. That is the problem. When life gets in the way I just go on, don’t think about what I want or need to do, I just react.

Last Saturday, which was the last day I went to the gym, S said that I should wait and work out with him at night. Then Sunday K1 was too miserably sick for us to go anywhere. I thought about working out in the afternoon, in the living room. Except I remembered what S said the day before, so I chose not to. I decided to wait for him. When he walked through the door arriving home from work I informed him that I did not work out specifically so that we could work out together when the kids went to bed. He was not exactly receptive. He started listing excuses. I can’t blame him, there was no forewarning or anything, I just sprung it on him (a day after he said something, but whatever, details).

Needless to say, we worked out together. He basically called me a slave driver, but it’s okay. In the begining that’s what you need. Someone there to push you when your not sure you want to go. What was unexpected was the neighbors coming out to watch when we were doing exercises outside. No it was not like it sounds, an audience. It was lucky timing, people were coming and going at the time that we happened to be sweating our you-know-whats off. Three families of neighbors in all. The nice part was the added motivation they offered. One of the neighbors said how nice it was that S would do that for me. Talking about how her husband wouldn’t do the same.

It’s hard to work out alone. It really is. It takes more motivation to go it alone, then it does when someone is there with you, putting in the work with you. After thinking about what our neighbor said S and I had grand ideas of our whole block working out together in the parking lot at dusk. Don’t worry I’m not delusional enough to think that it will actually happen, but how fun would that be? Laughing at each other together, pushing together. I think it could be fun. I guess that’s why there are group fitness classes at local gyms.

Do you work out alone, or with a partner? Do you fall off the work out wagon when the kids get sick? What do you do to get back at it?

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