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Another Week in Photos

I almost wanted to title this weeks post, “Just a couple insta’s” because that is what it really is. Sometimes the weeks go by so fast that my camera phone is just too far to pull out and snap a few everyday shots. I find that happens most when we are having too much fun. Which is good, and bad. Good because we are having fun, bad because without the photo I might not remember it later.


Any how I will get on with it.




I was trying out something a little different for this year’s valentine for daddy. In the end it was bright and cherry and fun, but did not make the cut. So I stamped it with a smiley and hung it on the fridge (where it still resides).


I realize now that I didn’t share my valentine for daddy with you all. I was simple and fancy all at the same time. Hand painted, hand stitched, fully equipped with a quote from Ghandi. It seemed fitting. Since I just came to this silly realization here are a few special non instagrammed photos;


In case you can not see it well enough to read, it says, “Where there is love, there is life” -Ghandi

Continuing along.



While daddy has been out of town training we have gone up a visited a few times. That means play time at parks we have never been to. How picturesque is this? If it weren’t so far away it would be a great place to get married. As nice as it is, not worth the drive.



This is cheating, but when I post a few days later than planned, because life, I can do what I want. I found this yesterday at the Disney store. Apparently they are coming out with another Tinker Bell movie in April. I am excited for the little miss. She will love it. I know this because she could watch all the Tinker Bell movies on repeat all day long. Also yesterday I also went into Target and they also had the Tinker Bell doll. She makes a pretty cute pirate. Okay, I admit it, I like the Tinker Bell movies too. They aren’t boring to watch, I get sucked in too. So new movie? Fun.


We had a Tinker Bell themed birthday for K1 last year, so now I am conflicted. I WAS planning on having a Frozen themed birthday since they LOVE Frozen, but now this. What is a mama to do? What would you do? I am planning on waiting a month as asking K1, but we will see what actually happens.


Hope you had a great week (and are ready for Monday)!

Handmade Valentines

And a tradition continues. Handmade Valentines for daddy. (I linked the last two years for those interested) We even made enough Valentines to send some snail mail love!


This may have been the easiest Valentine we have made daddy yet. I’m gonna give all the credit for making this easier to the table. Hah, but no, seriously. It makes a world of difference.

DSC_0001 (2)

Also noteworthy, I let K1 use scissors. That’s a big deal for me. I have been telling myself that I have not let her use the scissors that I bought specifically for her (note that they are purple) because of K2 always being too close. I decided that maybe that was a lie, and maybe I just, I dunno, envision her cutting her hair. Not that I am peticularly attached to her hair, it’s just, well, that’s what little girls do. You know, once they are comfortable with scissors. Cut all the things! “Mommy look at my new hair cut!”


The cards say “Love you to pieces, daddy!” Then you fill in the heart with “pieces.”



The hardest part of this whole craft was cutting all those squares, and waiting for glue to dry.



Yes both children got to use glue.



Provided to them on fancy Hot Wheels plates, left over from K2’s birthday party.



This went more smoothly than I actually expected. K2 did better than I imagined.



Having three containers of squares really helped out. No one was fighting over which one they wanted.



I thought that the tissue paper squares would be cute, but it turns out that the kids preferred the scrapbook paper squares.



Also I went overboard cutting squares and will have enough for next years Valentines too.



Stickers complete every Valentine in this house.



Thanks Grandma for the new stickers!



This guy. You should have seen the outtakes.


Do you hand make your Valentines, or are they store bought?


Our Valentine

As always Daddy was our valentine. He’s truly the best. While this years card is not quite as crazy as last year, K1 was able to participate more than in the prior years. (she was so much smaller last year!)

I can not wait until both kids can do one all by themselves. Mostly cause I am curious what it is they will want to create.

A sneak peak at the inside of our card before we signed it. I have a square shaped paper punch so K1 was able to do that part this year. Hence why our card is so plain and geometric.

For real if I open and Etsy shop ever I think that will be the name. K squared.

If you read yesterdays Insta post you already know what is going on here. If you didn’t, go check it out.

We also made several other more simple valentines, to hand out to people like our neighbors. K1 loved running from door to door handing them out. (she literally ran) Next year I think we will make even more. Of course it will be easier because maybe the little miss will operate scissors and K2 can sticker. Maybe.

How was your Valentines?

Things On Thursday

Not so exciting things

  • My daughter, K1, has decided to stop being potty trained. She has enough accidents a day to say that she’s not potty trained, but she was. ???
  • It’s cold in our house every day, and every where outside that is not in the direct sun
  • I haven’t done our taxes yet
  • My dog has been limping pretty bad the past few days
  • We haven’t gone on a bike ride to the store yet this week
  • I have yet to find a part time job (not sure if that should be here or under happy thoughts)

Random things

  • I don’t have to buy a new leash for my dog. The first vet that treated her called and said that they have it. (and a $290 bill that I haven’t talked to the attacking dog owner about yet)
  • K1 thinks that all things “Princess” should include Ariel.
  • K1 likes Ariel and Fiona because they “have red hair like me” So cute. (she hasn’t met Meridia yet)
  • M&M’s are crack for kids
  • My kids napped at the same time twice this week
  • A right handed mommy and a left handed daughter make coloring together challenging. My hand is always in her way

Happy Things

  • I had my homework done on Sunday and class is not until Thursday
  • K2 gives kisses now. It is super cute, even when they are slobbery cause he’s laughing
  • K2 loves dancing. He even stomps his feet at the right time to “Happy and you know it”
  • My dog is on the mend, finally. The reaction she had to her medication is clearing up. I might actually feel comfortable sharing a photo of her.
  • Aunt K (K0, Kc … not sure which), sent a gift card our way for Christmas. We ordered the fun box of stuff you see pictured above.
  • Getting packages in the mail! We (like everyone else) love happy mail, and got two packages this week! The box above and a little love from the Grandparents. 
  • We had a great beach day with daddy on his day off. We often don’t take advantage of beautiful sunny days and free time, so it was really nice. 
  • Surprise Valentines from friendly neighbors


Is It Too Early To Think Valentines

Is it?

It’s only 3 weeks away. Just in case you didn’t realize. You know me. I’m here to help.

We don’t really make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day. Not because we aren’t loving and sentimental. No mostly because we like to keep things simple. Oh and, it’s easy to loose track of the fact that it’s not that far away. Retailers don’t go quite as crazy putting up candy and decorations 6 months in advance. You know like they do for Christmas.

We actually make our Valentines Card to daddy. A tradition I started when K1 was born. It’s nice to not rush out to a store and buy an $8 card that gets read once. Then there is the awkward period of time that you feel you must hold on to said $8 card, before you feel it is acceptable to recycle it. This year I believe Daddy will be making one for mommy too. Mostly to save money, but eh, it’s cool. Besides what kiddo doesn’t wanna play with stickers?

So why, I imagine you’re wondering, is a post about Valentines Day and such, showing pictures of a fall tree craft? You know, one that was all over Pinterest?

Good question. What took you so long to ask?

Well first, when I took a blogging hiatus in October, November, and December, we were still crafting. Maybe I just wanna show it all off? Hah ha. Actually, I want to, or plan to rather, model a Valentines craft after this one.

Somehow. Not quite sure yet how I plan to do that. Clearly, I will keep you posted. Yes there will be photo’s to share.

I have a few ideas. They go a little like this …

The easy one is just to make a heart shape and use the champagne corks to make dots (which are really blobs, by the way) in red, white, and pink. (I just want to say for the record, champagne corks work much better than wine bottle corks, for little hands. They are easier to hold, and stay standing on their own. So, no rolling around in the paint, or on the surface that you are not planning on painting.) Plain Jane, but the kids won’t care. Paint is fun regardless of what or how they’re using it.

I also thought that maybe I could use black paper, paint a heart, and use the corks to make white “doves”. Aren’t they the love bird? Another idea is to outline a dove on black paper, and let them paint the “feathers” in white.

Any of these could be hung up as decorations, or given away to friends anf family as Valentines. That is were this tree ended up. As a simple little gift to an Uncle on Thanksgiving.

All in all, there aren’t very many Valentine’s crafts that I know of. I bet the beginning of the calendar is jealous of all the fun crafty things there are to do at the end of the year. 

Do you know of any kid friendly Valentine-y crafts? Which one of my ideas do you like best? 


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Hand Made Valentine

The supplies

Last year we started a tradition of making Daddy’s valentine. I do not want this holiday to be about extravagant gifts and spending a lot of money. So we make his card together. We do get him something else but we’re talking not to exceed the $25 range. Not cause were cheap, well I am, but not to go over board.

K1 learning to stamp

These are the results of valentine making this year. First K1 is not very good at stickering or stamping. She’s a crafter in progress really I swear. The only thing we actually bought to complete our valentine was glue. I know right? Normally I use double sided photo mounting strips, but they are more expensive than the glue.

Lastly I am sorry for the super crapy photos! First daddy broke my DSLR lense for Christmas, next the battery died and needs charging, (try telling a toddler sticker time is over to charge a battery), third the second camera is traveling in someones laptop bag with no memory card …… all that means is the last crappy three photos had to be taken with my phone camera …. with all the lights on, while it’s raining.
You get the idea from them though. I love the back K Squared … from K1 and K2 hehe.
Happy Valentines Day!
Enjoy it however you choose to.
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