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Last Nights Midnight Visitor

My kids sleep in their own toddler beds in a shared room. K1 moved to her own room from ours, around 18 months, and K2 moved to share his sister’s room around 12 months. This is not a new thing.

I know that half of the country is preparing for fall, but here, it’s hot. Like over 90 all week hot. As in fall will not begin until the end of October here. To keep things cool at night without running our tiny AC all night long we put fans in the windows and sometimes leave the doors open.


Last night we left the doors open without a gate up.


Like the insomniac that I am at midnight I was still messing around with things on my phone. When I heard a rustle by my bed, I thought it was Scarlet, our dog. You can imagine my surprise when I turned to see a white blanket and K2. Since he can not yet turn the door handle this is the first time that has happened. Actually he pretty much always sleeps through the night, so I was very surprised to know he was awake, never mind in my room.


I pulled him up into bed, and asked him what was wrong. He started telling me about K1 and where she was, so I let it go. I thought I would try to get some baby snuggles in. It’s been a while since I have had a baby asleep on me, and those days are running by right now.


At first daddy was less than excited, which is odd. Why? Because of the two of us he is the most welcoming when it comes to our kids and our bed. Me? I can’t sleep when they are there. I don’t really know why. I end up pushed to the edge, falling off status, with a crick in my back. Usually after an hour of their presence I take them back to their bed. I am great at hanging out with them in their bed, so I make up for it somewhere.


Last night I was taking it all in stride. He was tossing and turning and kicking and chatting, but it didn’t bug me. Each time I thought he was asleep he would suddenly pop his little head up and start talking. Saying things like; big blanket, big pillow, feet, and oh no.


Just when I thought that S was going to disown me for letting this go on he put his arm around the little guy. Then in the midst of not sleeping I saw the sweetest little thing.


K2 held daddy’s hand as it was holding him.


It’s really the little things people. Sometimes those small storms in life are worth braving for that tiny rainbow to make you smile. Sometimes. I knew this was a precious moment as it was happening, which is not always the case.


Then 20 minutes later I took him to bed, and everyone slept, but it was a welcome invasion. (This time)

Swim Lesson and an Under-prepared Mommy

Saturday K2 had his first swim lesson at the YMCA. It wasn’t crazy early or anything 11:15, and by some miracle I was awake before the kids. Well not a miracle, nightmares, but I was up. And that was about it. I was awake for about an hour before the kids woke up and in that time I took two sips of coffee, and one bite of grapefruit. I convinced myself that the swim bag was packed and I just needed to pack diaper bag like items. You know, snacks and such.

With snack after class on the way home

10:45 came before I even knew what happened, and I was trying to rush the kids out the door. I needed time to drive there safely, take K1 to child watch, and change K2 into his swim shorts when we arrived. Basic translation, I was leaving late and in a hurry.

While ushering the kids out the door I see the Pentecostals spreading the word of God door by door, and headed my way. Just my luck right? Well they were in the company of parents or saw my harried look and just offered me a postcard of information on my way by. Thank you for not trying to stop and chat, I appreciate it.There were no other mishaps on the way to the Y, and we arrived to child watch 5 minutes before swim class started.

While leaving child watch and heading to the pool I remembered that I did not pack wipes, and that K2 had yet to have a bowel movement. You just imagined what was going to happen next didn’t you? Cringing too I checked his diaper, but all was clear. (thank you again) Still hurrying I changed K2 into his swim suit and realized that I had not packed a diaper for after class. Thank goodness that I took the 5 minutes to put him on the potty before we left, because his diaper was clean and dry. Fiew!

I did pack lots of sunblock that we didn’t need because it was clouded over and cold out. That means the water in the outdoor pool, was also cold. While K2 didn’t complain too much about being cold, he wasn’t particularly cooperative with the class activities either. I don’t think he actually learned anything, he was just in the water. That’s okay, it’s a start. He did discover he liked jumping in, holding your hand of course. Those were his only smiles during the entire 45 minute class. Next Saturday I actually hope for sun.

Sometime during the last 15 minutes of class, after K2 started saying he was cold, I realized I did not pack his dry clothes. I left them on the couch at home. That was not going to help my already cold son. Gah! I decided he would just wear a diaper and shoes home. After getting out of the pool and warming up in the shower, it was much too cold for just a diaper. I put his damp rash guard back on figuring it would have to do. (I did run it through the cool spinner, get the water out, thing first).

Thankfully I managed to pack snacks, so there were no additional bad mommy moments to add to the list Saturday morning, but geeze I really messed up. It also worked out that a few things seemed to be in my favor.

Yay, can’t wait to see what happens this Saturday! (did you catch my sarcasm?)

What was your most unprepared mom/dad moment? What did you do?


Nap Time Struggles

Every parent knows the nap time struggles. At some point every child gives their parents a hard time with the idea of sleeping in the middle of the day. Even Especially if said child really needs it. They are extra rebellious then.

I read somewhere that allegedly by, at, or around the age of three kids can take or leave naps. K1 will be three at the end of April, so lately I have kinda been trying to let her take the lead in the nap department. I started this after two weeks of her keeping her brother awake at nap time, thus keeping mommy from doing anything other than refereeing  That was just a touch too much for me. I would honestly rather let go of nap time than struggle through all of that. (I know that is hard to believe being nap time is my only break and “me” time, but it’s true)

Letting her lead is really not working out. I really though that maybe all of the talking to herself, jumping in bed, kicking her feet, was because she did not need to sleep. Clearly we can all gather she does not want to sleep, but as it turns out, I believe she is still in need of naps. The trick now is how to stop her from fighting it.

The past few days we have been back on with napping. The first day was on the couch, and the last couple back in her bed like normal. K2 will pass out after literally 3 minutes, without his sister there to talk to, laugh at, and encourage jumping in bed. I have been waiting for K2 to fall asleep while distracting his sister quietly, and then let her into their room to nap. Yesterday, this worked like magic. Today? I thought K2 was sleeping, or he was and we woke him up. Remember the refereeing part? Yeah that again. Sitting at the top of the stairs, waiting out two kids who just need to see me to stay in bed and calm down, is not my idea of relax or fun.

Then there is that magical time when they are both asleep, and you want to go and turn down the volume on the 18 wheeler breaking on the highway 500 yards away, because it might wake them up. Even though you know a neighbor will slam a door, a dog will bark, or you mom, will do something silly like shower or drop a plate, ending all of the magical silence that nap time brings.

I really thought I was on the page of ending naps, but it looks like my little lady still needs them, so I will have to continue this careful dance of putting them down one at a time.

How does nap time work at your house? When did your children stop napping? 


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Vitamins Necessary

Vitamins. Today, we all know what they are. For a lot of homes they are common. In others they are optional, and for some they are non existent. Our home falls in the middle, optional. I wasn’t raised on, or with vitamins. We just ate food, drank water, and called it a day. Sometimes, I am great at taking vitamins myself, and others I suck. Like now, I regularly forget to take any vitamins. S does not regularly take vitamins either.

As you could have guessed I am not amazing at giving the kids vitamins either. There also seems to be a lot of discussion as to whether kids need them or not. Different doctors recommend different things. Mother’s all have different ideas and suggestions as well, that vary as much as their ages and parenting styles. Let’s add to that. Even if everyone agrees that children need vitamins, there are so many different types. They all have different ingredients, most of which I can not pronounce.

When my babies were newborns our pediatrician suggested giving daily vitamins for the vitamin D, due to being breast fed. I guess they don’t get that from breast milk. I found that it was possible to just give vitamin D, but it had to be ordered online. It was neither affordable or convenient. I was left with giving a teaspoon of vitamins mostly made up of things my child didn’t need. When they moved on to solid foods, there was no longer the vitamin pressure from the doctor. Instead it became “be sure he/she gets enriched cereals” like rice cereal or oatmeal. Monday we had a doctors appointment for K1. We changed insurance and wanted to get her a flu shot. They have to see her first, to begin care. Naturally at the appointment the new pediatrician asked if she was taking vitamins, which she really is not. The Dr then basically went on to say they weren’t really necessary if she eats red meat, but were necessary if she was vegan or vegetarian. At that point they are concerned.

You see my dilemma, right? We are neither vegan, or vegetarian, but we do not eat meat every day.

To give you an idea here is an example of what the kids have eaten the past few days;

Monday. Oatmeal with black berries for breakfast. Apple for snack. Scrambled eggs, french toast, and sausage for lunch. Oranges, and cranberries for snack. Teriyaki tofu and veggie stir fry for dinner.

Yesterday. Oatmeal with banana for breakfast. Strawberries for snack. Mac and white cheese with peas, tomatoes and kiwi, and a small piece of brownie for lunch. Roasted Chick peas for snack. Eggplant Parmesan with whole wheat noodles, and salad for dinner.

So far today. Oatmeal with banana for breakfast. Apple for snack. Peanut butter and jelly on wheat, with strawberries and avocado, and a small piece of brownie, for lunch. They will have roasted chick peas as a snack when they wake up from their nap. We will likely have Caribbean vegetables with beans and coconut rice for dinner. (also meatless)
We have not had a whole lot of meat recently. More specifically we have not had a lot of red meat at all since the summer. I answered the Doctor correctly. K1 does eat eat meat. We just don’t eat it that often. The only meat I think that we have had this month is breakfast sausage, bacon, and peperoni. I’m pretty sure those are not healthy lean meats. Like the doctor ordered.
I guess that all this means I need to get back onto the vitamin kick. I just don’t love all those ingredients that I can’t pronounce, and shoving them down my kids throats.
Any suggestions for a good toddler vitamin? What do you use, or do you use vitamins?


I Have A Headache

Yes, I am prone to them.

Yes, I have had one all day.

Yes, I am drinking water.

It was begining to subside. Untill …

I put DD upstairs for her nap. FYI she is on nap strike. We are going on at least a week. I was then sitting on the couch nursing DS prior to his nap. While sitting there holding him I smelled baby powder. This worsened my headache. I thought maybe I got some on my hands cleaning up DD’s room before nap time. She had been playing with the bottle before we went downstairs for breakfast, and got some on the floor.

After laying DS down I washed my hands. I could still smell baby powder. Actually, the smell was stronger. I smelled my shirt. It smelled like me, not even a hint of baby powder. Irritated a bit at the smell that was making my headache worse, I shrugged it off and went up stairs to change.

Why do we have baby powder?
We have NEVER used it on a baby. Okay maybe twice, tops.
Why does it have such a strong smell?
Does anyone ACTUALLY use it on babies?

Well I’m sure you can see where this is going, right?

I turned the corner at the top of the stairs to see my sweet sweet daughter playing in a pile of white dust. It was everywhere. I had a fan on in the middle of her room. Helping transform her room into the dusty white that it had become. I should have stopped to take a photo. Instead I turned back downstairs to get the vacuum.

Strangely, I was not mad.

I came upstairs quietly, vacuum in hand.

I calmly asked DD to sit watch as I cleaned up. She proceeded to freak out, waking her brother downstairs. Yay! I didn’t have the stairs blocked because I came up with the vacuum. Now the dog comes up stairs too. *sigh* Vacuums make the dog crazy.

Now the baby is crying his way up the stairs, DD is crying on a pillow on the floor, and the dog is ready to play tug or run from the vacuum, whichever comes first. Oh, did I mention, someone is on their way over? Oh, yeah, about that.

Fortunatly the kids like the vacuum.
They think it’s hilarious fun.
Unfortunatly, baby powder can hide orange baby wash cloths.

Yes. The vacuum is now sitting in the hallway, with an orange wipe stuck in it. Of course it couldn’t get stuck in a spot it could be removed from with out tools.

For now I’m going to sit on the couch, nurse my headache, and play peek-a-boo.

The wipe will still be stuck later, and the screw driver will still be waiting.


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