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Nap Time Struggles

Every parent knows the nap time struggles. At some point every child gives their parents a hard time with the idea of sleeping in the middle of the day. Even Especially if said child really needs it. They are extra rebellious then.

I read somewhere that allegedly by, at, or around the age of three kids can take or leave naps. K1 will be three at the end of April, so lately I have kinda been trying to let her take the lead in the nap department. I started this after two weeks of her keeping her brother awake at nap time, thus keeping mommy from doing anything other than refereeing  That was just a touch too much for me. I would honestly rather let go of nap time than struggle through all of that. (I know that is hard to believe being nap time is my only break and “me” time, but it’s true)

Letting her lead is really not working out. I really though that maybe all of the talking to herself, jumping in bed, kicking her feet, was because she did not need to sleep. Clearly we can all gather she does not want to sleep, but as it turns out, I believe she is still in need of naps. The trick now is how to stop her from fighting it.

The past few days we have been back on with napping. The first day was on the couch, and the last couple back in her bed like normal. K2 will pass out after literally 3 minutes, without his sister there to talk to, laugh at, and encourage jumping in bed. I have been waiting for K2 to fall asleep while distracting his sister quietly, and then let her into their room to nap. Yesterday, this worked like magic. Today? I thought K2 was sleeping, or he was and we woke him up. Remember the refereeing part? Yeah that again. Sitting at the top of the stairs, waiting out two kids who just need to see me to stay in bed and calm down, is not my idea of relax or fun.

Then there is that magical time when they are both asleep, and you want to go and turn down the volume on the 18 wheeler breaking on the highway 500 yards away, because it might wake them up. Even though you know a neighbor will slam a door, a dog will bark, or you mom, will do something silly like shower or drop a plate, ending all of the magical silence that nap time brings.

I really thought I was on the page of ending naps, but it looks like my little lady still needs them, so I will have to continue this careful dance of putting them down one at a time.

How does nap time work at your house? When did your children stop napping? 


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Vacation Time and Visitors

I have been very quiet on here this week, I know. We have just had a lot of excitement this past week, and it isn’t even over yet! 

We started the week off with a fun trip to the library for story time. Both kids really enjoy story time, it is just super exhausting for mommy, chasing kids around to collect all the books they pull off of the shelves.

An impromptu birthday gathering for a friend. By the way, the princess is a 32 year old man, but whatever.

Play time with friends in between trips to here and there.

A nice visit to somewhere I find to be most beautiful. It really has been too long. This was actually K2’s first trip here. I actually almost forgot how much I love it here.

Stopping to take a photo of little footprints, just so that I can remember how tiny they really were later. You know when they’re all grown up and stuff. (Yes I need a pedicure, I know, don’t judge.)

A trip to the park on a beautiful sunny day, to teach a little lady how to fly a kite. She was very much not interested at first. Then I adjusted the string so that it was much lower to the ground and she could actually see it. Then, she loved it. She ran back and forth with it trailing behind her. Totally worth the dollar we spent on it.

Off for a family hike to enjoy time with Aunt K and Grandma before it expires. With great weather, why not?

In and Out for lunch with Aunt K before she leaves. Oh and just in time for the power steering pump to sort of burst and leak everywhere, billowing smoke so that I thought something terrible happened. You know, normal every day stuff. What, that doesn’t happen to you while you are parking?

First dentist visits and cleanings. Balloons and stickers to go home with make every little person happy.

Coloring with an adoptive uncle while daddy fixes the car and mommy does home work. Truly a great week, and great time off with daddy. It’s not every week that he gets four days off in a row, or that Grandma and Auntie visit, we definitely made the most of it.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the past few days.

I also have another giveaway surprise tomorrow.

In the Car on the Go *My Picks*

Traveling with children is a fact of life for all parents. How much or how little may vary from time to time, and parent to parent, either way it is inevitable. Since the beginning of the toddler phase K1 needs entertainment in the car. Sometimes music, or talking to her is enough, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. What about the days that mommy or daddy do not want to talk about the girl who flew over the rainbow, or sing Old Mac Donald? Those are the days we need some car friendly distractions.

I’m not promising that this will be ground breaking or earth shattering, but sometimes we just need an idea of what has already worked for someone else to give us a great idea of our own. With that said, I decided to share. I’ll also add in that I do not have XM or Sirius radio in the car, and the CD player is broken, so we need these things every trip.

These are a things that we use mostly for daily travel with success (think trips not longer than two hours);

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Number Maze

This is a counting game. There are enough magnetic balls to fill each pocket with the displayed number. It teaches kids to count in a fun way. Farm animals, magnetic balls, and numbers, oh yea.

My kids are not counting yet, but moving the magnetic balls around is enough of a challenge to keep them quietly entertained for a while. Last time I checked, in the car, that’s all that is important.

Bilingual Talking Activity Book

This one keeps either child entertained for quite a while. I will leave a warning with this suggestion. *It gets annoying for the adult* at least to me. If it is on and being played with it is just fine, (or I am rather) but the turning on/off sound makes me crazy.

What it does? It teaches the alphabet, clock, and simple words in English and Spanish. It actually is working with K1. She is still, at almost 3, confused by “before/after, letter ….” fill in the blank, but she is getting better. There is also a function where it will just play a short song for any button pressed.At 14 months any sound it makes is great for the little guy K2.

Fisher-Price Travel Doodler Pro, Green

Doesn’t everyone have one of these, or something similar?

I am also certain that this is self explanatory as to how it is entertaining to kids, and super awesome for car rides. The only defect for us in our usage, is that my daughter wants you to draw the things she can not. It becomes a game for her. You draw and she guesses what it is. This is still good for us on longer road trips, but not so good for short trips with one adult. It’s kind of hit or miss, sometimes she will entertain herself, sometimes she won’t. K2 likes slamming the pen on the writing surface, so he’s cool with it.

Elmo’s Rockin’ Road Trip Digital Music Player Book – Sesame Street

This last one is great. It is a simple player that your young child can easily control. K1 loves it because she can pick what song she wants to hear, and skip it when she’s tired of it.

It’s a book and music player. In the book are the colorful Sesame Street Characters, and the words to the songs that play on the player. Not that K1 or K2 can actually read the words, but they like to think they do!

What do you have your child/children do in the car on both long and short trips?


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Vitamins Necessary

Vitamins. Today, we all know what they are. For a lot of homes they are common. In others they are optional, and for some they are non existent. Our home falls in the middle, optional. I wasn’t raised on, or with vitamins. We just ate food, drank water, and called it a day. Sometimes, I am great at taking vitamins myself, and others I suck. Like now, I regularly forget to take any vitamins. S does not regularly take vitamins either.

As you could have guessed I am not amazing at giving the kids vitamins either. There also seems to be a lot of discussion as to whether kids need them or not. Different doctors recommend different things. Mother’s all have different ideas and suggestions as well, that vary as much as their ages and parenting styles. Let’s add to that. Even if everyone agrees that children need vitamins, there are so many different types. They all have different ingredients, most of which I can not pronounce.

When my babies were newborns our pediatrician suggested giving daily vitamins for the vitamin D, due to being breast fed. I guess they don’t get that from breast milk. I found that it was possible to just give vitamin D, but it had to be ordered online. It was neither affordable or convenient. I was left with giving a teaspoon of vitamins mostly made up of things my child didn’t need. When they moved on to solid foods, there was no longer the vitamin pressure from the doctor. Instead it became “be sure he/she gets enriched cereals” like rice cereal or oatmeal. Monday we had a doctors appointment for K1. We changed insurance and wanted to get her a flu shot. They have to see her first, to begin care. Naturally at the appointment the new pediatrician asked if she was taking vitamins, which she really is not. The Dr then basically went on to say they weren’t really necessary if she eats red meat, but were necessary if she was vegan or vegetarian. At that point they are concerned.

You see my dilemma, right? We are neither vegan, or vegetarian, but we do not eat meat every day.

To give you an idea here is an example of what the kids have eaten the past few days;

Monday. Oatmeal with black berries for breakfast. Apple for snack. Scrambled eggs, french toast, and sausage for lunch. Oranges, and cranberries for snack. Teriyaki tofu and veggie stir fry for dinner.

Yesterday. Oatmeal with banana for breakfast. Strawberries for snack. Mac and white cheese with peas, tomatoes and kiwi, and a small piece of brownie for lunch. Roasted Chick peas for snack. Eggplant Parmesan with whole wheat noodles, and salad for dinner.

So far today. Oatmeal with banana for breakfast. Apple for snack. Peanut butter and jelly on wheat, with strawberries and avocado, and a small piece of brownie, for lunch. They will have roasted chick peas as a snack when they wake up from their nap. We will likely have Caribbean vegetables with beans and coconut rice for dinner. (also meatless)
We have not had a whole lot of meat recently. More specifically we have not had a lot of red meat at all since the summer. I answered the Doctor correctly. K1 does eat eat meat. We just don’t eat it that often. The only meat I think that we have had this month is breakfast sausage, bacon, and peperoni. I’m pretty sure those are not healthy lean meats. Like the doctor ordered.
I guess that all this means I need to get back onto the vitamin kick. I just don’t love all those ingredients that I can’t pronounce, and shoving them down my kids throats.
Any suggestions for a good toddler vitamin? What do you use, or do you use vitamins?



Just another week of happy, grainy, cell phone photos! Yay.

I know it’s late, but it is still Friday.

So if you read our little update, you know that we have all been a little extra cooped up. Hello cabin fever! So after a week of nothingness we went for a nice walk around the lake. Not because we were 100% healthy, but because we were better-ish.

As you can see about 1/3 of the lake is all dried up! The green grass marks the edge of the lake. Our last walk a few weeks ago it was dried up a bit, but at least there was mud. Not this time.

When they say “kids follow in your foots steps”, I didn’t know they put on your shoes to do it.

She looks so silly walking in high heels that are too big, but still, so cute. She prances around all proud of herself. She says things like “Look at my new shoes mommy”, or, “Shoes too big” …… looks like a future shoe lover.

It’s funny that I can remember doing the same thing as a kid.

We went on a little field trip as a family. Only about 45 minutes away for an interview.

Don’t get too excited. I have more people to talk to, to convince them that they want me. They do, really, they do, they just aren’t sure of that yet.

Traffic coming home after a 4:30 interview would take about two hours to get home. We planned to have dinner there and then head home. Let’s just say this turned into a very, very interesting evening.

We weren’t home until after 8:30.

One of the most recent changes in my living room update …. hanging new pictures on the wall! I finally hung up my customish order from . We also framed and hung our family photo’s recently taken.

At the bottom is a sling bookshelf I made following this tutorial. I will be adjusting it, as the dowels, and brackets I got kinda make the fabric too long. I am going to make one of the pockets for the dowel rod larger, so you can see more of the books that are in it.

Got out for a walk. While I was sick.

Wish I remembered that I scheduled myself to host said walk before midnight the night before. Guess the insomnia that I have been having lately has been good for at least one thing.

Met a nice local mama, that I will be getting together with soon. So walking, while sick, and getting dehydrated, was all worth it. Seriously. Sometimes it’s hard to make a mama friend.

Yes, we all have kids. No we do not all think alike.

My little lady. She enjoyed being outside for the first time in forever so much that she just sat right down. Found a spot and stopped, to watch. I actually didn’t know that toddlers, ever, stopped. Ever.

It was really precious.

Thanks for checking in.

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life rearranged

life rearranged


"I can’t"

Me “Come inside”
DD ” I can’t” *starts crying*

DD “I need to go potty”
Me “So pull down your panties and go”
DD “I can’t” *starts crying, this time inconsolably*

DD “I want to go downstairs”
Me “put on your panties and let’s go”
DD “I can’t put on panties”
Me “well lets just go down stairs, bring them with you”
DD “I can’t” *rolls around on the floor crying at the top of the stairs*


Everything the past few days is “I can’t” and lots and lots of unprovoked crying.

The fly looks at her wrong, crying.
The hummingbird doesn’t look at her, crying.
She drinks all her water, crying.
She wakes up, crying.

Seriously everything results in crying. Even things she likes.

She crys saying that she wants crackers. Then shes crying because your giving her crackers. I can’t figure her out right now. Toddler hood is a test in patience.

I’m not going to say that this is my least favorite phase, because I’m pretty sure every phase has been my least favorite. Except of course the unprovoked kisses and hugs phase. Wasn’t that one supposed to last forever?

What do you do during these fun phases? What has your kiddo/s been up to?

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