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Is It Too Early To Think Valentines

Is it?

It’s only 3 weeks away. Just in case you didn’t realize. You know me. I’m here to help.

We don’t really make a big fuss about Valentine’s Day. Not because we aren’t loving and sentimental. No mostly because we like to keep things simple. Oh and, it’s easy to loose track of the fact that it’s not that far away. Retailers don’t go quite as crazy putting up candy and decorations 6 months in advance. You know like they do for Christmas.

We actually make our Valentines Card to daddy. A tradition I started when K1 was born. It’s nice to not rush out to a store and buy an $8 card that gets read once. Then there is the awkward period of time that you feel you must hold on to said $8 card, before you feel it is acceptable to recycle it. This year I believe Daddy will be making one for mommy too. Mostly to save money, but eh, it’s cool. Besides what kiddo doesn’t wanna play with stickers?

So why, I imagine you’re wondering, is a post about Valentines Day and such, showing pictures of a fall tree craft? You know, one that was all over Pinterest?

Good question. What took you so long to ask?

Well first, when I took a blogging hiatus in October, November, and December, we were still crafting. Maybe I just wanna show it all off? Hah ha. Actually, I want to, or plan to rather, model a Valentines craft after this one.

Somehow. Not quite sure yet how I plan to do that. Clearly, I will keep you posted. Yes there will be photo’s to share.

I have a few ideas. They go a little like this …

The easy one is just to make a heart shape and use the champagne corks to make dots (which are really blobs, by the way) in red, white, and pink. (I just want to say for the record, champagne corks work much better than wine bottle corks, for little hands. They are easier to hold, and stay standing on their own. So, no rolling around in the paint, or on the surface that you are not planning on painting.) Plain Jane, but the kids won’t care. Paint is fun regardless of what or how they’re using it.

I also thought that maybe I could use black paper, paint a heart, and use the corks to make white “doves”. Aren’t they the love bird? Another idea is to outline a dove on black paper, and let them paint the “feathers” in white.

Any of these could be hung up as decorations, or given away to friends anf family as Valentines. That is were this tree ended up. As a simple little gift to an Uncle on Thanksgiving.

All in all, there aren’t very many Valentine’s crafts that I know of. I bet the beginning of the calendar is jealous of all the fun crafty things there are to do at the end of the year. 

Do you know of any kid friendly Valentine-y crafts? Which one of my ideas do you like best? 


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