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Class this semester

If you have read this blog for any amount of time then you know that I am taking a class this semester. I am currently taking ASL 1. Having taught my daughter Baby Sign I felt pretty confident that class would be a breeze. I just want to add to that and state, I did not just take a Baby Sign class, I took two, and I looked up and learned every sign that applied to our daily life. So before this class I knew a lot of sign.


Now that we are in the 8th week of class I can say, it has been easy, but I have learned a few signs that make conversation easier. It has been fun, but not particularly challenging. To be fair it has been what I expected, and it is a nice change from last semesters class.


This week I have to do a demo of 4-6 lines from the song that I selected to do for my final presentation. I decided on “Chicken Fried” by the Zac Brown Band for my final. The professor said that our demo should be our 4-6 hardest lines and not necessarily in order. I have translated all but the last verse of the song, and I am having a hard time deciding on which are the hardest lines.


Also as a part of this class I have to attend at least 1 deaf event, participate in it, and write a two page paper on it.


Two Fridays ago I went to a deaf coffee night with two classmates. It was a challenge. My classmates both know less sign than I do.


There was a nice hearing man, who tried to help facilitate conversation between us and two deaf girls. It was very generous of him. Interestingly enough we had more in common with him than the two girls. The girls were high school students, and my two classmates are both older than I am. The girls were bored and moved on. The gentleman stayed and signed for a bit before heading off. Over all I felt that it was nice to get out and try to practice, but I didn’t feel that I got in any practice. If that makes sense.


Well, this past Sunday I went to meet with a friend on her bowling league night. She has a friend that she has known since middle school that bowls in the same league as. He bowls with his uncle who is deaf, and a friend who is also deaf. I really went to the bowling night to meet them and talk with them, in sign of course.


I was so nervous that I spent the first hour I was there standing and talking with my friends that I already knew. It felt intimidating to walk two bowling lanes down and try to meet people I don’t know in a language that is mostly foreign to me. I know I will sign the wrong word at the wrong time at least once. That was just one more excuse really.


When I finally joined their group, it was amazing! I had so much fun. (I even made a joke) They were impressed with my signing ability. They did not believe that I was taking only ASL 1. They wanted to know why I signed with my daughter, asking if she was deaf or hard of hearing. They said I was fast for someone just learning, which I disagree, but what do I know.


In the beginning of this class when the professor told us about our final presentation she said that we would have to write a section explaining why we wanted to learn ASL. I have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks really trying to figure out why. I had to take myself back to before I taught K1 ASL, to figure this out. Deciding to teach K1 ASL was an easy decision. It’s good for them, that was enough for me. (I should tell you about that sometime)


I did finally figure it out. I like to talk.


Someone reading this somewhere is saying, “duh.” But that’s it. That is the whole explanation. I like to talk. I love people. All people. In all shapes, sizes, colors, and languages. If I could learn to speak every language I think I would. (Maybe I should be a linguist or something)


In other news I still need to find time between work, school, and kids, to get that paper written already.


How do you manage your time as a parent? 

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