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On The Twelfth Day Of Sickness

My kids threw up again.

This sickness is weird. They are not 100% sick 100% of the time. For example, K1 vomited and had diarrhea almost 48 hours before this morning when she was sick again. This sucks. Spring break has been a joke. Daddy was out of town the first weekend and for both weeks only had one day off. On top of that both kids were sick the entire time. Not to mention I was sick for one day.

I had really hoped to get ahead on homework for this class, but instead I barely got done what I needed for this week. I also will have lots of editing to do next week, since my essay isn’t in great shape.

As for the kids I am at a loss. My mommy brain is fried, and I have no idea what to try next. Everything has been cleaned. I even threw away K1’s pillow in the event that was it. (clearly that is not it) I threw out some pretzels and cheese too, also just in case. I did the BRATT diet for a day and a half and the next day they were both normal (yesterday), so I am going back to that today. I kept them at home during this round of sickness with the exception of Friday, and the last two days. After so much time being inside I couldn’t do it any more. They aren’t even acting sick, except when they are in the actual act of it.

K2 has had three showers so far today. I am so over this. (can you tell?) Like I can not hear any more whining. I know it is not their fault, I just need a break. There is a lot of “needing” going on here right now. I need to not be needed for a while. I actually called a friend during all of this to see if they could come and hang out with my kids while I was sick. They said no, because they did not want to get sick. I can’t say that I blame them, but I totally need a break. My only coming break is going to be class tonight, which includes it’s own stress. A midterm and peer essay editing. That means no breaks any time soon. Gah.

We have colored, stickered, and even watched TV. K1 has played memory games, and K2 plays with cars. They are just over it, and honestly I am too. Super exciting two weeks over here huh?

If you have any ideas I am all ears.


Today was the day

Today was the day. The day that I wished I used, or had disposable diapers.

Today there was an Easter egg hunt event at our YMCA. I signed the kids up for the event earlier this week. (I had to pay in advance) I knew that they have been sick since Sunday, but I really believed they would be better. This morning really seemed like that was the case. Right up until I took K1 potty before we left. She had loose stool again, and within 45 seconds of being done, she told me that she didn’t feel good. I can honestly admit I wasn’t 100% certain if it was real or fake. We returned to the restroom, and she did nothing and said she was fine, so off we went.

Waiting is not the best color on them

Just a bit of a side rant, but timeliness when organizing an event that includes children is important. Children, while they need to learn, they do not quite understand wait. Especially when wait is more than 5 minutes. Put together 150 kids in age ranges from 1-9. That’s 50 1-3 year olds that were waiting more than 10 minutes past the start time. We arrived a little early to have extra time before the event started to sign in, snack, and potty again if needed. Then the event started way late. K2 could not hold himself together. He wanted down. Everyone around me knew it, because that was all he kept shouting. Those bright beautiful eggs were calling to him, but it was not yet time to start.

When the egg hunting finally started I think my kids were in shock. Your not saying no mom? I can go? Really? Then there was the whole concept of putting eggs in a bucket. K2 showed K1 how it’s done, and then she was ready. Before heading inside to play in the gym (think gymnastics) we stopped in the bathroom to make sure all was well. K1 went potty K2 was dry, so we were ready to play.

Thirty minutes later K2 needed a diaper change. I collected K1 and returned to the bathroom. [Warning possible TMI] K2’s diaper was bad, almost going through the cover. Add to that I only had two wipes, and somehow no wet bag to put it in. Ahhhg. I got everything settled, returned our belongings to the locker and back to the gym we went.

My plan was, I would work out after all of the playing. I brought lots of snacks, and a sandwich so the kids didn’t feel like chewing anyones arm off, and would make it through to nap time. After returning to the gym I only let them play for a few minutes before shuffling them on to child watch. I headed for a stair climber and started steppin. That lasted for a whole 5-10 minutes. K2 needed changing again. Yay. I decided it best to take that as my sign and leave. K1 wasn’t sure how she felt, and she played really hard in the gym. K2 was on his last diaper, and not so happy. (he had been crying in child watch)

We all got a similar, crazy stomach bug sickness in December. I can’t believe that the kids got something like this again so soon. At least it is less vomiting than before. I don’t think K1 could have handled a week of vomiting like last time. She got sick 3 times one morning this week and ended up with hives, and a trip to the Dr. thanks to her hands, feet, and face turning blue. Somehow this other non vomiting stuff is easier to deal with. However weeks like this make me wonder why I ever started cloth diapering in the first place. At least its less trips to the store. Excuse me while I do another load of laundry.


When Dogs Bite

My heart is heavy today. My mind continues to wander back to a singe traumatic event.

Yesterday evening at 4:21 PM my dog was attacked by two dogs. After such a pleasant day. Trip to the airplane museum, and cooking a new vegan recipe for dinner. They were pit bulls, possibly mixes. One did not appear to be on a leash. The second was leashed, but overpowered his owner who was not alert, or aware of what was going on. This attacked lasted more than 5 minutes long, and up to just under 10 minutes. No over dramatic exaggeration.  
My floppy, furry, no longer a puppy, English Springer Spaniel, is in the doggy hospital, where she will remain for at least 3 more days. She will have a consult with a surgeon tomorrow morning, when I will get more information. For now her breathing is stable, which is important, as one of her injuries is a pneumomediastinum. (air bubble between her lungs) That is the only injury which is life threatening. She will survive.

Baby guardian
I know that her survival, and recovery are not my worry. If she never has use of her leg again, another of her injuries, she will still get around. She can still be happy. No, my worries are for her mental health. After the hospital, after her injuries have healed, then. I worry because no human could make it through such an attack without mental injury. A human might be afraid of Pit bulls forever, worse even, all dogs, or maybe the park, jogging, the activity that was taking place at the time of the attack. A dog may be no different. Then she may not be happy. 

Side kicks, best buds.

There are several variables.Here are just a few that I have thought of already;
 My dog might become aggressive all the time. While I think it unlikely due to her demeanor prior to this attack, I can not rule it out. 
Most likely she will suffer from fear aggression. The attack when she’s scared type. My concern with this is how she will react when the kids come up behind her without warning. Also there is some concern for other dog. There is behavior training for this type of thing, but it just takes time. Time that may be difficult to wait through with two small children. However, not impossible, but very very concerning.
Fear of dogs. While this is large concern, it will not ruin our lives, or hers. It will be a challenge, but life will not be impossible. 
She could be afraid of that park, jogging, or any place were leashed animals may be. Again, she could still live a happy life this way, it will just be an added challenge. 
I am most worried about the aggressive possibilities. I am sad to think that after all the time she will be spending in the hospital and time recovering, if she becomes aggressive her time with us will be done. I guess I do not have to think about those things today, but as a mother of two it would be silly to bury my head in the sand and pretend those chances don’t exist. 

Not the brightest or most clear photo, but here the two princesses are trying to nap in the summer heat.
There IS something positive to take from this, at least so far. I have gone jogging for several years. Yes I took a few years off after an ACL repair, and two kiddos. Either way, I have never jogged with more than my cell phone, my dog, and doggie bags. Occasionally I had an iPod, and sometimes no cell phone. It looks as though maybe something like pepper spray would have helped. Helped to stop the attack. I have never owned such a thing, or considered taking it with me. However, while jogging my dog is not the only one who might be in danger, what about myself? I never considered such a thing, until last night. I will be getting some soon. I am sad that this is how the message was delivered, however I do understand it.
As someone very wise pointed out to me yesterday, I am very glad that my children were not on the list of witnesses. I could not imagine, my daughters face. Hey crying and screaming. Would she be afraid of all dogs too? I am very glad that today, that is not my concern.

Basking in the morning quiet before the kids wake up.
Do you carry Mace or Pepper spray? Some of the time or all the time? Do you have a plan in the event of an attack?


Might be a bad idea

But …..

I’m taking the sick kiddos to the Aviation Museum today.

I know, I know, wait, actually you really don’t even know. My little guy has an ear infection, and bronchulitis. The little lady is just about done working through her head cold. I just wanna say that big sis didn’t get her first ear infection until after she stopped nursing. *sigh* Someone tell the little guy this is not an “I beat ya!” type of competition. Okay, so now you do know. Now, I feel the need to defend myself.

We have been cooped up for 7 days.

I am a mommy group event organizer, and scheduled this event over a month ago.

I scheduled it because we drive by this place to meet daddy for lunch, and K1 says, “Mommy, I want to see the airplanes.” (she also wants to see the train, but that is not a museum)

Also the little guy loves airplanes.

Several months ago we took the kids to the airshow. We tried repeatedly to teach K2 the sign for airplane. We signed as each plane, and jet flew by. He really didn’t seem to care. That is of course until we were leaving. Leaving early. We were at the car and, the Blue Angles circled around us. (I included a link just in case you are unsure who exactly they are) This time there was no chaos around us. No music playing. No people weaving this way and that. No helicopters with kids climbing in and out of them. Just our little family, a parking lot filled with hundreds of cars, and, the jets. That time, when we said airplane and signed, he looked at them. Nothing more, just looked, but that had been more than he had done all afternoon.

K2 loving on his first toy airplane

With the events of the airshow out of mind a few weeks later, we were eating lunch near the air base. He signed “airplane” as we heard a jet taking off. I had no idea at first what he was doing. The second time he made the same excited noise and raised his arm, I knew. “Airplane” It is still is his favorite sign. He just lights up every time he does it.

It is because of the little guys love of planes, that his older sister even cares about them. Now she sees them everywhere, and just has to point them out. Shouting and signing. That, is why I scheduled this meet up. That, is why it is going to be extra special after being cooped up for a week.

I will keep the little man on my back in a carrier, and let his sister run around from plane to plane. It is all outdoors, so we really won’t be contaminating anything. Besides fresh air and vitamin D will be great for the three of us. I had initially intended this little excursion to include lunch with daddy, but he will be working at a different location today. That really is a good thing anyway. We are trying to save, and so we’re not eating out for the month.

I’m hoping this is the break that my little’s need. K1 is getting quite cranky. She is sick of being stuck inside, and quickly running out of patience. Wish us the best!

What are you up to today? Have you taken your children out when you weren’t quite sure you should?


Just a little update

Nothing exciting going on here.

Strained my back. again. Thursday. I opted not to take anything for the pain because it is not breastfeeding safe. So just taking something for inflammation.
AF came back Saturday. Yay! (insert sarcasm)
Sunday, full on head colds to go around. Haven’t taken for congestion because they are, breastfeeding safe, as in, they will not hurt the baby. They are decongestants, they dry up stuff, which includes breast milk. More Yay.

I have been pretty crappy.

Needless to say nothing of much excitement has been going on.

Got some projects done around the house tho. I’ll share some photo’s once I’m feeling up to it.

Ordered a few things, and won a giveaway. Super excited for the mail to arrive this week. (Let’s not talk about how the mail from Thursday is still in the box)

Today looks like a Cheerios and KPBS kind of day. At least the little lady no longer has a fever, and I don’t feel like a migraine is coming on.


Insta Friday

Happy Friday! Another week has been whisked away. I think this week we did a good job at making some memories. That is what we are doing every week, right?

Just a fun photo adventure with nothing more than a cell phone camera.

life rearranged

We decided to gill out at the beach with a few friends for Memorial Day Monday. I took these out of the freezer to take along with us. We never opened them up.
On the way to the beach I saw this, which took me back to 4 years ago. One of the friends at the beach used to own this exact style of truck. *sigh* I miss that truck. So roomy inside.
Dear dog, why? This really isn’t your type of thing, but three times now. *sigh*
Trolley anyone?
A little bit of comfort on the way to the beach. What? You pack up two kids and all the accoutrement’s that you need for a day at the beach alone. Oh and my triceps were super sore (thank you gym time).
Okay, so this is not at all my favorite picture, however it does show that my cardigan is done!! It is definitely a first completed garment, in that it is not perfect, but wearable non the less.
On the days when DD is the messiest I remind myself that the high chair is there to get messy, so that everything else does not.
These things. I am thankful that they were there, but they were trashed by the time of the day that I needed them. It definitely let me know that my bathroom is really not messy. 🙂
Onto a new nap time project. I wish nap time worked out daily. I really really do. Oh well. Stitch by stitch, row by row.

I really despise that my cell phone photos always come out dark. It makes these look less bright and happy red than they are. They are from Japan. Hand imported by a friend. They have been here for me since 2009. Took a while to actually get them here. I want them to go into the kitchen somewhere, but not yet certain of where. So here they sit.

Conjunctivitis anyone? No? That is why we are home the next few days. Entertaining a healthy toddler looked like this. Surprisingly crayons entertained her for several hours
I had two other photo’s to add to this. I am guessing that the blogger app is doing weird things when uploading photos. I arrive to my computer to be thoroughly frustrated every time. Must. Find. A. New. Plan. A.S.A.P.
Have a great weekend!!

Anxiety and a touch of sickness

When you enter the world of parent hood you are filled with all of the wonderful thoughts of giggles and cuteness. Then there is the reality that with it comes an equal part of worry.

To clue you in, at this point my anxiety over all the things I can not control with my children is so great that I shed a tear close to every night before falling asleep. Somehow my mind can not help but wander over the thoughts of all the terrible things that could happen while I am unable to get to them and help.


I am still wondering, honestly.

Why, do I think about what would happen in the event of an earthquake while we are all sleeping, and my DD is in a room of her own? I have no earthly idea. I am also sure that I could go on and on about all of catastrophic type of things I wonder/worry about. This particular idea leads me to thoughts of bringing her into bed with us. Which I have tried. It is a disaster. She doesn’t sleep. She talks, squirms, kicks, and talks some more. This leads to her brother waking up. Bad times. All because I wanted her to be closer to me.

At this point she has only been in a room of her own for 5 months. That may be why I have only recently noticed these thoughts.

Sickness makes this worse. I think that every stuffy nose could result in death. Extreme, I know.

So you can see why sickness on vacation would suck. Never mind that a 9ish hour car ride with two babies already sucks. Let’s just go and add a double ear infection and stuffy, congested noses to go around. I was handing out Emergen-C like it was candy. It really took away from the vacation for me. Aside from the cranky toddler.

I really need to find a way to relax.

I hate that I feel like I need to hear them breathing to know they are okay.

I would like to know that this crazy anxiety that I feel, will not last forever. Imagine what it will be like when school comes around?

Do you have anxiety related to you child/children and disaster?


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