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Sick Day

Today I am sick and miserable. It started yesterday, and I could hardly sleep last night.

Yet I still woke up at 3 AM and took myself to work. I came home wishing daddy could take a sick day so I could lay around and rest. I mean, I can’t even swallow.

Still, here I have been trudging thru the day. Daddy got the kids breakfast and cleaned them up afterwards. Then he came home from his lunch to deliver soup that we didn’t have at home. He also fed the kids the lunch I made them. He even changed K2’s diaper before he left. He has been a huge help.

All of this is to say, I don’t know how single mommy’s and daddy’s do it. Maybe they have friends and family nearby to help out, but ugh. It has got to be hard work. I know we all have a difficult task, but on a sick day, I feel for those who do it alone.

Just want to say that mommy’s and daddy’s,  you are all doing a great job. Even when you think your not.

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