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Developmental differences

My children are close in age. They are 13 months and 32 months. To do the math for you they are 19 months apart, so about a year and a half. I know this means that they will be on the same level sooner, and for longer. However, it also means that today, they are worlds apart.

You can take a look at the milestones here for an idea of what a 3 year old should be up to. (Which my daughter almost is)

Then look here to see what a 15 month old should be up to.

Cruising in to tear up the track

Some things are easy. It is easy to have the two of them play ball together. Somehow though, they both require my participation, and never want to share a turn. My daughter K1 is interested in building things with blocks finally. My son K2, in interested in tearing down blocks. You see how this is bad, right? The result blocks flying across the room. Either they were thrown, flung, or kicked. K1 has started throwing blocks directly at her brother now. That I assure you is a lot of fun for mom.

What else? Well I can not tell if K1 has an increased attention span. K2 tears up everything she tries to do. Also when I set something up for her to do and then entertain her brother, so he does not get involved, well then she is not interested in the activity. Even if she was interested in the beginning. Now that I am “playing” with someone, she wants it to be her.

Rolling around in the middle of the city.

Lastly when I try to separate them into two different spaces, by using a gate, or corral, there is always one of them crying. One of them not playing. It is not always the same child, but always the same result.

What am I looking for?

Websites, suggestions, ideas to try. Really any good option.

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