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International Babywearing Week

Did you know that this week is International babywearing week? If not, well then I am glad that I told you. Why? So you can go stomp the yard wearing your baby or something!


Everyone has different thoughts and feelings on everything related to children. Keeping that in mind, I wore both of my children. I loved how easy it is/was. For my daughter I didn’t know a lot, and I was pretty stingey. A friend sent me a Chicco me and you carrier that she used with her daughter. After I got over how to use it (you can read about my initial disaster with it here) I continued to use it for K1 until it was uncomfortable during pregnancy with my son.


When I was pregnant with my son I knew I needed to babywear in order to make playground trips happen for my daughter. Daddy brought home a Moby and since then I have never looked back. Babywearing  has single handedly (or no hands really) made parenting two children easier, in a million ways. I wish I got the carriers I have now when I had my daughter. Not that she hasn’t ridden in them, just that she was cheated a little.


In the spirit of Babywearing week I decided to share some throwback photos.

Phone again 004

Everyone likes spotting daddy wearing. Add a newborn, and it’s love!Daily life 006

One of my first times successfully wearing K1.Camping 020

Sneaky baby. I almost didn’t see you!Sea World 001

Scary babywearingSea World 020

Did you know Sea World and aquariums are great for babies under 6 months? They can start tracking things with their eyes. This was the first time K1 saw something and got excited about it. They were whales.


Sea World wearing.Blue Camera 007

Possibly unsafe tide pool wearing. Other 007

Tandem wearingOther 026

The ever popular bunny wearing. (Looks like her first selfie)Not sure 184

Passed out Not sure 011

Teething + babywearing = silence + snugglesIMAG0811

Outdoor rucking successfully for the first time. SHBC for those who will ask. (Secure High Back Carry – my fave)IMAG1498

Messy hair don’t care toddler doll wearing.


Testing out pretty carriers for friends, and toddler wearing. Yup K1 is hiding in there. She requested the hood up.


Wear on folks, wear on.


Happy International baby wearing week!

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