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Simple Sunday

 I was excited a few weeks ago when one of the lemon seeds I planted finally sprouted. Quickly after there were two, as you can see in the photo.

Now there are many!

I find it strange that those first two sprouts are not the happiest or largest seedlings, but whatever.

Last time I counted there are about nine seedlings. I am excited because when I put them in the soil one seed already had some green coming out of it. I anticipated sprouts really quickly, but time kept passing by, and nothing. I thought I had bad seeds and just kept adding more seeds to the same cup of dirt. At one point I decided none of them were going to sprout, then all at once, they started popping up. Even now more green seedlings emerge every day. (Like two more yesterday).

First let me say I am not an expert.

Now that is out of the way, apparently lemon trees can grow in containers, and make great indoor plants. You can start them in a cup and they should not need transplanting for a year even if there are two seedlings.

How I did it

Use lemon; on fish, your hair, in food, lemonaide, however.
Keep seeds.
Wash them. Lemony pulp is no good for growing seeds.
Fill a glass halfway with water. Put all seeds in the water.
Throw away the ones that float. (they will not germinate) Place other seeds in soil.
Water soil. Until sprouts emerge soils needs to remain moist, but not swimming.
Place on a sunny window sil, and wait.

Note, if you live in a colder climate you may want to put cling wrap over the top to maintain moisture and warmth. I did not do that to test this, but allegidly it works.

Thats it your done!

Now go make some lemonaide and plant your free seeds with your children. They will love you for letting them play with dirt.

I feel I should add that these seeds do not sprout quickly and while this activity can be virtually free, it is not necessarily the best “plant” for impatient toddlers. In that case green beans are better. Either way this can be fun.


Real Diaper Week Day 3

Wednesday: Real Simple Real Diaper Savings

Okay pretty self explanatory, right?

So let’s just get down to it.

My #1 reason to use cloth was cost.
I am going to clearly show you MY total costs thus far cloth diapering.
Starting with the cost of the diapers themselves, as they are the most expensive part.

Cloth diapering try it out kit from Cotton babies      $35
G-diapers 2 pack of covers                                        $27
Bummis diapering kit                                                 $150
Used 2 Bumgenius fitted AIO’s                                 $16
Used Bummis SZ S cover                                          $8
Used ProWrap cover SZ S                                         $7
6 used prefolds                                                           $6
2 travel wet bags                                                        $10

Used 19 Sz S Kushies AIO’s
 + 10 Used Sz L Kushies AIO’s                                  $100
Thirsties covers SZ 1 mud qty 2                                 $26
Thirsties cover SZ 1 print                                            $14
Dozen Prefold infant diapers                                      $21
Thirsties Hemp prefold qty 2                                     $13
Sbish bamboo insert qty2                                           $8
Thirsties SZ 2 solid cover                                           $13
1 random pocket diaper from ebay                             $2

The random space in the middle represents everything purchased for baby #1. We started cloth diapering her at 8 months. After the break was adding in baby #2 because we did not have the small sizes.

So, if you are calculating along ….. $259 from 8 months on with baby#1. Add in what was purchased for baby #2 and we have a total of $456.

To be fair I did research online for two days on whether or not to cloth, and then what system. Both times resulted in a headache so add;

One bottle of aspirin                              $10 (what? I had a headache no time for coupons or sales)

Also I am having my Bummis size M diaper covers converted next week from Aplix (fancy term for Velcro, also known as hook and loop) to snaps. They are so much better. For that I will add an addt’l ….

Aplix to snaps for 4 diaper covers                   $24

That puts us at $490

With the G-diapers we did use the flushable liners at night because they were super absorbent. I purchased them by the case for appox $50. A case has 4 packages and each package lasted a month for me. We used them for only 7 or 8 months.

G-diaper liners                                         $100

And, lastly we did mess around with flushable liners for a little while

Flushable liners                                       $40

Product total $630

I am not here to deceive anyone. In our last apartment we had a in complex laundromat. It cost $3.50 to wash and dry our diapers. While we lived there I washed diapers (for one baby) once every 5 days. So the actually laundry cost was negligible. In our new apartment we have a washer and dryer. I think that the actual electric cost is less than the laundromat. However I can not give an exact figure.

I do know that I do not have to spend any additional money on diapers for my second child. The only cost that would be added to this is out of sheer desire for another diaper. It is a bit addicting.

With the national (US) average cost of $800 per year I am way ahead. With DD turning 2 I should already be at $1600 with just her costs alone. Which if you included the time that i used disposable diapers on her I may be, but even that is a long shot. However, when you include baby #2, there is no way that with all the disposable diapers that I bought that I have even encroached on the $2400 average.

Real Diaper Week Blog Hop

Yes, there is an upfront cost in purchasing cloth diapers.

That is why people have baby showers!

Why let each guest spend $10 for a pack of diapers that won’t even last a week? They could each buy 1 cover, and 1 6pack of prefolds. If you will be dealing with a daycare AIO’s or pocket diapers might work better. Then you guests could buy one of those, or go in together for a lot of diapers.

You can make your own diapers. Not the best at sewing? Buy covers and make your own prefolds. The lines in the prefolds are not super critical. You can use 1 of those 75,000 flannel receiving blankets you got. Wool covers can be upcycled from unloved sweaters. There are a few tutorials if you look online.

One final thing to consider with this is that you will likely be able to recoup a portion of your cost. Most cloth diapers sell for more than 50% of their purchase price. If you decided to do so you could resell you diapers, or just pass them on to another mother in need. I will say when I started buying cloth diapers resale value was very important to me, but now I would like to pass them on to someone. Why not?

Why do you, or do you not use cloth?

Cloth wipes

First let me start by saying that I used disposable wipes until November 2011. We started cloth diapering November 2010. So you see the two do not necessarily go hand and hand.

When I decided to try cloth wipes everything I was reading said you could use them even if you use disposable diapers. They suggested attaching a small bag to your changing table. I remember reading this thinking “really?”, but yes really. You don’t even have to buy a fancy wet bag you could just use a gallon ziplock until you decide you love using cloth wipes. (cause you will)

Why will you love them? Let’s start with the cost. The cloth wipes I purchsed with shipping worked out to be less than $1 each, about 70 cents I think. Buying the largest box at the best price for the non sensitive wipes they are 3 to 4 cents per wipe. So once you’ve used your cloth wipe 140-200 times it’s cheaper. Now your cloth wipe can be and usually is sensitive without paying extra for less. That sounds like a lot of uses? One box of 576 wipes at $12 plus tax lasts appox one month with a newborn. So the $23 spent for reusable wipes pays for itself in two months.

Reason two they are environmentally friendly. Less waste, less trash, less space used in a landfill. Feeling crafty? Those flannel receiving blankets your not using …. They have a future as wipes. (especially the blankets that were to small to ever wrap a baby)

Three … THEY WORK BETTER! Yup, it’s true. There’s a grippy side and a smooth side, try finding that in a disposable wipe.

Four. You can put whatever you like on them. There are tons of recipe’s for wipe solution. You really can use just water too. Disposable wipes are pretty much regular, sensitive, and sometimes aloe.

I am sure there are other reasons, but those are mine.

Previously when doing a diaper change it was a financial transaction for me. If baby pee’d when you weren’t fast enough changing a diaper, meaning clean diaper got wet, I would say “your wasting quarters”. When we needed to use more than one wipe during a change I would think “your throwing away nickles”. Now it’s no big deal. It’s about what’s important, getting baby’s bottom clean.

While you can find several recipe’s online here is my recipe for wipes solution;

This is made in a container roughly the size of a reusable disposable wipes container.

1-2 drops teatree oil This is the ingredient to be careful with. If baby is sensitive use less of this or add more water.
2-3 drops lavendar essential oil
1 tsp (appox) baby wash
1 squirt (very technical I know) baby oil

I put them in the container in this order. Then fill halfway with water. Fill with wipes folded and rolled.

Tada! Use as needed.

I will have you know I started with a recipe that called for something like 1-2 drops teatree, 2-4 drops lavendar essential oil, 1/2 cup baby wash, 1/2 cup baby oil, and 3 cups of water. I was not a fan.

When I tried out cloth wipes and decided to use them we just used water. So I went back to that.

When changing DD’s messy diapers I felt that her butt looked clean, but didn’t smell that way. That was when I added the teatree oil and lavendar essential oil. From there I got adventurous. I have noticed that since adding the baby wash and oil my babies bottoms are not a sensitive if I accidentally put in more teatree than planned.

Washing? If you cloth diaper wash them with your diapers. Otherwise wash them with the rest of your baby’s clothes. Gross you say? What do you do with the outfits your baby has a blow out in? You wash them. Same difference. If your clothes are clean the washer is clean, bottom line. Drying them? Don’t. I mean they are clean and going to go back into a wet wipes solution. Or dry them. Hang them, put them in the dryer, end result, the same.

Thinking about trying it out? Get these from Mama Jo’s diapers. All you basically pay is shipping. If it says sold just send her a message. That’s what I did. Then I bought these.

Do you use cloth wipes? What solution do you use?

This is in no way a sponsered post. I bought these products and posted because I believe in them.


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