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Simple Sunday

 I was excited a few weeks ago when one of the lemon seeds I planted finally sprouted. Quickly after there were two, as you can see in the photo.

Now there are many!

I find it strange that those first two sprouts are not the happiest or largest seedlings, but whatever.

Last time I counted there are about nine seedlings. I am excited because when I put them in the soil one seed already had some green coming out of it. I anticipated sprouts really quickly, but time kept passing by, and nothing. I thought I had bad seeds and just kept adding more seeds to the same cup of dirt. At one point I decided none of them were going to sprout, then all at once, they started popping up. Even now more green seedlings emerge every day. (Like two more yesterday).

First let me say I am not an expert.

Now that is out of the way, apparently lemon trees can grow in containers, and make great indoor plants. You can start them in a cup and they should not need transplanting for a year even if there are two seedlings.

How I did it

Use lemon; on fish, your hair, in food, lemonaide, however.
Keep seeds.
Wash them. Lemony pulp is no good for growing seeds.
Fill a glass halfway with water. Put all seeds in the water.
Throw away the ones that float. (they will not germinate) Place other seeds in soil.
Water soil. Until sprouts emerge soils needs to remain moist, but not swimming.
Place on a sunny window sil, and wait.

Note, if you live in a colder climate you may want to put cling wrap over the top to maintain moisture and warmth. I did not do that to test this, but allegidly it works.

Thats it your done!

Now go make some lemonaide and plant your free seeds with your children. They will love you for letting them play with dirt.

I feel I should add that these seeds do not sprout quickly and while this activity can be virtually free, it is not necessarily the best “plant” for impatient toddlers. In that case green beans are better. Either way this can be fun.


Real Diaper Week Day 2

Tuesday: Real Simple Real Diaper Waste Reduction

For those of you who are not aware it is Real Diaper Week. April 16-21. The big finale of Real Diaper Week is the Great Cloth Diaper Change on Saturday April 21. There are several locations participating world wide to set a new Guinness Book world record. I encourage you to find a location near you and join in. I know the locations near me have extra people on hand to help out with parents who have more babies than arms.

So while I feel that the diaper waste reduction is quite obvious using cloth diapers as opposed to disposable, I will still take a brief moment to write about it anyway. I would like to help out promoting Real Diaper week. I think that awareness is key.

Clearly we all know that each disposable diaper taken off is thrown into the trash, or diaper genie, and ends up in a landfill. There are several things about this that could be cause for concern. I am just going to talk about a few.

One problem I have with this is that we as society’s have created waste treatment plants. They take the human waste from our toilets and remove the contaminants (human waste) and use it for suitable purposes (fertilizer). When you wrap up poop in a nice petroleum based disposable diaper it goes into a landfill. Where it sits, encouraged not to breakdown, (because that’s what landfills do) for an unknown period of time. Why not just put the poop where it goes for every one else? With disposable diapers being the third most popular item in landfills how much of that contains human waste which could be better disposed of and take up less space in our landfills?

The second problem I have with the disposable diapers is that they sit there. For hundreds of years. Really is there anything more to say than that?

Yes eventually a cloth diaper may end up in a landfill. Realistically how many, how often? A lot less, would be the answer to both of those questions.

I told you it would be brief. More just for thought.

Real Diaper Week Blog Hop

Tomorrow will be Wednesday: Real Simple Real Diaper Savings. I really love the cost savings so I am excited to post about this.

For those of you with babies in diapers I encourage you to check out a Great Cloth Diaper Change event near you. The locations near me have some prizes and goodie bags too.


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