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Simple Sunday

 I was excited a few weeks ago when one of the lemon seeds I planted finally sprouted. Quickly after there were two, as you can see in the photo.

Now there are many!

I find it strange that those first two sprouts are not the happiest or largest seedlings, but whatever.

Last time I counted there are about nine seedlings. I am excited because when I put them in the soil one seed already had some green coming out of it. I anticipated sprouts really quickly, but time kept passing by, and nothing. I thought I had bad seeds and just kept adding more seeds to the same cup of dirt. At one point I decided none of them were going to sprout, then all at once, they started popping up. Even now more green seedlings emerge every day. (Like two more yesterday).

First let me say I am not an expert.

Now that is out of the way, apparently lemon trees can grow in containers, and make great indoor plants. You can start them in a cup and they should not need transplanting for a year even if there are two seedlings.

How I did it

Use lemon; on fish, your hair, in food, lemonaide, however.
Keep seeds.
Wash them. Lemony pulp is no good for growing seeds.
Fill a glass halfway with water. Put all seeds in the water.
Throw away the ones that float. (they will not germinate) Place other seeds in soil.
Water soil. Until sprouts emerge soils needs to remain moist, but not swimming.
Place on a sunny window sil, and wait.

Note, if you live in a colder climate you may want to put cling wrap over the top to maintain moisture and warmth. I did not do that to test this, but allegidly it works.

Thats it your done!

Now go make some lemonaide and plant your free seeds with your children. They will love you for letting them play with dirt.

I feel I should add that these seeds do not sprout quickly and while this activity can be virtually free, it is not necessarily the best “plant” for impatient toddlers. In that case green beans are better. Either way this can be fun.


Insta Friday

Simple photos captured with nothing more than a cell phone.

Since I hurt my back I tried to get the little lady to carry as much as possible. Don’t worry she won’t be hurting her back, the backpack is basically empty.

We had photos taken as a family on 6/9 ….. I finally ordered them. They arrived so fast. I was quite happy. Now to go frame shopping and all will be complete.

we, well let’s be honest, S, planted my Scarlet Runner Beans. With an injured back doing anything bent over is/was a bad idea. He got it all together for me tho, and six days later this is what popped up. In the morning there were three little sprouts, and by the end of the same day there were seven. They are growing so fast. I can’t wait for them to flower and grow on our home made recycled trellis.

Look at these two goobers. They are so cute. We love them.

Yes he is wearing one of his sister’s old bibs, yes that is a hand me down sippy cup too. She basically didn’t use it tho. She did not like them, so it is basically new. This guy is a solid food champ. Unlike the bottle.

Waiting for daddy and sister to get back home. I think I have a future escape artist on my hands.

Somone has to check the ads right? It certaintly hasn’t been me lately. She got right to it.

These two strawberry plants have produced no fruit recently. They have made two rooted babies (runners) and there are three more sitting on soil waiting to root.

Can a girl get a strawberry? Please?

When a two year old tells you “I need money” … be worried, very worried. She found my wallet and proceded to empty the contents. Yay!

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life rearranged
life rearranged

Recycled garden

Aloe vera, some button flower, cherry tree and cilantro
Welcome to what I like to call my recycled garden! 

I have now had the Aloe Vera so long that I can’t remember what it looked like when I got it. It did start as a small potted plant as did the Cilantro, and Christmas Cactus.

There remaining plants have been grown from seeds. I went through this phase of planting the seeds from the food I ate. So I saved seeds and tried my best to grow them. I do have an Avocado seed planted, however it’s not much to look at right now so no photo.


So you can’t see it in this photo but this is now the third round with lettuce from seed. After this I quit and will move on to something else. The photo to the right is about as large as the lettuce gets and then it just gives up. After talking to a lady at my knitting group she said that she and her husband have a hard time with lettuce. Something about tying it up and forcing it to head.         Ideas?

All my plants are in organic soil, and I use organic fertilizer. No I do not go to a store and buy fertilizer. I use trash! Ha ha, no I don’t compost. Not that I don’t want to but it’s not ideal for apartment life. I use coffee that is not consumed, used coffee ground, used tea leaves, and the water left after steaming vegetables. I have only had one plant complain, Basil. Basil was not a fan of coffee and it went and killed itself … I mean I killed it.

So I will be making two of these in the next week or two and I could use some help. I want to plant edibles or herbs in the top row of both of these, the rest can be whatever.

What do I plant?

One will be in indirect sunlight all the time, but it gets fairly warm. The second one will get more sun and super hot. I would love to hear your suggestions.

Do you have an indoor/outdoor garden? Do you use your wasted items in it?

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