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Mommy Time

It’s no secret that I do not do a very good job at taking time or doing things for me. I find it very easy to put my family’s needs before my own. To me their needs are very visible. I figure I can wait a little longer, and a little longer, until ….. well I don’t know what will happen, and would rather not find out honestly.

I have noticed lately that my fuse is shorter than normal. Frustrated and exasperated with my children more easily than I would like. I told S this weekend that on his next day off I needed to take some time away while the kids are awake. That part is key for me. I feel like when I get away at night while the kids are sleeping that I am just cheating myself. I get less sleep and I don’t get to sleep in.

With nothing particularly exciting in mind, I took myself to Starbucks for an iced coffee. Of course in perfect Gwen fashion, I forgot my fancy new reusable iced beverage cup. I HAD to have it for the fourth of July. Because clearly my citrus iced tea would taste that much more amazing out of a reusable iced beverage cup than it would if slurped from a red solo cup. Duh! Well, I am bound to remember it one of these times. Of course at my rate that will be next year. Still next year when I use it, it will be amazing. Minus all the freezer ice stuff it’s collecting.

I wasn’t sure what I would want to do upon my child free trip. So I brought a class list, new book to read, kindle, and of course my phone. Lucky me captain crazy sat down next to me. No I am not being mean or calling names. I actually wondered if I should call the mental health dept. For real. Singing and dancing in a chair all alone at Starbucks doesn’t make you crazy. No, not that alone anyhow, but coupled with conversations alone, that does. I actually tried to talk to him thinking he was looking for a friend. Nope. He had one already. He’s just the only one who could see him or her. Sweet. Good thing I wasn’t reading at that time. I would not have been able to focus on a single word on the page.

I sat and burned through my phone battery, and then moved on to the Kindle where I sorted through classes for next semester. I finished up my free time at Starbucks with the first chapter of a new book. Then I walked to the store picking up a few things and headed home. As luck would have it I was greeted by a quiet and mostly empty house. That was a nice bonus surprise. I was able to read a few more pages before the family returned.

I definitely feel a little bit recharged. I guess sometimes it really is good to get away.

What is your go to get a way activity? 


International Book Giving Day 2/14

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, but it is also International Book Giving Day.
This was news to me, and I thought I would pass along the message. I follow Jump Into A Book, and this was their post today. In that post and also here, you can get a few ideas on how to participate. 
My participation plans are to select some books from my children’s collection to donate to a local church. Also I will be giving the neighbor’s daughter a collection of Bob Books. While this is a belated birthday gift, it is still a book gift right?

On the theme of books, I was hunting around on this morning for a children’s book. I wanted to share a gem I found,

KiteReaders Classics – The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The pictures in the Kindle version are the same as the ones I remember from my book growing up. As this book is intended for children ages 3-6 some of the writing has been edited. At of the time of this post this book is available FREE for Kindle editions. If you think you might ever want to have this go and download it now! I do not know how long it will remain that price. You can download now and read next year, or whenever you are ready for it.

I will say at almost 3 years old this abridged version was still a tiny bit too long for my daughters patience. I am not certain if it was because we read three other stories before this, or the length of this book.

I also downloaded these for myself, as they were FREE too (at the time of this post 2/13-2/14),

Bedding The Wrong Brother (Dalton Brothers Novels)
Then Comes Marriage

They are not necessarily my go to type of reading, but I thought a change might be nice. (When I get a chance to read more than for my English class that is) I haven’t started either of them yet, but downloaded them now as they are Valentines specials that will end tomorrow.

What are you and/or your kids reading? How can you participate in International Book Giving Day?

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The Friday Night Knitting Club book review and giveaway

I actually won this book from a giveaway here. So as you can see from the date of that post, I have had it for a while. It’s unsuspecting. I mean it looked and sounded like a book I didn’t want to read.

I was wrong.

So very wrong that I am reading Knit Two now. When you are nursing a little one there is not much you can do. Reading is perfect. From a lack of anything else to read I finally picked up this book. I was so exasperated by how good the book really was and how easy it was to read, that I talked about it in my knitting group. The librarian always has knitting stories on a cart for us to check out. Clearly I have never checked any out. I thought that was just a little too corny for me. Nope. Again, I was wrong. I am the correct amount of corny for them.

The Friday Night Knitting Club is an easy read. Some authors have the uncanny ability to write so well that you don’t even realize that you are reading. Kate Jacobs has accomplished this. I felt like I was transported directly into the story every time I picked up the book. Clearly this book is a bestseller and doesn’t need any of my help.

Aside from the book being amazing, your probably asking “Ok well what is it all about?” Well, it is basically about life. A few ladies, a mismatched group I might add, that have friendships based around a knitting group in a yarn store in New York city. No, the book is not all about knitting. There are knitters and non knitters alike that come to the club. It covers divorce, single mother hood, love, struggle … you know, the regular. It is clearly geared towards a female audience.

So maybe this isn’t the best review ever. You can read a better review here.

Either way I want to pay it forward. The book was given to me and so I will pass it on to someone else who might enjoy it.

The Giveaway!!

To enter follow this blog via Google Friend Connect in the right margin, and leave a comment on this post to be entered. Wala! That’s it. I will select a winner via 3/26 and contact that person via email for their mailing address. I will give the winner 48 hours to respond and then select another winner if I do not receive a response. US residents only please … sorry.

This post is not a sponsored post. All the opinions expressed in this review are my own. I did use affiliate links in the event that you decide to buy I make like 7 cents.


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