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Right Now

This is happening on the couch next to me.

While this is going on in my bed upstairs.

I have to be quiet right now. So I have this fun little gem of a post for you, about me.

Making : Vegan Zucchini bread
Cooking : Pizza
Drinking : Beer
Reading: Nothing! (I finished Tanglewood Plantation II yesterday)
Wanting: Someone else to cook dinner.
Looking: At feet that desperately need a pedicure
Playing: Words with Friends and cars
Wasting: Money and time
Sewing: Hah
Wishing: We were buying a house right now
Enjoying: Nap time
Waiting: For my #MugSwap2013 package
Liking: My latest smoothie concoction
Wondering: What class will be like Thursday
Loving: My family
Hoping: To save enough for a comfortable holiday season
Marvelling: At how K2 sleeps through his sisters screams
Needing: A part time job
Smelling: Amazing!
Wearing: Shorts and a t-shirt. (Those who said yoga pants were a SAHM’s uniform lied).
Following: Some homeschool blogs.
Noticing: S helping out around the house lately.
Knowing: My kids are moving out of the baby phase.
Thinking: About how to sew a liner onto a knitted item.
Feeling: My toe wrapped in a band aid
Bookmarking: Recipes!
Opening: The door to peek in a K1 while she’s sleeping.
Giggling: At my cute little K2 when he’s being silly.
Feeling: Happy.

I got this idea here and thought it was fun, so I decided to participate.

What are you up to, right now?


Mug Swap 2013 – Sent

Okay. If you follow me on instagram or twitter then you have heard a bit here and there about a mug swap.


What is a mug swap your wondering? Well, it is just like it sounds, you give a mug and get a mug. It’s fun. The swap is hosted by and she is quite possibly the sweetest host ever.


If you are interested in following along with everyone’s mug fun check out #MugSwap2013 on Instagram or Twitter.

When I received my assigned swap partner I went to work, trying to figure out what she would like. I thought she made it pretty easy giving me great clues, but somehow shopping was still a challenge. I won’t explain every mug I photographed, just a few.


Like the sneakers. My partner said she liked bright colors. If those shoes were a coffee mug I would have been done shopping, but alas they are kids shoes, and remain on the rack where I found them.


Sets of four and sets of two mugs, were the bane of my mug shopping existence.


The Cat in the Hat. K1, my three year old, thought that maybe Kelsey would like that mug. I laughed, but it was really sweet of her.


The largest mug pictured is one that I bought, but then I changed my mind thinking it was too flowery (I still have to return it). I mean I’m not a particularly flowery girl, unless I am in the garden. My partner seemed a lot like me, and that is why I decided to continue shopping.

Until I found this beauty. After more than 20 stores of shopping (no exaggeration, two malls, and a few strip malls), I decided this mug would look perfect in her craft space. Take a look and see.
I loved that it was larger than normal. The dots. The dot’s are really what had me. Oh, and the hints of her favorite color. I was not as bright of a mug as I thought I would purchase, but somehow it felt right.

I learned that she loved Peach Snapple Iced Tea, and that she received a Keurig as a gift. Bam! I had planned to add some K-cups to her mug, but when I realized Peach Snapple had K-cups I grabbed her a whole box. I was secretly hoping that she had yet to try them, and was excited to find out she hadn’t!

Now I had to stay within a budget. S said I could not spend $50 on a coffee mug. I was already close to budget with K-cups, mug, and shipping. Still I felt the package was plain. Then I had a random ah-ha moment. Duh, I can craft too. It took me all of 20 minutes to think of something crafty that I could do that coincided with coffee.


I tried really hard to capture this true to color because that aqua was awesome, but alas I failed. Here it looks blue, but it is not at all. A hand knit, hand decorated, coffee cozy. I really had a lot of fun making this. As I said yesterday I forgot how much fun knitting was. I am going to be making lots more of these.

I was so excited to box it up and ship it that I forgot to add ribbon to anything. I especially bought ribbon in her favorite color just for that purpose! I guess I have it for something else now, maybe more hairbows? I also sealed it closed before adding in my card, so I had to pop it back open. I could have added my ribbon then, but still forgot. 

The last piece of the puzzle. My hand made card. I only pictured the front. I did include a little message on the inside for her. My thoughts were kind of jumbled and I can only hope it all came out right. There was so much I wanted to say. I was shocked to find out how much we seem to have in common. Strangers in the bloggy world separated by thousands of miles .

This was a fun stressful. Now that I have one swap under my wing, I think I am better prepared for others in the future. It was so exciting! I can’t wait to see what mug comes my way?!


By the by my kids were with me through 90% of my mug shopping fun. Now that I am done shopping K1 still thinks we are on the look out for a nice mug, “maybe that one mommy”. She also wants to know when Kelsey is coming from Florida, or when we are going there. This girl kills me with her cuteness at times.


Have you every participated in a random swap? What was your experience?


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Alright readers, I just thought I would pass along some maybe helpful info. Google Reader and Google Friend Connect are going away.

While I have really enjoyed Google Reader, especially the App for my phone, it is still time to find something new. While you may choose to follow whomever you want how ever you like, I thought I would suggest using bloglovin’.

You can click here to add my blog to you list of blogs you follow.

Follow on Bloglovin

If you currently use Google Reader it is very easy to import all the blogs you read currently. You can even sort them with this, which is kinda nice. I read some knitting blogs, some mama blogs, and some random ones with good ideas for the kiddos.

Hope you find this helpful!


It Takes A Village

My neighbor is awesome
Well really all of them are. I live in a building of five apartments, and there are ten apartments in our “complex” total. The buildings are back to back, so basically I never see the neighbors on the other side. I consider the five in my row my neighbors. They are all awesome. They are the kind of neighbors you never think you will meet.
They say it “takes a village” to raise kids, but who really has that? Unless you are close to your family the village idea is a joke. Sure you have friends, or mommy acquaintances who understand, but will they be able to just stop by when your child has a fever at , and need help? Most likely not, of course there are exceptions, but over all not, so, much. For most of us, the reality is that in our village we end up with the guy who always takes your parking spot, those people who have a party every weekend, those with the messy front everything that our kids just have to get into, or just noisy and unfriendly in general. Never mind them not having kids, or not understanding. Not exactly village material.
Back when we were apartment hunting, the people showing us the apartment, we would later move into, said “we love kids and family’s”. I thought to myself, yea yea, of course because the alternative is wild parties. I didn’t really realize they were almost all family’s, or members of other residents family’s living there. My neighbor’s mother lives in that row behind me. That’s kind of cool.
It’s random, and awesome that on either side of me is a little girl who is within 6 months of K1’s age. They are all the best of friends. Seriously. When it is warm we have kiddo block parties in the morning. We give all the kids snacks together, without a tally or score sheet listing who gave what when and who’s turn it is. They party and play right up until lunch/nap time. That is great for everyone. But my neighbors are more than that. They are here for me, if I ever need them. Forgot to buy rice at the store, they got me. Need to take Scarlet to the vet as an emergency, they got my kids. No, they are not in a superior financial situation than we are, they are just willing to help each other out. Thanks to my neighbors church members, we get hand-me-downs for the kids. In turn I have started adding our outgrown kids clothes to the bag, instead of taking them to the used baby good store and trying to sell them. They also have helped to collect the materials I needed to make my self watering planters, so there was no cost to anyone, just labor. I really can’t even begin to list everything.
I am just thankful. I feel like I found my village. Here. Of course I am sad because this is no ones forever home, and at some point we will all move away. For now though, it is amazing, and I will take it.
Earlier this week my neighbor’s oldest child was having a fund raiser for 6th grade camp (it’s a CA thing). I didn’t even know what I was buying I just said yes. That day, I had the $5 to spare, sometimes I don’t. Knowing all they do, I would have just given $5 for noting in return. Instead I get this awesome loaf of maple pecan bread, that is super tasty and now I need more of.
So if you will excuse me, I have a half a loaf of bread to go eat, toasted with butter of course. 


Random Wishes

Do you remember that song from the 90’s “I wish”? You know,

“I wish I was a little bit taller,
I wish I was a baller,
I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her …”.

It was a rap-ish song so maybe not. Either way that is the song I have been singing to myself this morning, making myself laugh. It’s true. Every one has some of those wishes that will never really happen, so I thought I would share few of my own that have been on my mind lately.

I wish I took money out of savings, when there still was one, and renewed our zoo membership. K1 keeps asking to go, and it was nice not having to spend money to go out and do an activity for the day. While I’m at it wishing, I should have also gotten a few other memberships; Sea World, children’s museum, science center ….. I could keep going, but those are at least memberships I would have, or have thought about getting.

“Blow out the candle and make a wish”

I wish I had more, or really any, time to knit. With kids, homework, and life there is really not much time left for such things. I also am super amazing at finding knitted things I would like to have or give, which doesn’t help the cause.

I wish we had a new car. While I’m at it something at least hybrid, for my little green heart. We constantly have to fix something, or should be fixing something on both of our cars. They aren’t going to last forever, but we are really trying. It’s the “green” thing to do you know, less waste and all.

I wish I had a better place to craft, and keep crafting supplies, both with and without children. I would love to get a sewing machine, but without a table to use in on, or a spot that can stay messy, it’s not a great idea. I also have crafty supplies stuffed everywhere. If someone else needed to find something they would never find all of it. Glitter, fabric scissors, random scrap fabric, is in a drawer in the kitchen. Tulle, ribbon, more scissors, hair clip supplies, they are in a plastic back above the washer and dryer. Scrapbook paper, stamps, fun punches and cutters, stickers, those are on my dresser right now, but they go in the closet in the kids room. I also have wreath making supplies everywhere. As you can gather everything is everywhere. It would be nice to have a room, or corner that was safe from little hands.

I wish I already had my spring plants! It was so beautiful yesterday I went out and played in the dirt. Pulled roots out of soil in pots, turned it all over, planted some spinach, but I wanted to do more. Tomato’s and peppers, and cucumbers, oh my. So I packed up the kids and went to a friends house and built a retaining wall out of flagstone, for the garden we will have at his house. It was nice, I just wish it were my own. Someday right?

I wish we already owned a house. At this point we could stay in SoCal, and if it meant we had a house, I wouldn’t be angry. While I wish it were somewhere else, something less than perfect is better than the nothing we have now.

I wish this English class was less difficult. I know it’s called composition and reading, so naturally there will be a lot of reading and writing. The topics selected by this teacher are interesting, but not quite my cup of tea (chamomile please). His teaching style is odd also, but that could be a post alone. I am sure when it’s done, it will be done, and I might even tell another person “Oh, it wasn’t that bad”, but today it is that bad.

I’m sure I could keep going but I will stop there.

What are a few of your random wishes? Do any of them look like mine?


Things On Thursday

Not so exciting things

  • My daughter, K1, has decided to stop being potty trained. She has enough accidents a day to say that she’s not potty trained, but she was. ???
  • It’s cold in our house every day, and every where outside that is not in the direct sun
  • I haven’t done our taxes yet
  • My dog has been limping pretty bad the past few days
  • We haven’t gone on a bike ride to the store yet this week
  • I have yet to find a part time job (not sure if that should be here or under happy thoughts)

Random things

  • I don’t have to buy a new leash for my dog. The first vet that treated her called and said that they have it. (and a $290 bill that I haven’t talked to the attacking dog owner about yet)
  • K1 thinks that all things “Princess” should include Ariel.
  • K1 likes Ariel and Fiona because they “have red hair like me” So cute. (she hasn’t met Meridia yet)
  • M&M’s are crack for kids
  • My kids napped at the same time twice this week
  • A right handed mommy and a left handed daughter make coloring together challenging. My hand is always in her way

Happy Things

  • I had my homework done on Sunday and class is not until Thursday
  • K2 gives kisses now. It is super cute, even when they are slobbery cause he’s laughing
  • K2 loves dancing. He even stomps his feet at the right time to “Happy and you know it”
  • My dog is on the mend, finally. The reaction she had to her medication is clearing up. I might actually feel comfortable sharing a photo of her.
  • Aunt K (K0, Kc … not sure which), sent a gift card our way for Christmas. We ordered the fun box of stuff you see pictured above.
  • Getting packages in the mail! We (like everyone else) love happy mail, and got two packages this week! The box above and a little love from the Grandparents. 
  • We had a great beach day with daddy on his day off. We often don’t take advantage of beautiful sunny days and free time, so it was really nice. 
  • Surprise Valentines from friendly neighbors


Funny Today

I saw this video this morning, and well, it made me laugh. I have been mulling it over, and decided to share with you. Why would I deprive you the opportunity to view this little gem? If you have five minutes and want a chuckle, watch this. (a real 5 minutes, not like 5 minutes) This will especially be entertaining to mama’s who have been through labor, but everyone could find it entertaining.

It is in Dutch with English subtitles, but really you don’t need them. Go watch.

Men experiencing childbirth

Don’t thank me for the laugh, thank the guys who hooked themselves up to do this.

Oh, and while I’m typing … my first class is tonight, like since high school. What am I getting myself into?


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