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Oma’s Pumpkin Patch

And a tradition continues ….

005The first year at Oma’s. Daddy didn’t join this time. I didn’t know how much fun it would be, and really K1 might have just gotten hurt. She wasn’t ready for all the excitement just yet.

life 123Year two.

Not sure 115Year three.

Oma's 087And this year, year four. Yes K1 wore the same overall skirt for three years in a row. No she will not be wearing it next year. I’ll be on the look out for something new.


The kids love it here. Daddy does too.

Oma's 075Family favorite, cottonseed hill. The last three years this is where we have spent most of our time at Oma’s. Before the day is done there are at least two visits to this hill.


This year K1 tried “snowboarding” on it.

Oma's 009The hill of trucks. I tried to avoid this until after the hay ride. Mostly because of K2’s love of all things cars and trucks. I figured we would never leave this spot.

Oma's 012Oh yea, there are animals scattered here and there. You see a dairy farm in action on the hay ride, which is actually my least favorite part. Cows, chickens, llamas, goats …. there is even a petting zoo set up.

Oma's 026Hunks on a hayride.

Oma's 045

There is a huge open soccer field, with various things to do. Bouncy horses to ride, soccer balls, footballs. The first two years there was a disc golf basket, so naturally daddy loved it. I don’t remember seeing it the last two years.

Oma's 055But they added in these bad boys, so all is forgiven on the disc golf front.


She’s practicing her princess wave.

Oma's 058I didn’t actually realize that this was a family tradition for us until this year. But the kids have lot’s of fun, and we only go once a year. I love that it is cheaper than some of the indoor play places, and we can make a whole day of it.


Plus we get the hay ride, a bottle of water, and a small pumpkin to go home with too. Totally worth the money.


I know that they do something similar for Christmas trees, but while I wanted to go last year, I just never made it happen.


If you haven’t done so already go enter my giveaway for a $25 Visa Gift Card!


PS … this is not a sponsored post, in case you were curious. I spend my own money to go here every year. We just love it so I thought I would share for those in, around, or visiting San Diego.

Pumpkin Fun

Do you have a toddler?

Want to keep them in pumpkin carving fun without the danger?


I used masking tape to cover part of the pumpkin in a chevron design, and let her paint all over. This way it could be cute and wouldn’t matter what color or where she painted.

This is what it looked like once I removed the tape.

Then I got a fun idea …..


Sparkly, gold, glitter. As good as candle light.

This was a great toddler project, and now she has a pumpkin to add to the pumpkin family.


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