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Preparing for St Patrick’s Day

My shopping list is complete.

Now to actually head out to the store.

We do randomly have Irish meals throughout the year however, I like to have extra in March.

I created a Pinterest board just for recipes an ideas for this week. As of right now we will be having Guiness Stew, Bangers and Mash, Sheperds pie, and duh Corned Beef and Cabbage. I have been eating corned beef and cabbage all my life. It has also been known as New England boiled dinner. This year I will also be making Irish Soda Bread and a dessert Irish Whiskey Cake.

The list is actually two pages

Over a month ago we started a family tradition of Big Breakfast Sunday. Not sure how long you have to do it for it to actually qualify as a tradition, but …. it will last. So for this Sunday we will have a Full Irish Breakfast.  

Next on the list of complete St Patrick’s day fun are leprichaun tricks. We are still working on those. Suggestions? Green milk is not going to work for us because K1 doesn’t drink milk.

Do you have a St Patrick’s board on Pinterest? I would love to follow. You can follow me here Follow Me on Pinterest.

I think I will take some photo’s of these as we go along this week/weekend and share at the end. My tastebuds are excited!


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