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That is correct.

We made it.

One whole year just you and I. Thank you for joining and reading along. My random banter, daily musing’s, and such.

I have had a busy week or so now, and I think things are settling back into place.

  • The puperino (dog) is back home from the doggy hospital for the second time. With a new round of medications and fun things to do to care for her.
  • I have almost completed my homework due Thursday night. The part that is not finished is going to be terrible, I have already tried three times.

That seems to be most of what has been consuming my mind lately. Two things. I know. Mix in two kiddos to chase around, and well, that is about all my little noggin can hold.

On a positive note,

  • The little man K2 shakes his head “yes” now
  • He also spins ….. you know like dancing
  • K1 got to see half of Shrek, and has been talking about “The green princess” all day
  • The owner of the dogs who hurt Scarlet is still taking care of everything
  • We will not go over our food budget this week, and have not all month
  • My blog is one year old!

It really is the small things in life.

What are some positives for you right now?


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