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Another Week In Photos

I had a great week that went by fast. I hardly took any pictures this week I was so caught up in everything we were doing.


Here’s a look at our week in Instas. You can follow me on Instagram, I’m gt4936. …… you can also click one of my fancy new buttons in the sidebar to get you there too!


We didn’t have anything exciting planned after the kids dentist appointments so we chalked the sidewalk outside. Every time I write a letter for K1 she asks for more. It’s good tho, she’s hungry to learn.


Evidence of the dentist appointment. This time she did great! They were able to x-ray everything but her molars. Last time they spent so much time explaining everything to her that they got zero pictures.


We did the dentist with two parents at the last visit. This time I was alone. It actually went smoothly with just me. Maybe we are distracting in a less than helpful way? I don’t know, but this went nicely.


It’s hot here right now. Today will be 100 and humid lately too, which is not normal for here. Anyway the point is that I have all this hair only to tie it up on my head so I don’t overheat. I really want to chop it, but probably won’t. And I think it looks extra nice in the morning.


We get the Lego Club Jr magazine. It’s free. It comes for K1 and she loves it. She gets excited to get something in the mail, and have a new “book” to read. (At least that’s what she calls it)


You can imagine my surprise when our free magazine came with stickers.  I didn’t know until I turned around and found these two like this. At least they were entertained while I made breakfast.


We had a pool day yesterday and I did a little too much editing with an app, it was fun tho.


What were you up to this week?

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