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Another Week In Photos

Happy Friday!

We have a birthday in the house today so I will be brief.

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life rearranged

We decided to switch it up and we ate our lunch outside. The kids really like it. I am just not a fan of picking up everything that drops to the ground, and inevitable more drops than when we are inside.

We were invited to a birthday party. At the last minute I found out it was Hawaiian themed. Bam! Finally putting this gift to use. Uncle J brought this back for K1 from a deployment to Hawaii (yes deployment, not really sure how it qualified something about being on ship).

Too much birthday party fun = a little boy taking the nap he really needed

3 of 4 sunflowers popped open. (The last one opened yesterday) It seems like they are already in decline. It’s like 3 days of amazingness and that is it. Poof it’s all over.

Little did I know that my children being Red Sox fans would cause so much Facebook controversy. Yikes! Oh well I win anyway. Heh heh heh.

This magazine is free you just sign up for it. My daughter loves it, so’ happy. She always tears apart daddy’s disc golf magazines, so I figured why not. Good choice mom.

I also tested out a pinterest pin this week. In good time too. 91 yesterday and 93 the next two days, peaking at 95 on Sunday. I can’t wait! (insert sarcasm)


This morning. Babywearing her bear. Sweet.

Now the crying toddler on my bad says it’s time for me to go!

What was the highlight of your week? What do you do to beat the heat?


Another Week In Photos

Honestly I can not believe that it is Friday already.

I mean seriously, where did the week go?

Daddy having crazy days off has made the weeks go by differently. He has had a set schedule since K1 was born, so this is just a new adjustment. We still haven’t gotten the hang of it. I never know what day of the week it is anymore. I mean this week he was off on Wed. Random.

Anyway let’s get to it. I actually didn’t snap too many Insta’s this week.

life rearranged

These two little ladies are the best of friends. They scream to each other out the door, get super excited every time they see each other. You would think they never get to hang out and play. We’re neighbors. Yup they see each other pretty much every day, but for them, that is not enough.

So precious.

When your phone is hijacked, you get this. Not so amazing snap shot of Garden Gwen. Haha. I was relocating my cucumbers at Uncle D’s house. I thought that they might do better and be happier as it is cooler there than at our house. So far, they are angry. I’ll hope for the best.

The biggest strawberry my plants have produced. Prize strawberry as I call it.

One of my sunflowers finally popped open overnight. For some reason the other three are still lagging behind. Two of them are going to open any day now. I can’t wait. They are so pretty.

I had this book on my Goodreads to read list for a while, and I finally started it yesterday. I really don’t love that part of the book where you meet everyone and what their story is, but it is necessary. I just finished that part and so far it’s good.

Yesterday’s lunch. Kale smoothie, and cantaloupe. I was craving peanut butter so I used peanut butter instead of maple syrup. I also used a whole banana instead of half. It was really pretty tasty, but by the end I realized that they three table spoons of peanut butter that I put in there was a bit too much.

Anyway that was all the excitement that I took the time to snap.

What were you up to this week?


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Another Week In Photos

Hidy ho. June is flying by really fast. Before you know it it will be Father’s day and then officially summer.

Well let me share with you the last Insta-week;

I’m still on the smoothie kick. This one was the worst one that I have made so far. I still drank it. It wasn’t gag me with a spoon bad or anything, just not good.

I also made up my own phrase “A smoothie a day keeps love handles away.” It does right?

Pool day fun. Daddy was at work. I really snapped this shot because of K2’s hair. Somehow this happened mostly on it’s own. I just helped out the back half.

What I didn’t notice when I was taking this was crazy K1 in the background. Do you see that face? Priceless.

Happy Birthday to me, a day early. Thank you Starbucks. PS that is A LOT of coffee. I had half now half later. Extra goodness.

This photo is no longer an accurate representation of my little container garden. Things are growing out of control! Those sun flowers on the bottom left are going to pop open any hour now. There are tons of little cherry tomatoes ripening now.

It really makes me happy to see everything doing so well this year after the struggle last year. Having more plants back there has really seemed to help. The bug population is spread out, instead of attacking one plant.

Last year I put a little chair out back to relax and enjoy my little green space. I would do that again, but there are a zillion more plants, and lots of recycling building up. Maybe I should remedy that.

It has been quite a while since K1 last attended gymnastics. She really loves it. This was her first day of class. It also is no longer mommy and me, so K2 and I hung out and watched.

Sometimes I think that I need a bigger frying pan, or skillet whatever you like to call it. Then I see the prices at the store and change my mind. Thinking I can still make due with what I have.

I am pretty convinced that if I did get a bigger pan my stove would stay clean longer. See the bottom of the photo? The stove was clean when I started. (It also got dirtier when S served himself)

Trip to the gym was too much for him it seems. He fell asleep on the way home, which happens a lot. Usually however he wakes up on the trip into the house to eat lunch and then takes a real nap. Yesterday? Oh well.

S got his birthday present early yesterday. This is pretty cool huh? It’s a watch made from bamboo. It even came in a cool crate. 

What excitement did your week bring?

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life rearranged


A Week In Photos

Here is a little peek at our last two weeks via Instagram.

Friday night fun. Mommy and Daddy getting started on Christmas presents for the kids. Sadly that piece we started is still left unfinished. Maybe after I finish this post I will go do some more work on it. Hey, I said maybe.

When it is completed the piece pictured will be a wooden play stove. We are going for a play kitchen theme for Christmas this year. The kids really need a new one, and I wanted something that would last. Play kitchen goes all the way into Kindergarden at least so to me it will be worth it.

This will be a joint gift for both of the kiddos. I figure K2 has a birthday in December and he will only be 2 anyway. Joint gift should work out just fine. My hope is to include all our family and friends so that this will be overwhelmingly awesome. I have yet to communicate that to anyone so we will see what happens. It’s early still.

This poor guy is a little bit behind in the teething. Here he is finally passed out from the pain. He got 4 teeth that round, no big deal. (hah) I also believe he is teething again today.

Headed in for my final exam for this super awesome class and I see this. I laughed because who determines what qualifies as low emission and low fuel intake? It’s not like there is an electric charging station there. Silly sign.

This little daredevil. He truly believes he is ready to ride a bike. He may be, but he can not reach the pedals. I think that constitutes him not being ready. Either way that does not stop him from trying.

There was a nearby fairy festival which was a free event. So I dug out both K1’s and my fairy costumes from Halloween, dressed up, packed up, sauntered our way to the party.

Everyone was really very taken with the “Orange Fairy.” Based on my observations at the festival, orange is not a common fairy color. Nice. Way to stand out from the crowd. Orange also happens to complement her hair color, and she was previously a Halloween fairy. (Hence the black accents in her tutu) We did leave out the spider hair bow for this event.

You can not tell in this photo but I am also dressed up. I was a purple Halloween fairy. It is also hard to wear wings when someone is getting a piggyback. Babywearing did make the event possible for us to attend so I am not complainging. 
Poor K2 had to stick to me like glue because I went to this alone.

Mickey ears getting put to good use.

Doing squats of course.

I have been on a smoothie kick the last two weeks. These are just a few that I made with what we had on hand. I really enjoyed the second one pictured more so than the first one.

In case you want to try it;

2/3 of a mango
2/3 of an apple
Handful of chopped broccoli
Handful of cilantro
Few pinches of raw oats
Same amount of flax seed meal
Add almond milk to get the desired consistency

Not science, but surprisingly tasty. Feel free to mix and switch as desired.

Our crayon box is overflowing and messy. Broken, peeled, and dirty crayons fill a majority of the box. I posted this photo on Instagram to see if these crayons were worth melting down. I was curious if the black spots on the sides would ruin the color or not.

Any experience? I would love to hear. I have not done anything with them yet.

This guy was super crazy one morning. He then found these ears in the dress up box and had to wear them. After I carefully placed them on his head he started saying “hop, hop, hop,” all over the house. While simultaneously hopping like a grounded bunny. I love that little kid “jump” where they don’t leave the ground.

With the energy and the ears, I called him the Energizer Bunny. Fitting, don’t you think?

Pinterest pin test. Success. This is a pretty easy and tasty snack. Try it out. Zucchini, tomato, basil, and hummus. The actual pin called for some other ingredients, but that is what I used and is pictured.

I make my own hummus, and this one is a red pepper hummus.

Apparently I was all about food this week. Hope I didn’t make you too hungry.

I honestly never thought that a creme sauce could be vegan, but it seems it can. Silly me. I made this recipe up all on my own and it was yummy! 

Phyllo mushroom turnovers (recipe from Chloe’s kitchen)

Mushroom and zucchini cream sauce over whole wheat spaghetti. 

Mmmmm …. tasty and filling.

What did your week look like? 

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Another Instagrammy Update

Happy Friday!

Here’s a little peek into our last few weeks through instagram. 

A little bit of the story behind the photo’s.

A few weeks ago I found this Tumbler account, Thug Kitchen. I forget how I found it. The first time I read through it I thought that it seemed like he was swearing just for the sake of cursing, but then some of it really is funny.

I liked the sound of some of the recipes on there, and this is one of them. Sweet Potato tacos. They were really good. You could add all your regular favorites to these tacos too.

A few weekends ago there was the Western Days parade here in town. We walked over to go check it out, I mean we had nothing else going on, and our neighbors were going too.

First could she take the yogurt thing out of her mouth while talking to people? No. Would she have kept it all day had I not taken it away? Yes. Next time I will not let someone give one to her.

Mostly, she loved all the “Princesses”. It was extra sweet that they all came walking up the street through the crowd. The were just saying hi and handing cards to all who wanted them. K1 told them they had to write her name on it, so she got some personalized ones. Seriously, what am I supposed to do with these? Just waving and taking pictures would have been good enough for her. Now I have more to recycle.

“Just one.”

Need I say more? Check this out

Windy beach day with family. It was really nice.

I should have taken a picture of the real view. Off shore oil rigs. I didn’t realize there more that what is in the Gulf, and so close. Silly me.

If you give a girl a mermaid, she will bury her in the sand. It’s okay Ariel came out of the ordeal unscathed. She lives happily in the doll house at home now.

I thought it was pretty great that she was so taken by Lego Belle that she wouldn’t stop looking at her, even for a photo. This girl loves having her picture taken.

My kids are not into real Legos yet, so they have no appreciation for how much work that would take, they just like the beauty of it. (no pun intended)

Afore mentioned doll house. Happy Birthday little lady. It’s bigger than she is, but she will grow and it won’t.

I found an awesome deal back in December at a local store and snagged this. I then hid it, in it’s box under the bed until her birthday. I had to wake up early and assemble it. Daddy did not help until it sounded like the kiddos were waking up. Together we were able to sneak it into her room before she woke up.

There were fairys we bought the night before scattered in each room. There was one present wrapped up for her to open, which was a small doll for her to play with in the doll house. She was so stunned that it took her a while to find a lunch tin and coloring book we placed on the patio of the house.

She loves it. Score!

Babycakes cupcake on her birthday. Also score one for the whole family. She looks somber in the photo, but she loves cupcakes. (Who doesn’t right?)

Handmade pinata, by me. Easy, but tedious, and time consuming work. I might do it again, not certain about that. Total cost before filling $6. Nice.

This is basically what the finished product looked like. There were some last minute pull strings added. You know to ensure that it was not too difficult for the little ones. Ha ha, that was a joke. It opened, but nothing fell out. I guess I had everything too crammed in there. Oops. I’ll know better for next time. That is assuming there is a next time.

That’s right people. Essay for the midterm, and 2nd class essay. I’m kicking butt and taking names.

Well, except for this research paper. Which is kicking my butt and due on Thursday. Oh and I found out yesterday that I also have to give an oral presentation. Gah! Two more weeks, two more weeks, two more weeks. I’ll just keep reminding myself, maybe that will help.

Dearest Pinterest, you make me crazy. Especially when it is after midnight the day before the birthday party and I look over and see the watermelon that I intended to turn into a pirate ship. Really? Yes really. Pinterest gives me great ideas and I do use them. Thankfully my super awesome neighbor gave me pumpkin carvers to use for this project earlier in the week, and they were awesome. Super awesome, like my pumpkin carving might be even more awesome with one of those.

It’s not perfect, but it was completed. Good enough to eat. Hah. I mean arrrg! (because we’re pirates clearly)

After being up all night finishing everything for a birthday party, this was the morning SURPRISE! 

Good news we live close enough to walk to the party location, and daddy know’s how to put on a spare. So we were saved.

Bad news, we were going to Disney the next day, so new tires to go around were bought after the party. Cha ching. $$

I meant for him to look like a pirate. I think he looks like a thug. I tired, kind of. I didn’t get him an eye patch, and honestly, he wouldn’t have worn it.

We were sitting in Ariels grotto waiting for our table when I snapped this shot. She is getting so big. Where did I go when all this growing up business happened?

She had no idea what we were doing. She says “Ariel is my favorite” all the time, and that was exactly who was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. It was a great lunch.

Too much fun, led to more sickness. This little guy wanted to do nothing other than lay on mommy for three days straight. I really need to enjoy it, because those days are flying by faster than I realize.

The first harvest from my container garden. Don’t laugh, I mean something is better than nothing. Especially considering I do not have ideal growing conditions. I picked a few more and added them to a homemade Thai curry. They say that you can taste a difference between fresh green beans and store bought green beans, but I did not notice. Maybe because I did not eat them plain. Or maybe it’s a side by side comparison type of thing.

Eating grapes, watching The Land Before Time, and chilling with Uncle J. We had an awesome day in the kids pool Uncle D got. We were hanging out for Mother’s Day. Grilled dinner, and didn’t have to chase the kids around. The pool kept them in one place. This was the relaxing end to the day.

We won’t discuss the dead car battery we went outside to find.

Wednesday I hosted a play date down by the bay. We blew lots of home made bubbles, with hand made pipe cleaner wands. After that was no longer entertaining we went on to the playground.

I think he liked it. Don’t you?

What did you week look like?

life rearranged


A Instagraphic Update

Here is a glimpse at a little more than a week in our daily life.

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Nothing fancy, just a cell phone and go!

His new favorite seat at Uncle D’s house. I mean it is his size. Just not quite the intended purpose. See that hole just in front of his face? It is big enough to fit the top of a wine bottle.

Yup, his sitting on the built-into-the-wall wine bottle rack. Don’t worry it’s safe. All wine is out of reach, and it really was a wall before. That is where a space heater once was.

He’s moved on in the sliding world. Now he goes in reverse, as well as face first. Eh, progress is progress.

I decided to make a pinata instead of paying $15. For. Real. This was super duper easy. However, just because it is easy does not mean you will get it done fast and be happy. It was time consuming. I was pretty impressed that I remembered to leave a spot to fill the thing with. Hence why the bottom square in green looks a little cardboardy (yes I just made that word up). It will get stuffed from there and then closed somehow. I did manage to forget a way to hang it. Meh, I’ll just tie a string around the top or something. No. Big.Deal.

Remind me to post a completed picture of it at some point, will ya?

Yes, dear daughter, you did need a nap. We didn’t even walk a mile and this happened. I should have taken a longer walk because she was still cranky later. Notes for next time. With the nap strikes there will be a next time.

After weeks of sickness, everyone had cabin fever. So we decided to pack up runny nosed children and go for a hike.

Like my balancing act? It works. Gives my hands a place to rest and all.

It was great. Hard, but great. Made me remember that I like hiking. We plan to go again this week.

After hiking we drove north to meet some Uncles for strawberry picking. S and I were very unimpressed with the taste of the strawberries. We have been to this place before, maybe the month they are picked matters? Last year we went in May.

K2 had the best time. Better than anyone else. He didn’t seem to notice the inferior quality of the strawberry flavor. Every one he could get his hands on, he ate. Even molding ones. Kept parents on their toes, that’s for sure.

Sometimes vegan eating come from the desire to eat vegan, and others are based on what is on hand. This was a mix of both.

Vegan banana nut muffins. AKA no milk no egg. I linked the recipe in case you are interested. They were really good. The only difference I can state that I noted was that they were more firm once cooled than “normal” banana muffins. S said he liked them better that way. I was short one banana, so maybe that effected it. Not sure.

Lastly and sadly, this. Boston is under an attack of sorts. This was the coffee mug I used this morning.

I would like to say that I do not use travel mugs. I just take the regular ones out of the house. There are three reasons I can think of for that. One, it’s easy and does not require advanced planning. If I were to put coffee in a travel mug I would expect to have some in the car with me. If I finished it before leaving I would want more. Two, who says that I will put the mug down before it is empty? Rendering no need for a travel mug and all it’s safety. Three, I have no attachment to any of our travel mugs. They were free form previous employers or vendors. I love all our regular mugs. I bought them all. 

Even this one in the picture. I bought it for S on a trip to MA shortly after we started dating. I am the weirdo of all my friends who always seems to fly into Logan, even though I am perpetually going to Western MA. Whatever.

When I realized I was leaving the house with this in hand. I decided to share. I do care what is going on in Boston. I know people there. Locked down and such. I hope that everyone remains safe, and those to blame are apprehended. 

What did your week look like?

life rearranged


A Couple Weeks In Photos

Last week I decided to post something different on Friday and didn’t want to overload anyone. I failed to realize that I took so many photos on Instagram! That means there are tons of photos in this post. I will also add that this is even the abridged version. No not intentionally. Instagram has been having some crazy problems on my phone and shut the whole thing down a few times. The apparent result was that some photos that published to my IG feed saved onto my phone as black boxes. Grrr …. but eh, it’s okay.

The loves of my day really can be cute and sweet and loving to each other. It does not seem to be the most prevalent part of the day, but it is there. She slid her table over so they could be closer while eating. He loved every minute of it.

K1 loves Thomas. She received these pajamas for Christmas from a local “uncle”. I really wanted to take a picture of her in them to send to him. I asked her if I could take a picture of her for Uncle J, and she said “no, take a picture for B and Uncle D … oh and Uncle J too.”

If you build it, they will play. Thank goodness for 10 minutes crying free. Oh and yes that is a blanket cape. You know your 5 year old self is jealous.

At Christmas I make chocolate butterscotch nut cluster things. I give them as gifts to our neighbors, and bring them to random holiday parties. It is something easy and I know no one else will be bringing the same thing, or anything like it really.

On of my friends liked them so much, he asked if I would make him more. Then he delivered the ingredients to my house, for two batches. I finished his tax returns and decided that was a good time to make the second batch. It’s strange to me that when my son was newborn the smell of the chocolate and butterscotch melting made me so sick feeling I couldn’t even finish. I swore it was the strongest smell ever, and now I have no idea what I was talking about. Hah!

Cutie pies snacking. They also are quiet, give them food. (no sleep doesn’t silence them. K1 talks and K2 crys)

She loves her daddy. She loves phones. Hello Sunday morning. This is heaven for her, really. They weren’t even doing anything fun, they were just checking the news.

Sunday fun-day! After breakfast I planned to let the little miss help me plant all my spring time goodies. It turned into a family affair, and a great time. I really loved every minute of it. I am surprised becuase it is not a very large space, and it is easy for everyone infringe on each others space. Up until the very end both kiddos were great, putting dirt and seeds in the right places, and playing with things that were unimportant. We need a back yard, but for now this will do.

I also hope that I don’t run into any slug issues like I did in the fall. I also want to attract enough birds to ease the cabbage worm problem that we will have in May/June. (just like last year) Only time will tell.Either way for me it is fun.

Trouble 1, and trouble 2 are both doing things that are less than ideal. It’s nice to get out and about in the sunshine. It’s warming up, although I don’t want it to hurry up too much. I am not looking forward to 100 degree weather.

While my fall harvest was devastated repeatedly by slugs the garden we planted at Uncle D’s was not. Yay. You can’t see it, but the whole bottom of that basket is covered in layers of sugar snap peas. K1 loves to go and pick them right off of the plant and eat them. She things she’s winning one over on us by doing it. Hah. Too bad it’s the other way around.

The blossoms on the orange tree smell amazing, and there are tons of them right now. Sometimes I try to stop and smell the roses (or orange blossoms), you know appreciate the beauty in life and such.

Anyone wanna tell me why Victoria’s Secret comes to a house full of men? Anyone?

To her it’s a “book”. She’s happy, we’re happy. Five more minutes of pea harvesting.

Hello animal planet in my back yard.

Jeanett (from ) brought ladybugs into her garden a few weeks ago and talked about the silly things they were doing and the things her kids said. It still didn’t prepare me for my daughter telling me how silly they ladybugs were riding on each others backs. Why yes, yes they are. She thought it was quite funny.

I have been doing the readings for my class homework at the gym. What is nice about that is that it has kind of gotten my eating back on track. I made kale smoothies several days last week. Then there was this for lunch. Yea don’t worry I didn’t go all crazy, those are still chips in the back. My kids liked it too, as soon as they can figure out how to eat it.

Teething. It has been so long that I forgot what that was like. I finally gave him some pain reliever around 5, and then there was this. K1 and one of our neighbors were so nice to him and worried about him. They were fighting over who was going to push him around.

He doesn’t know how lucky he is.

St Patricks day parade seat.

Yes, we viewed a large portion of the parade like this. I didn’t realize her butt was so in his face. Oops. He didn’t tell me.

Big wheeled bikes? Yes please. I think they want one, almost.

More homework. Seriously, it is never ending. I have another essay due. Already. Gah!

Sometimes I get so caught up at keeping my children entertained I forget to do fun stuff. It is also difficult at times with two kiddos so far apart in milestones. I set this up for K1 and our little neighbor friend to paint together. I then went back and turned their creation into a bird feeder. (to attract to my container garden. I’m all about multi tasking)

If you focus on the middle of this photo you can see a moth. One of the kinds that like to mimic hummingbirds. He was angry I was uprooting his hang out. Too bad his hang out was where I want to grow pumpkins and watermelon. See ya!

After a long afternoon of evicting moths, snacks are in order, and this was the most popular seat in the house. Well with all people under the age of 3 anyway.

Happy Friday!

What did your week look like?

life rearranged


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