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Another Week In Photo’s

Happy Friday! I hope all you lovelies had an amazing week.

Daddy was off yesterday and today so we are off for another day of family fun today.

Anyways, let’s get to what you came for! If your looking for a sneak peak you can follow along with me on Instagram, I am gt4936.

This is a little something I knitted up for my mug swap partner. You’ll be able to see the finished product in my reveal post, which should be tomorrow.

It felt good to knit. Last year I had such plans for knitted Christmas gifts, but summer here was like nothing I expected, and long. So so long. It will be hot hot hot, here until mid October, ugh.

I actually had so much fun making this I was thinking of gifting some more, and selling some. I have knitted two more already.

Lately it seems like everyone is talking about juicing. Well this is my ultra fancy juicer. The old fashioned arm powered type. Hey, it gets the citrus juicing job done.

After watching a video from Fully Raw Kristina I decided I needed some juice. With 7 oranges on the counter it seemed easy enough. It was a nice tangy tasty way to start the morning. The kids and my friend enjoyed it too.

Yesterday we went on a gentle hike and let both kids walk the whole way. Crazy. The littlest one K2 is very “rough and tumble.” He fell down so many times and didn’t want up.

Random fact: K1 was afraid to get up on the rock she is standing on. I placed her up there simply so I could take a photo. Her smile hides it well, huh?

My three year old K1 has taken lot’s of photo’s on daddy’s phone, but zero on mine. She is the factory reset queen and so I don’t let her near my phone. Well yesterday I let her snap a few shots and after getting her started a few different times, I got three photos of fingers. This was the least finger-y photo.

Our picnic lunch on the rocks by a creek which is currently swampy. There was something creeping around in the reeds near us which made lunch time extra exciting for the kids. Daddy said there was a tiger coming. K2 told the three passersby that a tiger was coming. They didn’t understand him cause he’s 20 months old and people often still need a mommy or daddy translator, but still he’s so nice warning them of danger and all.

What exciting thing did you do this week?

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Another Week In Photos

This week flew by so fast that I didn’t realize it was Friday until half the day had passed.

Banana muffins to take with me for a play date. Every vegan muffin recipe, every time. What you ask? The two empty muffins that’s what. I wonder what it is that I am doing wrong. This recipe was better than the last one that I used.

Cold brewed iced coffee. I didn’t get heart burn after drinking it in the afternoon. I am not a scientist, but I will go ahead and say that it is actually less acidic, as claimed. Note to self, mesh strainer required. Clearly I am no McGuiver in the kitchen tool dept, because what you see pictured didn’t work. I ended up using a burp cloth to strain out the grounds.

Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty, clean, or neat like the coffee filter would have been.

Having big sisters is rough. I know, I was one. He knows, he has one.

This was only one of the days injuries. He’ll live.

Appendicitis has got nothing on uncle J.

After a looooong day. You know the kind, the ones with no naps. One kid was asleep and still one to go. Some days really feel like they never end.

Yes I know later I will wish they didn’t, but honestly some days I am thankful for their ending.

$5. Clearance. Thank you Bed Bath and Beyond. I will no longer have to hold the bubble container stopping kids from pouring them out on the ground (by accident). PS, it really works. They totally knock it over and hardly anything is lost.

It is, however, not a miracle keep-mommy-clean-while-kids-blow-bubbles tool. They still stand in front of me and wave the wands around, covering me in bubble solution.

I went to add a tomato to my sauce for a spaghetti night. Just kidding! I thought it was hard to seed a tomato and grow the seed?

No, I didn’t use it in my sauce.

Wild grapes!

Ladybug hunting paused to play. K2 was falling asleep and I needed them to nap, so I stopped for a quick romp on the playground. No ladybugs were collected this week.

Breakfast in bed! When we had only one kiddo this happened more often. It has been a long long time, and this was super nice. Sleeping in a little and getting breakfast delivered. He really is a sweet sweet man.

Confession time.

Do you remember Yana? Yana has left us. Remember how I was worried that K2 would pull off hands and feet? They came off. He didn’t do it. The dolls owner K1 did it. Then my little lady was being insubordinate and mommy took the doll away and dropped/threw her on the ground. Yana’s legs flew off. They were held in place by the tiniest piece of plastic. I tried to “fix” her, knowing she would be less functional, but no such luck. I felt really bad. You could still play with the doll even with the damage K1 did, but what I did, no. Well, not unless your Rango. He had half a doll, and it had no head.

This is Lina. She protects the rain forests. I won her in a giveaway. K1 is in love. Really? I am so afraid something bad is going to happen again. This time I let Lina keep her shoes because K1 didn’t get to play with Yana very long before she was retired. So I wanted her to get the most play out of the doll. Surprisingly she isn’t naked all the time like most dolls at our house. Woohoo!

A little pit stop and the play place. Mommy was coffee mug hunting. More on that later.


I don’t get very many cute sibling photos, and this was kind of a sweet little moment.

What did your week look like? 

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Another Week In Photo’s

Cheers! It’s Friday! 

It was a quiet week for me on Instagram. I guess without the focus of the photo challenge I didn’t think about it. Are you on Instagram? You can follow me, I’m GT4936.

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I let my little princess go out. Without mommy, or daddy. What was I thinking??

I was thinking that she would have a good time, and in a way that she needed it. K2 is always there and they never get a break from each other. I thought it would be nice for her to get to do something special. I called a friend to see if he would take her to the movies. He loves that stuff so naturally he said yes.

While time passed I got paranoid. More time before she left to THINK, and think I did. I made her a necklace with both of her parents phone numbers on it saying “call my mommy or daddy if I’m lost.” We also had a chat, not to let go of Uncle J’s hand, and to look for another mommy to call me if she lost him.

Basically, she had a great time. He took her to see Despicable Me 2. She reported back to me that she let go of Uncle J’s hand twice and the purple minions were scary. I love her.

Grandma came to visit, and somehow there are no pictures to share. She was super thoughtful and brought a dinosaur tail and hat, so that now K2 has at least one gender neutral dress up option. Naturally everyone loves it, and they have both already worn it quite a few times. (I actually had to repair it already!)

Summer fun. Pool days. Daddy is working eight days straight. On day four he wanted to go out and do something so that he didn’t feel like he was really working that long of a stretch. Off for an evening at the pool it was. We had a good time. Now that we are at the end of the stretch, I think he still feels like he worked eight days in a row.

Nap time is hard lately. I already shared wrapping him up to fall asleep, and that works. However when I do that K1 doesn’t fall asleep. She waits to see if he is coming back or not. Then I have to help her settle down all over again. So this day I was trying to get him to go to sleep without baby wearing.

You can see how cute his is effective that was. He did eventually fall asleep, and so did his sister.

The other night, you know when daddy went to bed with the kids? I did think on the counter thinking he would come down, see it and have a laugh. Good thing I shared my corny-ness on Instagram, otherwise no one would have seen it.

This little lady asks for a braid most days. Most days she tries, but does not stand still well. Most days her braid is all lumpy bumpy. Yesterday, it came out great! Go mom!  I should have taken her for pictures or something. That reminds me I do want to get some sibling pictures done, soon.What I am waiting for?

What were you up to?


Another Week In Photo’s

This week I am a bit tardy with this update. I had a friend over for the afternoon yesterday and it took up a good chunk of time. Birthday cake and all. I hope you will forgive me. 

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Last Friday we went to a mama meet-up pool party. It was clouded over and we didn’t spend much time in the pool, but there were lots of other friends and toys and the kiddos had a great time. One mama busted this out. It looked pretty, but not very good for a migraine prone mama.

Since the stopping of breast feeding those hereditary migraines are coming back. I didn’t notice how few I have had, until the daily headaches came back. Boo.

At the Reuben H Fleet Science center here in San Diego they have this “Kid City” area upstairs, which is loads of fun for kiddos under (I think) 5. We went again this past week, and decided to bite the bullet and get a membership. Some how I failed to notice and “exhibit only” membership before, otherwise we would have already been members.

Firetrucks are a fairly recent love for this guy. He was in, on, or around the thing the whole time. Easy to find him, right?

Mommy and daddy have continued to work out together at home.

One day last week, daddy wanted to work out early. Like before the kids went to sleep. We set them up outside and got to it. It was cute, K1 and another neighborhood kid joined in. She asked even told us the next day that we didn’t work out. It was kind of funny, cause she’s 9. When she realized that’s what we were coming outside to do she asked her mom if they could stay longer. It totally made me smile. 

Nap time. Pretty much every day this week. Challenging and a struggle. Wrapped up, he passes out in just a few minutes. And I thought my baby wrapping days were almost over.

Not the best photo I have ever taken, but I had to take it through the window in the kitchen. I didn’t want to scare him away. A little dragonfly visited my garden. K1 and K2 both got to see it before scaring it off with their excitement.

Colorful lunches. I try. They tore it up.

Remember how I was talking about my fancy iced beverage container that I forgot to take with me to Starbucks? I found it like this in the freezer the next day. This is the second on that has broken in my possession. I am beginning to think that I shouldn’t have one. I made me very sad to find it this way tho. I’m silly like that. 

Beach-y morning meet-up = sand babies

It’s okay. That was the plan. I totally could have brought my book to read, they were playing together so nicely.

Before picking up my friend yesterday, we stopped at a playground on Coronado island. I have taken K1 there before and it’s pretty sweet, so I made it a point to have enough time to stop there.

From the top there he could see the street and all the cars and trucks passing by. “Big truck!!”

What were you up to?


Another Week In Photos and the End Of The Photo Challenge

First, happy Friday!!

Second I completed a photo challenge!

Third I’m linking up with;

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I know everyone on the planet thinks their kids are cute, but this is great. What you can’t see in this photo is the little guy K2 walking up to me with those orange wings saying “help help”. While he was walking around the house with them on I remembered that the photo challenge of the day was orange. Boom! Naturally sisters want to do whatever their brothers are doing, and the next thing you know there are fairies flying around the living room.

After helping K1 get her wings on, then comes mommy following K2 around with the phone trying to take a picture that did not include inappropriate parts. Blurring was the best that I could do.

After we were done being fairies we headed out to the nearby playground. While we were there this little guy figured out how to climb slides. Then to instill this skill he continued to do this until we left.

New bathing suit. She’s kind of excited. Mommy’s not 100% certain she loves all the exposed skin with a one piece, or the amount of taking things off to go to the bathroom. We’ll see, I might change my mind.

Another new suit …. Cars. Pretty much a win for all the kids in the house. We love Cars. I was just thinking like yesterday that I should go and buy Cars 2. K1 hasn’t seen it since she was tiny 2.

Photo challenge crescent. Cleaning up at the end of the day when I thought there were no crescents in sight. Ta da. Thanks K2.

This girl won tickets to the Padre’s game from the local YMCA. Fun times at the game. Daddy’s finger is in the photo, he was there too. That’s your proof.

I just want to add that everyone of the people in this photo laughed at me for asking permission to post this. They’re all pretty great.

Photo challenge, red. Brick building and old co-workers. Check.

Photo challenge, oval. I know that some of these beans are no oval, but for real a few of them are. I was going to zoom and focus on one, but there are a couple ovals so I left it. Then a smarty said they were bean shaped, so I guess I loose anyway.

Fun at the game. Blow up slide. If the lines were shorted she would have done this 10,000 more times.

We go K1 a doll house for her birthday, but K2 loves it just as much as she does. She told me this morning that we need to buy more dolls. The things these guys say, I swear. Maybe we should get some boy dolls.

Photo challenge, black. Okay this one was kind of a stretch. Someone else I know took a photo of their black dog. Instantly I could think of nothing else black to snap a shot of. (Hello Keurig why were you hiding?) Half the day went by when I noticed K1 doing this and, well, there was some black.

Super ultra lame I know. But I didn’t borrow anyone elses idea, even though I wanted to.

Photo challenge, blue. The dino is le tired.The I is underlined so that you say it correct. It’s a dIno not dino the little dog/dinosaur from Flinstones.

This is a mirror image of what I was doing at the pool. I was feeling motivated, and didn’t want to just sit while the kids were snacking.

Guess she was too!

“Mommy, what’s this guys name?”

We moved K2 into a toddler bed a few nights ago. Nap time is rough. Especially when his sister is in the room not yet napping. After an hour this mama had enough. I grabbed my wrap and tied him up. Swaying for 6 minutes with him all wrapped up, put him out. Instantly my blood pressure dropped.

Of course then it’s fun getting him down, but he sleeps through it.

If you haven’t done so already please drop a dollar in here. The proceeds go to Families of SMA.

Or you can always buy a T-shirt here. You will be able to proudly wear “Victory for Violet” and simultaneously be supporting SMA research. Does it get better? 

What did you week look like? I would love to know!


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Another Week In Photo’s

Nice to see you again Friday!

I think that considering the little lady was sick, we still had a pretty good week.

Another day, another photo challenge thanks to Danielle. This was rectangle.

Since I was placed on bed rest with K2, way back when, we started a family routine. Bath, story, bed. I know that it is common in some homes, but prior to 15 months K1 did not really have a night time routine. I worked some nights, but not all, and we were all over the board with her. Adding this bit into her day helped her to go to sleep at night.

Even now the routine really helps to calm the two kiddos down.

First, I deleted Words With Friends a long time ago because it sucked up too much time. Then my neighbor invited me and I re-joined. Bad idea. All the people want to play! With my life, there is not time for this, none. (yet I am still playing, I don’t get it either)

Now that we have covered that. Hunty is apparently not a word. Weird. I know plenty of people who use the word, daily. I just thought I was real. Ooops.

Challenge aqua. I really thought that this was going to be harder than it was. The last smiles before high fevers set in. Still so pretty!

All I could think was that K1 doesn’t even know of aquamarine. She knows aqua as Spanish for water. As it turns out once I went looking we had aqua all over.

Look how cute sleeping kids can be. Sometimes I am so overjoyed that they are asleep I forget that these days won’t last forever.

Triangle. With a prevailing fever I didn’t get out at all. When you seek you will find, right? These shoes are super easy slip on’s that match almost nothing. S bought them home for me one night. It was a sweet little thoughtful thing.

K2 is getting really good at putting these tracks together now a days. He still comes over saying “help help.” Actually he kind of screams it like he’s dying. We played lots of trains while sister looked like this;

On the couch most of the day.
Challenge this day was purple. Just a t i n y bit, but it’s there.

Diamonds. I figured that the baby gate counted. Of course I did try to teach K1 the shape diamond at the same time. Yes K2 is naked. Since we were home with a sick K1 he and I were working on potty training I mean peeing on the floor. He does get it, just doesn’t hold it.

Green. We have lots of green around all the time. As the big kid next door said it was K2 and mommy matching day. I didn’t plan this at all. The colors just worked out for the days challenge.

We are all so happy and actually laughing in this photo.

Lunch the past few days. Tasty. Filling. Refreshing. Who would have ever thought that I would eat tomatoes on my own accord? No one from my past, that is for certain.

July 4th we did a little driving in the water on the beach. The Jeep is still dirty. Who am I fooling it will still be dirty next month I’m sure. It started to rain yesterday morning and I thought some would get washed away, but no such luck.

Square. Free Lego mag. Challenge photo handled.

We went down to the Santee Summer concert series. We only stayed for an hour, but the kids had a great time running around. K2 loved to look at all the food trucks, and both kids played on the playground. We danced as a family to one song before heading home for bedtime. We will be going again next week.

Lastly this is an image of our fundraiser T-shirt. Please consider reading this weeks post about SMA here.

If you have a dollar or two to spare share here or buy one of our T-shirts. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Families of SMA. 

What did your week look like?

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Another Week In Photos 4th of July Edition

Happy day after Independence Day!

I hope you had a great time yesterday, and that you are well rested or resting today. Here’s a little look at our week.

This just goes to show you what birthday’s become after 30. They’re basically a walk in the park.

He did get cake on his birthday, I just thought I would share. Since I didn’t you know. I knew you were keeping score. I did however eat some of the cake I made, so that makes me feel a little better. Well, cake makes everyone feel a little better, right?

I follow what was just a Tumbler account and has not expanded to Instagram, ThugKitchen. He is vulgar and funny. The vulgarity comes only from profanities, if you can get past all that then you can laugh at his posts. He is vegan, and posts recipes for vegan eats and drinks.

A while back he posted about grilling lettuce, but recently re-did it with the recipe for dressing. I am in lust. I really enjoy it. I am not sure what part of it I like best. The idea of grilling lettuce, which is pretty foreign to me, or the taste, but both a good. Try it. Thank me later.

Daddy wanted a Blizzard one night this week. I really really really didn’t want to leave the house. I also didn’t want to drive the car a block and a half for ice cream. I also somehow felt guilty thinking about eating ice cream and wanted something better. (I have been working out pretty well the last two months) I finally decided I would walk and get us frozen yogurt that we could share.

Then I get to there, and they are closed. I didn’t realize it was that late. Good thing DQ is in the same parking lot and open 30 mins later.

Touche’ daddy, touche’.

Another mama that I know started a photo a day challenge. I didn’t think it was for me. You know me and commitment to things like this. Then K1 was all dressed in pink on the day that it started. So I had to participate.

I asked her what color she was wearing and snapped the shot as she replied. Pink was the theme for day one.

Day two challenge, circle. Thank you pool day at a friends house, and the round hot tub. K1 and K2 really like the warm water, but mommy will only let them put their feet in.

K2 was on day 2 of 3 for fever teething, so the pool was not as much fun as it would normally be. He spent most of his time throwing crackers and pretzels on the ground, followed by asking for more.

Craft time! Pool day done, on to painting with neighbors.

While the big kids were painting little guy was snacking on a brownie.

Preparing for the 4th. I was trying to be a little festive. Not super crazy over the top, or anything, just a little festive. Thank you pinterest pin that I never pinned and just stuck in my head.

Another ThugKitchen recipe. Citrus iced tea. I was really good! With or without the bourbon. I was just sampling it to be sure it was adequate enough for our 4th of July beach day. I then had to make room for my fruit sliced and had a second, to be doubly sure it was good.

Red, white, and blue down to the hair ties. Mommy can be super corny, when she wants to. I mean, who else is going to notice these anyway?

Photo challenge day three, yellow. Yellow, on the fourth of July? Thank you sand toys!

Look at them all in their red, white, and blue, not-yet-covered-in-dirt outfits. And that smile, melts me. That kid, so sweet.

Lastly, the end of evening bonfire.

When we headed out for the day we learned that we were unable to obtain a fire pit on the island, so I never saw this happening. The kids did not get to enjoy it, as they were already sleeping, but it was still a very nice finish to a great day. 

How was your holiday?

life rearranged


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