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Hello Morning

I am a night person.

I can get up in the morning, if I HAVE to. Electing to get up, well, that is a different story. It requires the right amount of motivation. What is the right amount of motivation? Since having kids, I’m still trying to figure that out.

Sun popping out over the nearby lake

That being said the morning routine has pretty much always started when one of the kids gets up. Someone is awake or crying, (that’s pretty much the same thing, right?) then I get up.

My routine after that kind of looks like this;

Got to the bathroom
Get dressed in case someone knocks on the door
Collect clothes for the kids
Open curtains/blinds upstairs
Turn off heater and/or humidifier (seriously someone is always congested)
Say good morning to the kids, maybe sing a song depending how I feel
Collect the little guy from the crib
Remove the gate and herd downstairs
Put K2 down hustle K1 down the stairs
Open blinds, and put up gate at the bottom of stairs
Turn on coffee maker, and start homemade oatmeal on the stove
Change K2’s diaper
Feed dog, and give Scarlet her meds
Brew coffee that I wish I had an hour ago
Wash dishes for kids to eat breakfast out of
Finish making oatmeal
Pour kids water, add cream and sugar to my coffee
Put yogurt and oatmeal in bowls for kids, give them their water
Go outside to get table for breakfast
Smell coffee on counter wishing for a sip
Put highchair in living room
Finally get oatmeal off counter and deliver to screaming kids.

After all that I then feed K2 his oatmeal, because I would rather do that than clean oatmeal off the carpet. If we have bananas then I get to drink a sip or two of coffee in between bites.

After breakfast I get them dressed into those clothes I collected earlier.

If I am lucky all that takes place in just under an hour. That also depends on how many times K1 tells me she wants a snack, or if they are standing behind me in the kitchen, and I trip over them.

This whole routine business would go a little more smoothly, with a lot less tears if I just got up before them and took care of me. Then all that getting dressed and coffee business would be out of the way. Maybe breakfast would even be ready when they came downstairs. Crazy talk I know.

Actually the one day I got up early and took the dog for a jog before S left to work went pretty smooth. Well, the morning did anyway.

My favorite mug. 

There are always other things that come along and throw a wrench into things. Like, daddy being home. You would think it is easier, right? Not. So. Much. His needs are different. He’s not so excited about oatmeal for breakfast. Of course the kids love whatever different thing he suggests for breakfast. Then, he wants to talk about the rest of the day before I have even wiped the crust out of my eyes. I can’t help but think at that moment, “I just want to sit here invisible for three hours. That is what I want to do for the day.” While he does help, there is just no longer a routine. Things get missed or forgotten. Like taking someone to the bathroom, a diaper change, or someone’s water. Apparently in the morning, I need the routine. Who would have thought that I Gemini would like routine?

Another wrench are the days that K2 decided it’s cool to be up before the sun. Love those. I try to cheat and nurse him back to sleep. However, I am only cheating myself into thinking it will work and I will get more sleep. Hah. It never works, gah!

What does your morning look like? Do you get up before your kids, or with them? Suggestions on getting up earlier? See anything I can change to make the morning easier?


"I can’t"

Me “Come inside”
DD ” I can’t” *starts crying*

DD “I need to go potty”
Me “So pull down your panties and go”
DD “I can’t” *starts crying, this time inconsolably*

DD “I want to go downstairs”
Me “put on your panties and let’s go”
DD “I can’t put on panties”
Me “well lets just go down stairs, bring them with you”
DD “I can’t” *rolls around on the floor crying at the top of the stairs*


Everything the past few days is “I can’t” and lots and lots of unprovoked crying.

The fly looks at her wrong, crying.
The hummingbird doesn’t look at her, crying.
She drinks all her water, crying.
She wakes up, crying.

Seriously everything results in crying. Even things she likes.

She crys saying that she wants crackers. Then shes crying because your giving her crackers. I can’t figure her out right now. Toddler hood is a test in patience.

I’m not going to say that this is my least favorite phase, because I’m pretty sure every phase has been my least favorite. Except of course the unprovoked kisses and hugs phase. Wasn’t that one supposed to last forever?

What do you do during these fun phases? What has your kiddo/s been up to?

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