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Easy Hanging Kids Art Display Tutorial

I had the crafty bug bite me on Sunday and it has yet to let go. 
I pinned this a year ago and I still haven’t made one. I told myself I would get frames at the dollar store or cheap wooden ones from the craft store, and I year later that hasn’t happened.
What has happened in the last year is that my refrigerator has been covered up with all the little lovelies that my kids make. Except it gets full fast, and I have to keep every thing out of my 20 month old K2’s reach. Otherwise it will be transformed into confetti all over the floor.
So on Sunday I solved my problem, without a trip to the store. Everything I needed is basically in the photo above. 


  • Two nails
  • String – enough to cover the area where you would like to hang your children’s masterpieces. You could even use that fancy twine you’ve been hoarding
  • 6 (or more) clothespins
  • paint and paint brush- optional
  • hammer
  • scissors

Hang two nails and tie the string between them. I left a little end on each side because I liked how it looked, but you don’t have to do this. I also did was forced to measure and be sure that the nails were at the same height. 91″ if you interested.

Then I painted the clothespins in a rainbow of colors. You could easily skip this, but I thought it gave my super simple display a nice touch. It made it look just a bit nicer. You could even paint them to match the space where you are adding the display.
 I also added words to them, because my kids will be able to read soon enough. I thought it would look nice, and I was really happy with the way they came out. I know the letters were a little sloppy. The smallest brush I has was my daughters watercolor brush. I like how they came out. They are over 7 feet off the ground and it looks like I did it on purpose. Only you know different, so lets keep it between us.

Once your clothespins are dry hang your children’s beautiful artwork. It is safely out of the reach of grabby hands, and my daughter can show off her work to everyone that walks into the house.

Done! 15 minutes, no trips to the store, (because you had it all on hand) and you have created a new fun space to hang all that crafty goodness! Your welcome.

What do you do with your children’s crafts? Where do you display them, if you do?


I linked up here check out some other great ideas!

Polyester is for professionals

Not for mama’s with two kiddos, who knit at nap time.

Collecting dust

I wanted to add some color to out living room. It has always been non committal in the color department. Black and silver, forever. With baby and toddler items all over, the black and silver get lost among the bright colors of baby toys. Side note, that’s another one of those things the baby books don’t tell you. Your living room (if not the whole house), will look like a day care center.  Even if you don’t want it to.

We have tried looking for some throw pillows a couple of times. I feel like they are always over priced, and never the “right” green. Haha yes, my living room is “Going Green”, not entirely in the recycled sense. For my birthday S surprised me with some pillows, in green. Pale, yellowy, sagey ish, green small pillows. They also are knit, but not by hand. This is funny cause I actually considered knitting some pillows for our couch. I was considering this pattern on ravelry, or here for non ravelry peeps. Now I will not be knitting pillows for our couch. I think it would look too old ladyish and tacky.

Not to shabby

I decided to sew myself some.

Remembering that you know how to sew and looking back 18 years ago, you think, it was easy.
Shopping for fabric, fun, and easy.
Ironing fabric to get started, also easy.
Every other step, not. so. much.

I am impatient. Pinning, measuring, remeasuring, reironing, blech.
I also can not sew a straight line.

I apparently have never worked with 100% polyester either. It moves. A lot. Extra pinning, blech. Setting a 30 minute timer to get everything set up and done? The biggest joke of my life. Oh, and my DS decided he did not want me to make pillows either. Three 30 minute timers and both pillows were sewn and one was stuffed. I ran out of batting.

I did not want to buy more, or wait to go to the store. So I washed some old pillows, to use their batting. Pillows do not dry, like ever. Three days later the batting, which does not absorb water, was dry. I now fun, happy, bright, and fluffy new pillows, on my couch. I even re stuffed and repaired one of the old ones. Yay!

I did order this print in a spring green to continue with the green theme. It’s here and waiting for a frame, so it can take it’s rightful place on the wall.

In the mean time, everything else has been neglected. No knitting, not much gardening, nothing.

Oh, the kids are growing like weeds, no worries.


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