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The End Of MugSwap2013

#MugSwap2013 has officially ended for this year. And I have to say that officially it was fun.


Fun was waiting for my swap partner to receive her goodies. I learned that we had a lot in common. Shopping for someone I never met in person was harder than expected, but basically I friend-ed a stranger whole heartedly. If you are curious I sent this goody box to Kelsey of PoofyCheeks.


Last Thursday I come home after my four hour class, walked the dog, and found this little brown box of love in my mail box.


I opened it up thinking that I should be off to bed, but the excitement drove me.


The best surprise came with a lesson I shared on Friday. I filled up my new mug and got a happy faced surprise in the morning. I sipped on my “morning juice” thinking about the fact that the person shopping for me did all the same things I did. My mug came from AMothersDesign, and she was so sweet to select this mug.


Now I have two new friends!


This was my first swap of any type and it was a fun experience. I am now wondering why I have never done something fun like this with my current friends? I think that would be even easier. I know them already, right? I might just pack up a little box of fun and send it off, just becuase. Maybe.


Did you follow along? Have you participated in a swap?


If you are interested in checking out what mug swap was like for other bloggers we have all linked up and you are welcome to check it out here;


Mug Swap!

Another Week In Photos

Did you miss me last week? Bookmark this new address, the old one is toast.

It might take me a little getting used to, so I am sorry in advance for any strange hiccups that are bound to happen.


Now on with what we were up to during all that silence, and the last week too.


Sometimes daddy’s do silly things and I actually have a moment to capture it. That is not an apple in the slicer. It’s a nectarine, which would really slice nicely if it weren’t for that pesky seed in the middle.


After #MugSwap2013 I decided that I deserved my own coffee cozy. This is what I made myself. I am currently in the process of making my design even better. Smaller needles, so it will be a little less poofy, and adding a liner to the inside so it doesn’t slide up.


I promised myself I would use this more. I often opt to leave it home because it is somewhat heavy on my neck. It takes amazing photos especially outside, I just need to have it to use it.



Every now and then it’s good to find ways to take advantage of you position in life. Often times as a Stay at Home Mom I don’t see all the happy that I really do have. I also don’t take advantage very often. What do I mean by that? I haven’t done things like take just the kids and I on a trip, even just camping, without daddy. To me, I don’t know why, I doesn’t feel right. I don’t drag the kids along to things that are really just for me. So when I decided to have a beer last week it was random. Random because these days I don’t drink very much, and the kids were napping.


It was the only one I had, but it was nice to take advantage of my position for once.


Don’t you love it when you try to snap a shot of a sweet sweet moment and then, well, you get this. “Arrgg.” I have successfully turned my daughter into a pirate. Your welcome.


We did have a lovely picnic out side of the science center waiting for friends to come play with us. No, no one walked the plank.


This photo should have accompanied my last post about my class disaster and migraine. This lovely selfie, which is so not my thing, was the next morning. I have to wear a hat right now because K1 managed to break my sunglasses again.


After a migraine Thursday I did not drink any coffee Friday. For some reason on Saturday I brewed my mug all the way to the tipp-ity top. I even had to sip some out to put cream in. Guess I was making up for missed coffee.


This kid is the cutest. If his sister wasn’t so darling I would say he’s the cutest troublemaker in the house. Alas it is totally a tie. This, this “Oh I didn’t know I couldn’t do that look” makes me laugh so much it takes away from telling him “that’s not safe.” Besides no one under two believes you when you tell them something amazingly fun is not safe, until they get hurt. Yes he dumped out all those clothes on the couch himself.


Midnight #MugSwap2013 mug.


8:30-9 mug swap mug filled with coffee. So much happier. I was too. Note to self, don’t open mail after class. Apparently I’m grumpy then. I was sad that I didn’t receive a note, and I shouldn’t have been. Why? Because my swapper was smart like me and didn’t want to pay shipping twice just to send a little love note that can be typed later.


Every now and then I need a humbling reminder that life isn’t all about me, and or what is in my head.


Isn’t this the cutest little mug ever?! I have seriously been using it all day. No exaggeration, I am drinking water out of it still right now.



This morning. Playing their little hearts out. They love the science center. I love that soon this will be considered “school.” That is one part that makes the idea of homeschooling so fun!


What were you up to this week? 

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Mug Swap 2013 – Sent

Okay. If you follow me on instagram or twitter then you have heard a bit here and there about a mug swap.


What is a mug swap your wondering? Well, it is just like it sounds, you give a mug and get a mug. It’s fun. The swap is hosted by and she is quite possibly the sweetest host ever.


If you are interested in following along with everyone’s mug fun check out #MugSwap2013 on Instagram or Twitter.

When I received my assigned swap partner I went to work, trying to figure out what she would like. I thought she made it pretty easy giving me great clues, but somehow shopping was still a challenge. I won’t explain every mug I photographed, just a few.


Like the sneakers. My partner said she liked bright colors. If those shoes were a coffee mug I would have been done shopping, but alas they are kids shoes, and remain on the rack where I found them.


Sets of four and sets of two mugs, were the bane of my mug shopping existence.


The Cat in the Hat. K1, my three year old, thought that maybe Kelsey would like that mug. I laughed, but it was really sweet of her.


The largest mug pictured is one that I bought, but then I changed my mind thinking it was too flowery (I still have to return it). I mean I’m not a particularly flowery girl, unless I am in the garden. My partner seemed a lot like me, and that is why I decided to continue shopping.

Until I found this beauty. After more than 20 stores of shopping (no exaggeration, two malls, and a few strip malls), I decided this mug would look perfect in her craft space. Take a look and see.
I loved that it was larger than normal. The dots. The dot’s are really what had me. Oh, and the hints of her favorite color. I was not as bright of a mug as I thought I would purchase, but somehow it felt right.

I learned that she loved Peach Snapple Iced Tea, and that she received a Keurig as a gift. Bam! I had planned to add some K-cups to her mug, but when I realized Peach Snapple had K-cups I grabbed her a whole box. I was secretly hoping that she had yet to try them, and was excited to find out she hadn’t!

Now I had to stay within a budget. S said I could not spend $50 on a coffee mug. I was already close to budget with K-cups, mug, and shipping. Still I felt the package was plain. Then I had a random ah-ha moment. Duh, I can craft too. It took me all of 20 minutes to think of something crafty that I could do that coincided with coffee.


I tried really hard to capture this true to color because that aqua was awesome, but alas I failed. Here it looks blue, but it is not at all. A hand knit, hand decorated, coffee cozy. I really had a lot of fun making this. As I said yesterday I forgot how much fun knitting was. I am going to be making lots more of these.

I was so excited to box it up and ship it that I forgot to add ribbon to anything. I especially bought ribbon in her favorite color just for that purpose! I guess I have it for something else now, maybe more hairbows? I also sealed it closed before adding in my card, so I had to pop it back open. I could have added my ribbon then, but still forgot. 

The last piece of the puzzle. My hand made card. I only pictured the front. I did include a little message on the inside for her. My thoughts were kind of jumbled and I can only hope it all came out right. There was so much I wanted to say. I was shocked to find out how much we seem to have in common. Strangers in the bloggy world separated by thousands of miles .

This was a fun stressful. Now that I have one swap under my wing, I think I am better prepared for others in the future. It was so exciting! I can’t wait to see what mug comes my way?!


By the by my kids were with me through 90% of my mug shopping fun. Now that I am done shopping K1 still thinks we are on the look out for a nice mug, “maybe that one mommy”. She also wants to know when Kelsey is coming from Florida, or when we are going there. This girl kills me with her cuteness at times.


Have you every participated in a random swap? What was your experience?

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