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That is how I feel. I know I posted about my recent mommy time, but not the same.

Yesterday K1 had her nap ruined by her little brother climbing into her bed during nap time while she was asleep. When that didn’t wake her he started jumping. She didn’t go back to sleep, and that 20 min nap was all she got. That made for a long day.

Daddy took the kids up to bed after dinner and some TV. By the time they were heading up the stairs those two littles had sleep written all over their faces.

After helping K2 upstairs and seeing if S needed any help I sat down on the couch. Content to play on my phone until S made his way back down stairs to work out. After 3 minutes passed motivation randomly struck me and I cleaned up. I even switched out a few toys from the cupboard under the stairs, took a minute to wish my not-quite-yet-SIL lived closer so I could pass some bigger baby items on to her, and sat down on the couch to read a few pages in a book before S joined me on the couch.

As pages passed I realized I was cold and that while I fed the dog, I had yet to walk her. I also decided that the silence coming from upstairs meant that daddy fell asleep on the floor waiting out K2 who recently moved to a toddler bed. (Have I mentioned that before? We did that like 3 weeks ago) I finished the book, (Secrets of a Shoe Addict was good BTW better than expected) and walked the dog.

I then marched upstairs and took an amazing shower. Took K1 to the bathroom, and proceeded to start a load of laundry. It wasn’t until I was adding the clothes to the wash that I realized how relaxed I felt. How nice the night was. I didn’t feel guilty. I wasn’t entertaining anyone but me. I did what I wanted to. Sure I don’t really want to clean or do laundry, but it wasn’t pressured and I’ll appreciate it later.

I have always been a night owl. When I was working part time after K1 was born I often came home to a sleeping household. Then I would do things like I did tonight. Maybe that is why I was less frustrated before, and more easily frustrated now. I am thinking that this is how I need to wind down. Maybe that is why I am usually still messing around on my phone while the rest of the house is asleep in bed? It doesn’t seem to have the same effect when S goes out on the town though.

I’m really quite glad to have figured this out, and for last night.

Do you enjoy the silence of a sleep house? 


Mommy Time

It’s no secret that I do not do a very good job at taking time or doing things for me. I find it very easy to put my family’s needs before my own. To me their needs are very visible. I figure I can wait a little longer, and a little longer, until ….. well I don’t know what will happen, and would rather not find out honestly.

I have noticed lately that my fuse is shorter than normal. Frustrated and exasperated with my children more easily than I would like. I told S this weekend that on his next day off I needed to take some time away while the kids are awake. That part is key for me. I feel like when I get away at night while the kids are sleeping that I am just cheating myself. I get less sleep and I don’t get to sleep in.

With nothing particularly exciting in mind, I took myself to Starbucks for an iced coffee. Of course in perfect Gwen fashion, I forgot my fancy new reusable iced beverage cup. I HAD to have it for the fourth of July. Because clearly my citrus iced tea would taste that much more amazing out of a reusable iced beverage cup than it would if slurped from a red solo cup. Duh! Well, I am bound to remember it one of these times. Of course at my rate that will be next year. Still next year when I use it, it will be amazing. Minus all the freezer ice stuff it’s collecting.

I wasn’t sure what I would want to do upon my child free trip. So I brought a class list, new book to read, kindle, and of course my phone. Lucky me captain crazy sat down next to me. No I am not being mean or calling names. I actually wondered if I should call the mental health dept. For real. Singing and dancing in a chair all alone at Starbucks doesn’t make you crazy. No, not that alone anyhow, but coupled with conversations alone, that does. I actually tried to talk to him thinking he was looking for a friend. Nope. He had one already. He’s just the only one who could see him or her. Sweet. Good thing I wasn’t reading at that time. I would not have been able to focus on a single word on the page.

I sat and burned through my phone battery, and then moved on to the Kindle where I sorted through classes for next semester. I finished up my free time at Starbucks with the first chapter of a new book. Then I walked to the store picking up a few things and headed home. As luck would have it I was greeted by a quiet and mostly empty house. That was a nice bonus surprise. I was able to read a few more pages before the family returned.

I definitely feel a little bit recharged. I guess sometimes it really is good to get away.

What is your go to get a way activity? 


All The Knitted Things

They lay collecting dust.

Being a mom has priority’s. Often time they are not myself, or even the things I want to do. Usually they are breakfast, lunch or dinner for 3 or 4. Sometimes they include things like laundry, bathing children, feeding/walking the dog, checking the mail, washing dishes, or grocery shopping (that list could go on forever, I think you get the point). Reading a book is simple enough that I can pop a page or two in here and there, but knitting, where I am consulting a pattern, is just too much for this mama taking a class at night.

Either way I decided to document the dust bunnies. I still do love my yarn, it’s just resting at the moment.

This will eventually become a towel for the kitchen. Its function will be to dry food off that was soaked (like potatoes before they bake in the oven as fries), or grease from things like bacon. It is really easy to knit, but as easy as it is, it does not knit itself.

This was meant to be a gift bag for Christmas. It did not get completed because I still do not have the right size double pointed needles to complete the handle.

Here you see a lone podster. Two fingers, one thumb, the flip top mitten part, and a mate short. They together are a Christmas gift for my mom. Maybe by next Christmas?

No matter how hard I tried black yarn is hard to photograph. No amount of editing made this photo better. It is a completed book cover for my cousin. By complete I mean the knitting is done. It is still in need of embellishments, and buttons. I was going to make buttons. I even bought the clay to do it with, but then I read that they polymers might be bad for an oven you will eat food out of later. So it sits unfinished.

My first blanket project. Still incomplete, but now may become something else. I gave 1/3 of the blanket to my dog after she came home from the vet. I have not interest in knitting this right now anyway. I kind of made up the pattern, and now that I am a better knitter, I can see the flaws in the pattern.

One day I might finish this. It might transform itself into a wristlet bag. I had a hard time finding a pattern for this yarn as there wasn’t a whole lot of it.

Anyhow I’m not sure these qualify as works in progress, because there is not much going on in the whole progress part, but here they are.

What crafty adventures have you been up to?


I Want To Dance

I really enjoy dancing. Like a lot. For me it always has been a lot of fun. However, I feel that there comes a time where certain types of dancing are unacceptable. You know like bumping and grinding in front of Grandma at a wedding, might be somewhat inappropriate, in my opinion. It’s kind of like making out in front of your parents. You can do it, but you feel weird/wrong doing so. Aside from that, you grow up and bumping and grinding looses some of its allure. Your no longer looking for attention or you understand the negative attention that comes with it.

Well my grown up 30 year old self still wants to dance. I want to dance like they do in the following video. Fast Lindy Hop. I can see S and I dancing like the third couple to come out in this video (Max and Alice). So fun. Wholesome music you don’t mind the kids hearing, same heart pumping dancing action. Oh, and this type of dancing not only would I not mind Grandma watching, but I would actually wanna show off for her. Oh and please feel free to ignore the first couple that comes out. I’m not a fan of their style. And if it matters to you, the second couple to come out (red skirt) win this particular competetion.

If you enjoyed watching that video watch this next one too. This one is super fun. It’s like all the best moves in one video. All the parts that make you go ooh and ahh. The hibernating gymnast in me is screaming “I can do that”!

I very much want to go and take lessons. The closest place to me is 45 mins away, and beginner class is only on Wed at 7. For S and I to go together it would be cutting it close. Add in the variable of a babysitter and the fact that it’s $72 for two, for 4 weeks, and well, we haven’t signed up. Mostly cause of the “what if we don’t have a sitter” concern. I want to go so bad I might even be willing to go alone. Maybe for my birthday or something.

Maybe I can try learning from a DVD, or Youtube. I mean Youtube did teach me to knit, so why not? I’m thinking that will be my next step.

Do you know how to Lindy Hop? Have you used a video to learn to dance? If so what company made it?



Once upon a time I was a member of The Greater Holyoke YMCA. I took swim lessons there. Seriously though who didn’t? At least in my age group. That was the place to go. I also competed on their gymnastics team for nine wonderful years. Seriously. I was my own worst enemy at the time. Nothing was good enough. I felt I executed nothing perfectly. Little did I know that I would still look back at how much I truly loved gymnastics.

This being said, you would have thought that when it came time to take my DD for gymnastics this is where I would have gone first. Nope. Not so much. Wrong. I went to some other random gym nearby. They did not have a real mommy and me program. We saved our money and did not go.

For some reason when I decided it was time for swim lessons for her, the Y was the first place I looked. Weird, right? Somehow my almost 30 year old mind knew the place that I went to, for only 2-3 sessions of swim lessons was the first place to go to for my own daughter. Why not the gymnastics too? Who knows.

Anyway the whole reason that I decided to write this post is that we went and got a family membership today. It was only because of the Open Doors program that the East County YMCA offers. It is like financial aid for families who make less than $50,000 a year. I wish we knew about this two years ago, when we went into another one of the East County YMCA’s. We would have signed up then. No matter we did now. I really am so excited, if you can’t tell by the fact that I am blogging about it.

I can go to the gym again?

I can go to the gym again!

My babies go too. DD get’s to play. They hold DS. It is like they are at a play date, without me. Where do you think I will be when I need a break? Yup. What? I’ll see you there? Perfect. Lol …

Anyway they have a Healthy Family something event going on at what seems like all their locations. I have seen that some still have the event going on tomorrow. Check it out!

I just wanna say that the sign that made me decide to write this post was reading this Insta Friday blog post. So maybe someone else out there needs to know about this possibility near them.

FYI it goes without saying, but, this is not a sponsored post. They made the use of their facilities a reality to me and decided to share.

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