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I gotta have it!

You may or may not know that I have been lusting after a back carrier for my DD.

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I carried her in a FF (front facing) carrier until it was physically painful while I was pregnant. So I wore her until she was about 16 months. Side note, I did wear her facing in as well. The carrier was not my favorite, I do not really know which one my favorite is, however it was sent to me and did the job. I am a trooper and do what I have to to make things work. This carrier was free, it was the only one I needed.

The Chicco You & Me Deluxe and I had a rough rough start. The very first time I put DD in it she almost died. No no no it was not a malfunction of the carrier. I had my friend, who sent the carrier, tell me stories about her daughter expecting to eat every time she got in it. She had also told me I could use it to keep baby upright after eating. So I decided to try it. DD was maybe 2 weeks old, had just fed, and apparently needed to spit up.

She couldn’t.
It turned into violent vomiting, and choking.
Crying, lots of crying.

I can still remember her eyes turning red looking at me to help her. I couldn’t get her out of the carrier.
I couldn’t get her out fast enough. I was the first time using it, I was inexperienced. It was not adjusted to me properly.

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We didn’t use it again for 4 months.

Then it worked fine, and I knew other mom’s using carriers. It worked until I wanted to go for a hike with a 5 month old.

I had received another Chicco carrier, the Smart Support Backpack. It is for 6-36 months and works great for hiking. we still use it. I feel evenly balanced, which I did not with the You & Me Deluxe.

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This carrier clearly states not to use with another carrier. This is kinda sad because I want to believe that I will still be able to go hiking with my two babies and no daddy.

Daddy got a Moby Wrap for me for Christmas. I had been talking about how I needed to get a wrap type of carrier so that I would be able to nurse the baby while standing by to catch DD at the playground. I also did not want to buy one if I wasn’t going to use it for that because then it would be a waste of money.

I wear DS everyday. He loves it. He does not complain at all. I have used two different wrap folds with him so far. I have to admit I have only nursed him in it a few times …. like less than five. It seems a little difficult to move him into the correct position.

Now I NEED a backpack carrier that you can wear tandem with the Moby wrap.

I have finally decided that I really really need one. I have decided that I will find a way to come up with the money for it.

I have been hunting and reading about SSC’s (Soft structured carriers) for weeks now. Maybe even months. Daddy is not concerned. He is tired of being updated on how this one has a higher back. He doesn’t GET how it will make life easier.

Clearly he has never had to play the toddler juggling game while wearing a baby.

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My arms are tired.

It is awkward to carry a 20 something month old while wearing a 3 month old. Right arm hurts switch, passing over baby, left arm hurts, try walking and holding hands for a bit …. and on and on.

I brought up the need for one again yesterday. I was going to bid on some Ergo’s on ebay, but I was made aware of people counterfitting and selling them as new or used. You can read about that here.
After reading about this again I decided that I will not be getting a deal on any SSC’s. I would rather a safe baby than save $50.

Daddy at one point looked at me and said “Do you need it?”

Now he asked me this because I am the logical one. I justify ever dollar I decide to spend. I turn off the wifi at night and the surge protectors to save $13 on our electricity bill. I always have a way to not need something. So when I looked at him and said “Yes I do”, I think he was surprised. I then proceeded to drift off and daydream about cooking dinner with DD on my back. (She always wants to watch) ….. he said “did I ask the wrong question” …. no he didn’t. When I explained where I went he was confused asking if it was an indoor carrier. There is no rule that says outdoor only, or indoor only, it is a baby carrier, and I need one.

I am pretty sure I want a Tula baby carrier, or a Boba 3G baby carrier. I’ll let you know when I get one.

You can still enter in my giveaway here.

Happy Wednesday!


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