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Letter of the Week E


Ah, letter “E.” This week in letter e, we were practicing the short vowel sound. So Egg, not Easter.


I was proud of my planning ahead because as you will see I did a great job again of including mammals, and animals, but also geography. However it was also somewhat a fail.


Above are the read a loud books that we used this week.


Eggday was by far the favorite of the three. The kids wanted to hear it a few times, and it captivated both children. K1 who’s 3 1/2 and K2, who’s 2. It was also fun to read.


The Empty Pot was very slow, and not nearly as fun to read. I had to go back through the book a second time and do a lot of reading between the lines for my 3 year old to fully understand the concept of the story. I also had a very hard time keeping her attention during the story (probably why I had to go through it so much). I would say that this is a good book that contained a great lesson, just not for our age group. (or maybe just not this week)


 The Elves and the Shoemaker I didn’t actually read. Daddy did at bedtime on Friday. He said that the kids enjoyed it and that he made it more fun while reading it. He asked them questions to keep them engaged, and acted out parts. He can be silly like that.



I also checked out these books to teach about elephants, emperor penguins, Mt Everest, and Ecuador.


I selected these myself, and I pretty much sucked. I knew from the looks of it that the Ecuador book was inappropriate, and I thought that I would be able to extract information to “teach” with. No, don’t do that.


I do recommend using Ella’s bath and National Geographic’s Great Migrations Elephants books. As well as the book on Mountains Surviving Mt Everest. While some of the information in these books was a little over my 3 1/2 year old’s head most of it was not. Oh and Ella’s Bath was fun for the whole family, it’s a pop up book.


To go with learning about elephants, we did an elephant craft also.



Naturally I continued to include writing, and working on the sound the letter makes. I really think that now we are ready to start sounding out words with the letters we have already learned. I am going to try that next week, I will let you know how that goes.



Each week while we work on learning to write a new letter, I refresh the old letters with her. Her favorite letter to write is still A, so she has to be prompted to write others. I am also noticing that she is understanding the mechanics of how letters are formed much more quickly than she was 5 weeks ago. I think that I might try to teach her to write more letters at a time. I’d like her to be able to write her own name. There is no rule that says I can’t do more at time so I will, I just don’t want to do so much that she doesn’t retain it.


Side note, I am reading for daddy to be done with his training an home on a regular routine. It has effected all areas of our daily life. I am not complaining, this is a change for the better, but it also explains why they past few letters have taken two weeks each.


Any how moving on and looking forward to F is for fish!


What are you working on this week? What activities did you do for the letter E?

Easy Elephant Craft



This is one of the fastest and easiest crafts of all time. That is if you exclude the drying time.


Easy Elephant Hand-print Craft

Supplies needed

  • Paper for each participating child
  • Paint
  • Markers (crayons, or colored pencils would work too)
  • Love and patience


Ultra easy steps


Place a small amount of paint on a surface. I like to use paper plates, but have been known to use the lid to tupperware also. Just be sure it is larger than the hand you will be imprinting.


Place hand on paper, and do not wiggle it around. Be sure to guide your smaller little’s, because for some reason sliding your hand around on the paper is just more fun.


If you want a herd, do more hand prints.


Kids in the two and under age range need you to press their hand down for them. Other wise there will be paint everywhere, and you will have no distinguishable hand print to work with (and a bigger mess to clean up).

Elephant craft

Now wait while your hand prints dry. This step was the single hardest part for both of my children. Waiting. All parents know that the under 5 age set have yet to learn patience.


I chose for our hand prints to be done lightly so that they would dry faster. If your children are easily distracted, or more patient than mine then I would go a bit thicker and darker with the hand print.

K1 drawing ears

Once your hand prints are dry it is time to give your elephants a face. We used markers to draw in eyes, ears, tails, and some wrinkles on their legs and trunk.



Your children might want to draw their elephant throwing water or herself. Or they could even add a scene behind their elephants. Tree’s or water, who knows.


I wanted to use googly eyes for our herd, but couldn’t locate them. That might be fun too.



Ta da! You have completed your elephant! This is what our herd looked like.


E is for elephant!


I go this idea from a photo posted on an instagram account I follow. It was so easy I had to share!


Letter of the week B

letter b 006

Amazon affiliate links are included in this post.

B is for Books, and this week we read a Bunch, of Books, with B’s. Too corny? I know. What if I told you we read a Big Bunch of B Books?


This week went a bit better for us than last week, but still not a complete program yet. Baby steps.


Since we had so many books that we could read this week, I didn’t focus on very many activities with the books and just read them. Looking back I think doing more activities and reading less books might be better. We only read two of these books each day, to leave room for other reading, Christmas stories, and bedtime reading.


This week we read;

The Baby Beebee Bird – We weren’t able to finish this whole story because some previous library member tore a bunch of pages out of it. For that I am glad because if we read this book more than once I am sure that I would have heard “beebee bobbi bobbi” all the day long.

The Lamb and the Butterfly 

Berlioz the Bear

Cowgirl Rosie and Her Five Baby Bison – At first I thought this book was for “C” week, but I hadn’t requested any C books yet. I was confused but read it any way. Definitely a B book. Each of the 5 baby bison, also have a “B” name.

Blueberries for Sal (Viking Kestrel picture books) – I know this book is a classic. I remember it from my childhood, well the cover of it at least.

The Big Balloon Race (I Can Read Books) (I Can Read Book 3) – This was one of the two books that K1 liked the best this week. It surprised me. It was a very long story to read all at once (there are clearly three chapters which make for great stopping points, we just didn’t stop). I felt that maybe she didn’t grasp it all. We read this on day one, and later in the week she asked to read it again.

B is for Books! (Step into Reading, Early, paper) 

DK Readers: The Little Ballerina – Naturally with my daughter in dance I knew she would love this book. It was great for more than just reading. She got to see dance in a way she never had before. We read this book several time this week. 

Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! – I’m loving that the last two weeks it has worked out that we have one board book from the library. It means that there is at least one book that K2 to can get his little hands on safely.

letter b 001letter b 002

We also worked on writing the letter B on more than just paper. We tried on a Magna doodle, which was very unsuccessful, and on a chalk board. She did great on paper and on the chalk board. She is having a hard time with the letter b, and B. She often writes them backwards. She has the correct shape, so we will just have to keep working at it.

Cookies blog 029


I also made up an activity. As you can see I wrote several colors in their color. I then read through them with K1 and asked her to stand up each time I made the “b” sound. She really enjoyed this.

Cookies blog 031


Then I asked her to come up to the marker board and point out each color that started with the letter b.

Cookies blog 034


I then wrote each color that she named onto their own piece of paper. I asked both of the kids to collect 3 items that were the color named on the paper. Now this part is not entirely an origional idea. I have seen the color collecting idea everywhere, but we had not done it until now.


I really expected K1 to go tearing around the house collecting item, but that was not the case.

Cookies blog 041

It was more of a challenge for her than I had expected. She knows colors, and can tell you when things match.

Cookies blog 042


Maybe she doesn’t work well under pressure, or had a hard time because lots of things have more than one color.

Cookies blog 043


I was also suprised that K2 just wanted to sit and watch. Maybe K1’s lack of excitement effected him. No I never thought he would collect items of the correct color, I just figured he would add some random stuff.


In the end it was a great activity to do. Especially if it was a challenge, and it was. Oh and I know your wondering, the hooves on the cow are brown.


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