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Leprechaun Trap

Our leprechaun traps are a quite simple, yet hopefully effective design. Leprechaun Traps

This was very easy to do with a two year old and a three year old.

The Gemini Mama Leprechaun Trap


Step 1 – K1 and I painted the boxes green on the outside while K2 took a longer nap.



Step 2 – Let the outside of the boxes dry



Step 3 – We decided to paint the insides gold, in hopes that it was help to attract the leprechaun.



Step 4 – When you find painting boring seek the out of doors, and let mommy finish for you.



Step 5 – When step 4 is not enough boredom cure, find inspiration in your sisters excitement for painting.



Step 6 – STICKERS! Apply lots of stickers all over the box to create a disguise for your trap.



Be sure to enjoy yourself.

DSC_0130 (2)


In the last photo he was playing with this one shamrock. It entertained him for a good  minutes. No interruption from me. You and Mr Shamrock have a great time.



“No mom, I’m not done yet.”


Never. As long as there are still stickers, she will not be done.



K1 still stickering, K2 still playing with Mr. Shamrock.


End Result;



K2’s trap





K1’s trap



Both traps were made with lot’s of love, and the kiddos had fun. I think next year we will add glitter and such. Maybe K1 will even come up with her own trap design. Too soon?


They are really excited to catch a leprechaun. Let’s hope one finds us. (Although if they make only a small mess that would be okay too.)


Will a leprechaun be visiting your house tonight/tomorrow? What tricks do you have planned? (Seeking inspiration look here or here)

St. Patricks Day Revealed

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone yet again. This might seem late to some, but there was no way that I would have completed this post before the end of St. Patricks day, so then why rush? My little leprechaun tricks wouldn’t benefit you until next year anyway.

This year wasn’t as crazy as last year, but it was still something. 

The leprechaun forgot to make a trip to the store for a few prank items in addition to gold. That means that sadly there weren’t any treats. There were marsh mellows with green food dye on them. I thought they looked like poop. K2 did try to eat them, but since no one was dying for them they got thrown out before the dog could eat them.

I used the Ariel doll that you see hiding out at the table in this picture, along with green finger paint, to make all those fun footprints. If you wanted to do something smaller on a counter or something like that, I bet Barbie would work amazingly.

The leprechaun left the toilet paper where it belongs this year, but he (or she) did make a pit stop in the restroom. Where he left footprints on the toilet seat, and gold poop in the toilet.

Green food coloring alone does not stain, so I was able to do this the night before. Also gold glitter is great for St. Patrick’s day.

We knew exactly where he went because there were little green foot prints leading the way.

K1 was so upset at the mess the leprechaun left. You can see in this photo the stacked up couch pillows, and Chinese lanterns strewn about the floor. (He folded the laundry too, so not all bad) She was so distraught that daddy didn’t even get to finish reading her the note. When she found what was left behind in the bathroom, she was even more upset.

Green french toast makes everyone better, right? Well that worked here at least. It was the least frightening leprechaun trick of the day.

By the end of the day K1 found the leprechaun hilarious. She still tells me that the leprechaun went potty when we go to the bathroom. She also tells me that she wants to catch him. I continue to remind her that we have to wait until next year, but when she gets something in her little head it stays.

She thought that the yarn all over the house leading to her Easter basket was from the leprechaun too. Too many fictional creature maybe.


Leprechaun tricks

We were had, prankster!
Okay, so ye ole leprechaun came to our house last night. He did sooo much! Definitely up to mischief.

No it’s not Mickey Mouse. Or not intended to be anyway.

The water come out of our bathroom faucet green, the tub was full of balloons, K1’s bathwater was green. He stickered mommy and daddy’s faces while they were sleeping, spewed Lucky Charms from upstairs to down stairs, flipped over chairs and toys, toilet papered the living room, turned the water in the fridge green, left green footprints outside and gold nuggets. He even made the breakfast pancakes green! He got mommy too. The coffee creamer was green unexpectedly.

Art work and Lucky Charms.

In return he gave the dog a new green bandanna. He left gold “nuggets” where he caused mayhem, and “pooped” in shoes …. But covered the “poop” with Skittles and Nuggets.

Leprechaun “Poop” and Gold Nuggets.

I have to admit it was lots of fun. I can see how it will get harder as babies get older. Really we can talk about this in front of them right now and they don’t know, so it’s easier. I mean I took K1 shopping with me.  Either way definitely a tradition we will keep up.

After just 1 roll of TP

It’s fun making a mess of the house on purpose. Pretty sure DD (K1) would have had fun toilet papering the living room.

Our pranks cost a total of $15. $10 of that cost was the candy, which was also not what I wanted. Tell me why I couldn’t find chocolate gold coins anywhere? Definitely fun fun.

Me, that lady, dressed up for the parade

Did you get pranked today? What happened?

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