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Play Kitchen Reveal

kitchen 013


Yes the play kitchen is complete! It was even completed with enough time for me to consider building another piece. We need to build this Clara Table next. Sure it could use a few more finishing touches, a sink skirt, towel bar, maybe some hooks for utensils, but it will work great! Also those are things that can be added at any time.


First let me say that we built this play kitchen using the plans found on Ana White’s page here. Remember way back to June? You know when we started building this kitchen? It’s the first photo in the post, I’ll be right here while you refresh.


We have come a long way since then.



Putting together the fridge.



We started with the stove, and yet somehow it was the last piece to be completed. Just a side note in case you decide to build one of these; if we built one of these kitchens again we would start by building two sink boxes and move forward  from there.




At the end of it all, this was a great project, and FUN! I had a great time building it and look forward to building more.




Painting and filling holes with wood putty.



Repairing pieces that didn’t go quite right the first time.


The stove plans are not without flaws, she said that she updated them in her book, but we worked from the website.


Also while I am on a tangent I had intended for us to spray on a clear coat over the paint so that it would last longer. However once the pieces got finished I was so excited to complete them that the idea of clear coat when out of the window and my head. As you look more closely at the finished photos you will notice, on the stove in particular, that they paint has already chipped. No one has even played with it yet! I can see that in a year or two I will be repainting these. At least I have about half a gallon of paint left over.



Finishing pieces ….



One by one.

kitchen 003


until the job was completely done.

kitchen 005


kitchen 006


Fancy refrigerator, with magnet latches and everything.

kitchen 007


A stove, with rubber burners that won’t get scuffed and scratched.

kitchen 008


And a touch light inside so you can see what your baking.

kitchen 009


Knobs that really turn and spin.

kitchen 012


Sink complete with moving faucet, and a sink bowl that is not attached, just in case they put water in there. Easy clean up!

kitchen 016


This is how the kitchen hid the past several months. Taking up space in mommy and daddy’s room. We didn’t cover it with a blanket until we added paint. They never even noticed it was anything special.


Over all cost;


We spent less than $100 on wood materials, BUT the stove is made completely of Douglas Fir. While the sink is only partially Doug fir and the rest is all pine. We could have kept our costs down doing pine wood from the start. Originally we thought that we were going to do stain, not paint.

$5 on 1 gal of mis-mixed paint

$6 on real stove knobs

$6 on Fridge handles

$3 on stove handle

$7 on black rubber for stove burners

$1 touch light (Dollar Tree)

$5 on non working display faucet

$5 on mixing bowl for sink

$15 on random fasteners, hinges, mirror clips (to hold in plexi glass on the stove), magnet latch system for fridge


Our total was right at $150.


We already had plexiglass, glue, and sandpaper, so they were things that we did not have to purchase.


We could have spent $150 on a wood play kitchen, but it would have been much smaller than this one works out to be. I can’t wait to show you pictures of the kiddos playing with it!


Have you built any items for your kids? Did you enjoy it, do they love it?

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