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Just a little birdie

For my birthday one of the items that I decided I wanted was a hummingbird feeder. We already get a few hummingbirds around. I do not know the name of the flower that I saw nearby which let me know that hummingbirds were frequent visitors, but it’s here. There are also huge birds of paradise which they drink out of as well.

You can see one of the huge birds of paradise behind the feeder in these photos.

One day two of the feeder being in place we had a little visitor. The little guy came every few hours and he/she/it was the only visitor until Sunday, which was five days after putting it up.

Sunday a big fatty came by and visited. I actually thought that the bird was pregnant, but birds lay eggs, just well fed.

 I know that hummingbirds are territorial. Because of this I am not sure if the two birds are dating or fighting.

 The past two days they have been yelling at each other, darting, and taking turns eating from the feeder. Listening to them argue sing, is actually kind of pretty. When they are chatting at least we know to look up. Then we get the treat of seeing two birds instead of one.

Yesterday morning one of them decided to check out DD. It was cute. The humming bird was looking at her as if she was in a zoo. DD got to get a great look at it too. 
I think they are starting to get used to us being here too. Today I was able to walk into the house with it still there eating. Maybe I will be able to get some better photos. For now this is the best one that I have. As they get more comfortable with us I will be able to stand at the door and snap pictures.

Oh and there are officially three now! Too bad they don’t eat inchworms … ugh. That however is a tale for another day.


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