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Handmade Valentines

And a tradition continues. Handmade Valentines for daddy. (I linked the last two years for those interested) We even made enough Valentines to send some snail mail love!


This may have been the easiest Valentine we have made daddy yet. I’m gonna give all the credit for making this easier to the table. Hah, but no, seriously. It makes a world of difference.

DSC_0001 (2)

Also noteworthy, I let K1 use scissors. That’s a big deal for me. I have been telling myself that I have not let her use the scissors that I bought specifically for her (note that they are purple) because of K2 always being too close. I decided that maybe that was a lie, and maybe I just, I dunno, envision her cutting her hair. Not that I am peticularly attached to her hair, it’s just, well, that’s what little girls do. You know, once they are comfortable with scissors. Cut all the things! “Mommy look at my new hair cut!”


The cards say “Love you to pieces, daddy!” Then you fill in the heart with “pieces.”



The hardest part of this whole craft was cutting all those squares, and waiting for glue to dry.



Yes both children got to use glue.



Provided to them on fancy Hot Wheels plates, left over from K2’s birthday party.



This went more smoothly than I actually expected. K2 did better than I imagined.



Having three containers of squares really helped out. No one was fighting over which one they wanted.



I thought that the tissue paper squares would be cute, but it turns out that the kids preferred the scrapbook paper squares.



Also I went overboard cutting squares and will have enough for next years Valentines too.



Stickers complete every Valentine in this house.



Thanks Grandma for the new stickers!



This guy. You should have seen the outtakes.


Do you hand make your Valentines, or are they store bought?


Easy Hanging Kids Art Display Tutorial

I had the crafty bug bite me on Sunday and it has yet to let go. 
I pinned this a year ago and I still haven’t made one. I told myself I would get frames at the dollar store or cheap wooden ones from the craft store, and I year later that hasn’t happened.
What has happened in the last year is that my refrigerator has been covered up with all the little lovelies that my kids make. Except it gets full fast, and I have to keep every thing out of my 20 month old K2’s reach. Otherwise it will be transformed into confetti all over the floor.
So on Sunday I solved my problem, without a trip to the store. Everything I needed is basically in the photo above. 


  • Two nails
  • String – enough to cover the area where you would like to hang your children’s masterpieces. You could even use that fancy twine you’ve been hoarding
  • 6 (or more) clothespins
  • paint and paint brush- optional
  • hammer
  • scissors

Hang two nails and tie the string between them. I left a little end on each side because I liked how it looked, but you don’t have to do this. I also did was forced to measure and be sure that the nails were at the same height. 91″ if you interested.

Then I painted the clothespins in a rainbow of colors. You could easily skip this, but I thought it gave my super simple display a nice touch. It made it look just a bit nicer. You could even paint them to match the space where you are adding the display.
 I also added words to them, because my kids will be able to read soon enough. I thought it would look nice, and I was really happy with the way they came out. I know the letters were a little sloppy. The smallest brush I has was my daughters watercolor brush. I like how they came out. They are over 7 feet off the ground and it looks like I did it on purpose. Only you know different, so lets keep it between us.

Once your clothespins are dry hang your children’s beautiful artwork. It is safely out of the reach of grabby hands, and my daughter can show off her work to everyone that walks into the house.

Done! 15 minutes, no trips to the store, (because you had it all on hand) and you have created a new fun space to hang all that crafty goodness! Your welcome.

What do you do with your children’s crafts? Where do you display them, if you do?


I linked up here check out some other great ideas!

All The Knitted Things

They lay collecting dust.

Being a mom has priority’s. Often time they are not myself, or even the things I want to do. Usually they are breakfast, lunch or dinner for 3 or 4. Sometimes they include things like laundry, bathing children, feeding/walking the dog, checking the mail, washing dishes, or grocery shopping (that list could go on forever, I think you get the point). Reading a book is simple enough that I can pop a page or two in here and there, but knitting, where I am consulting a pattern, is just too much for this mama taking a class at night.

Either way I decided to document the dust bunnies. I still do love my yarn, it’s just resting at the moment.

This will eventually become a towel for the kitchen. Its function will be to dry food off that was soaked (like potatoes before they bake in the oven as fries), or grease from things like bacon. It is really easy to knit, but as easy as it is, it does not knit itself.

This was meant to be a gift bag for Christmas. It did not get completed because I still do not have the right size double pointed needles to complete the handle.

Here you see a lone podster. Two fingers, one thumb, the flip top mitten part, and a mate short. They together are a Christmas gift for my mom. Maybe by next Christmas?

No matter how hard I tried black yarn is hard to photograph. No amount of editing made this photo better. It is a completed book cover for my cousin. By complete I mean the knitting is done. It is still in need of embellishments, and buttons. I was going to make buttons. I even bought the clay to do it with, but then I read that they polymers might be bad for an oven you will eat food out of later. So it sits unfinished.

My first blanket project. Still incomplete, but now may become something else. I gave 1/3 of the blanket to my dog after she came home from the vet. I have not interest in knitting this right now anyway. I kind of made up the pattern, and now that I am a better knitter, I can see the flaws in the pattern.

One day I might finish this. It might transform itself into a wristlet bag. I had a hard time finding a pattern for this yarn as there wasn’t a whole lot of it.

Anyhow I’m not sure these qualify as works in progress, because there is not much going on in the whole progress part, but here they are.

What crafty adventures have you been up to?


Our Valentine

As always Daddy was our valentine. He’s truly the best. While this years card is not quite as crazy as last year, K1 was able to participate more than in the prior years. (she was so much smaller last year!)

I can not wait until both kids can do one all by themselves. Mostly cause I am curious what it is they will want to create.

A sneak peak at the inside of our card before we signed it. I have a square shaped paper punch so K1 was able to do that part this year. Hence why our card is so plain and geometric.

For real if I open and Etsy shop ever I think that will be the name. K squared.

If you read yesterdays Insta post you already know what is going on here. If you didn’t, go check it out.

We also made several other more simple valentines, to hand out to people like our neighbors. K1 loved running from door to door handing them out. (she literally ran) Next year I think we will make even more. Of course it will be easier because maybe the little miss will operate scissors and K2 can sticker. Maybe.

How was your Valentines?

Hand Made Valentine

The supplies

Last year we started a tradition of making Daddy’s valentine. I do not want this holiday to be about extravagant gifts and spending a lot of money. So we make his card together. We do get him something else but we’re talking not to exceed the $25 range. Not cause were cheap, well I am, but not to go over board.

K1 learning to stamp

These are the results of valentine making this year. First K1 is not very good at stickering or stamping. She’s a crafter in progress really I swear. The only thing we actually bought to complete our valentine was glue. I know right? Normally I use double sided photo mounting strips, but they are more expensive than the glue.

Lastly I am sorry for the super crapy photos! First daddy broke my DSLR lense for Christmas, next the battery died and needs charging, (try telling a toddler sticker time is over to charge a battery), third the second camera is traveling in someones laptop bag with no memory card …… all that means is the last crappy three photos had to be taken with my phone camera …. with all the lights on, while it’s raining.
You get the idea from them though. I love the back K Squared … from K1 and K2 hehe.
Happy Valentines Day!
Enjoy it however you choose to.
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