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Costumes, costumes, costumes

If you read Friday’s post you saw a little sneak peek.


I received a cute, pink and black, cat ballerina costume, that arrived in our home late October 30th. It was sent in hopes that I would complete an honest review.


Naturally around Halloween, things like dress up and costumes come to mind. There are many sites with costumes out there, and it is truly hard to decide where to order from.



Fright Catalog happens to have a great selection of costumes. They can cover all your dress-up needs.

They even have that Santa Clause costume your going to wish you had, in just a few short months.



Now I have to admit the name “Fright Catalog” didn’t  exactly scream cute to me, but I checked it out anyway. Their selections are not limited to creepy, and scary. They have cute and cuddly too. I also found that they had a larger selection of costumes than the other sites I viewed first.


Look at her! She is not at all creepy or scary. Too cute if you ask me, but she’s mine.



We were pirates for Halloween, which you already saw, but when this beauty came K1 just had to put it on and wear it. When I ordered this I intended for her to use it for her Halloween costume. She wanted to be a kitty. Fortunately Fright Catalog’s customer service is on top of things and they let me know when this item was on back order. I wasn’t bothered the costume was arriving later than planned because this girl loves dress up. I knew we could add to our fun box of clothes for her. I was able to get another costume together for her in time for a Halloween party.


It turns out this year she got to be a pirate, AND a kitty. (Don’t go requesting two costumes for one year in the future little lady)



The kitty costume included everything pictured except the leggings, shoes, and face paint.


I was happy to find that I was not surprised by what was NOT included. I hate when that happens. When you were so sure you got everything you needed for your costume, and SURPRISE, you didn’t! Everything included with each costume was very clearly listed on their website, and easy to understand.


If you find yourself in need of a costume, St. Patrick’s day , themed birthday parties, I dunno, Renaissance fair, they’ve got you covered. Feel free to check Fright Catalog out.


What were your kids for Halloween? Did you pick the costume or did your children?


Happy Halloween

Halloween party 024

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!


Why the grimaces? No idea.


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