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What is the Great Cloth Diaper Change?

The Gemini Mama cloth diaper series

If you started reading this blog in the last year, then you may or may not know that we cloth diaper in our house. Just a short bit to bring you up to speed; We, like most Americans (certainly not all), started out using disposable diapers on my daughter when she was born. I didn’t know cloth diapers were an option. When she was 8 months old we tried a few out, and ultimately made the switch. We have used cloth diapers on both of our children, and my son is still using the diapers his sister used today.


We went 8 months into my daughters life without even knowing there was an option other than disposable diapers. For this reason I like to do what I can here and there to be sure that people know that there are options. I try to do what I can to teach and advocate cloth diapering. For a bit of education mixed with fun, I will have a series on cloth diapers, and cloth diapering here on the blog for the next several weeks. It will include tips, washing advice, reviews, and a few giveaways! I’m excited, I hope you are too.


So by now if you don’t know already I imagine you are wondering what is the GCDC?


Image used with permission

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an event where everyone is challenged to beat the previous Guinness world record for number of simultaneous cloth diapers changed.


The real focus behind this is to create awareness about cloth diapering. It is also nice for people who already use cloth diapers to meet others who do also. Occasionally with cloth diapering there are questions that arise that not just anyone can answer, and having a friend in cloth is handy.


Are you a parent who is 18 or older? Do you have a child in diapers under 39″ tall? If you said yes and yes then you should plan to attend an event near you! You can use this page to find an even near you, and be available April 26th at 11 AM local time.


Did you notice that I didn’t say you had to have your own cloth diaper? This is an exciting event, and you can borrow a diaper to change your baby or child into. You could borrow one from a friend, or I am sure you can borrow one once you arrive, but you can always contact the site host prior to arrival to be sure.


At the 2012 GCDC that we attended the host who put it together made the whole event lots of fun. There was a babywearing demonstration, as well as a Hot mama yoga demonstration, there were even door prizes and vendors on site.


If you have already checked it out, and there is no location near you become an event host! It doesn’t cost you anything to host or attend. You don’t have to put on a big production to be a host. You can simply be a place for everyone to come and participate together.


I hope that some of my you will mark the date on your calendar and plan to attend, or host, and spread the word!


Are you planning to attend the GCDC? Have you attended a GCDC previously?

Insta Friday

Yup you’ve got it. It’s that time again.

life rearranged

So this was basically our haul from the GCDC event that we attended. Mixed in there are product samples, information pamphlets, and various discount codes and coupons. Score! Oh yea and off to the right are the Fuzzibunz diapers and changing pad that we won.
Now I realize that this picture is a little dark. This was one item that I was excited about that we got two sample packets of in our goodie bag haul. It is Dr. Robin sunscreen for kids. Why am I excited to try it? It’s natural and made in CA. Which means somewhat local. I have also been looking for a natural sunscreen to try. I currently use SPF 50 on my DD, but maybe 30 will be good enough.
Q-bert anyone? Stacking blocks with DD. She is really good at stacking now. I remember four blocks on her own being hard and now she makes towers.
This is a sign that clearly spring has sprung. Baby geese. Canadian Geese to be more exact. They must be lost … haha. They were too cute to pass up.
Allegedly the Service Engine Soon light is on because we changed out the fuel filter that was leaking and did not yet reset the battery. Darling S said that he would take care of this. That was before April. Uhuh. I know.
2/3 of our recycling. Cardboard/paper, glass and steel/tin cans. It is taking up space and piling up. We do not have trash cans outside yet to put it all in. I want to take it and get it out of here, but I don’t want to go alone with the kids the first time that I go. Something like that could be bad times with two babies. I would like to go with S to see what it is like so I can figure out a game plan. So for now it piles up. *sigh*
Lastly, the devastation of this morning already at 9 AM. It’s okay as long as she is happy.
Happy Friday.

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life rearranged

PS I know that I have not yet posted my Tula review. I have it drafted, but it is not yet complete. Hopefuly if that babies cooperate it will be up this afternoon or tomorrow.

Great Cloth Diaper Change

Okay, so the big event was Saturday. First I will say that the numbers have not yet been released, however I am certain the record was broken. Last year the location we were at had 37 participants, and this year there were 65.


Our family made out like bandits. We left with two Fuzzibuns diapers, one changing pad, and two drop in days of day care! For our small donation to the RDA we made out.


Daddy didn’t actually think I was going to get up to go. He also was considering not going. I will not complain about the time. With participation from 12 (or 17 I can’t remember) countries, the time for our event was not that bad. It was at 9 local time. Imagine the mama’s in Hawaii? 6 AM their local time. I am afraid that I would not be ready for that.

This will be my last cloth diaper rant for a while. I thought that I would just add a few things that I like that were not my top 3 reasons for switching. 

First the top 3 reasons were

1. Save money
2. Potty train earlier
3. Greener, smaller carbon foot print

Other things I like/love.

When I’m out of diapers I don’t have to drive somewhere and wait in line. I just walked to the laundromat, or now my washing machine.

No rashes. No lie. DS is almost 5 months old and has not had a single rash. DD had quite a few by this time using disposables. I never blamed the diaper, but now I wonder.

I just thought I would throw out there a great idea I came up with. There are diaper services all over. So …

Considering cloth? Do a diaper service for two weeks or a month to test it out. This is not cheaper than washing your own but a great way to get started.

Or …

Know someone who is expecting? Gift a month of diaper service. New baby is already a lot to handle why have the extra concern of diapers (buying or washing)? That and some dinners will make new parents first month more relaxing. (Still sleepless, but more relaxed)

Later this week I will be posting a Tula review, woohoo.

I would also like to brag that I have moved into the world of woven wraps also. I am sure there will be more to come on those too.

Thanks for listening to my rant.
Happy Monday!


Just some, maybe helpful info


I do not have a post today to go along with the topic so I thought that I would share a few things that I found.

Grovia diapers is giving away 1,000 diapers. Check it out here. It is in combination with the GCDC 2012.

Orange Diaper Co. is giving away a free fitted OS diaper, according to their recent tweet. Check it out here.
Almost time for the Great Cloth Diaper Change Saturday morning.

Have you picked out a location near you to participate or attend?


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