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Another Week In Photos

Horay, it’s Friday!

Oh wait I still work the next several days. Oh, and I have a song to find time to translate by next week. Yay!


Well here on Friday’s I recap the week, insta-style.  You know, a little more of the story behind the photo (if there is one).


I’m gt4936 on instagram if you want to follow along.


Back in Jan after my dog was attacked I was concerned she would be forever changed. She was, but not in the ways that I was thinking. I realize that I never updated you about her. I was a bit caught up at the time. Healing is a process, not something that happens overnight.

Scarlet limps now. I call her “Old Lady”, not “pup,” or “puppy” anymore. It’s more fitting. She is as sweet as she ever was. Just as loving, just as gentle. She’s too good to us all, especially my kids.


We went “camping” at a friends house this week. It was a fun time. They really put on a great party. Bounce house and all. This guy. He was the last straw.


Daddy was ready to take down the tent and go when we went to bed. It was ultra late for our kiddos at 10:30. An hour or so later K1 decided to stand up in bed and pee. Right. There. Standing. Up. Daddy asked to leave then, but I just changed out the sleeping bag and laid back down. Mind you our kids were getting sick, and there was lots of coughing going on in our tent.


Then randomly K2 woke up screaming. For no reason (at least that we know of). Inconsolably. 30 minutes later I said okay. He packed us up and we left.


I was standing next to this guy (so he didn’t cry) while daddy took down our tent and such. Together we looked through instagram, and listened to coyotes. It wasn’t a complete waste.


Before bed fun (and tent packing).


These two, have the same name.  She was so sweet with him. Took him by the hand. Blew bubbles with him. Took off his shoes, and bounced with him. He loved it.


I didn’t realize this week was the K2 show. Sorry about that.


Last nights dinner. Accidentally vegan (accidentally because I wasn’t looking for a vegan recipe). Apple, butternut squash soup. It was very tasty. I am not a big soup fan, but my family is so I try to accommodate.


Thursdays need easy dinners. I’ll have to do more like this. Right after I get an immersion blender. I need one of those. Spooning stuff into a food processor and pouring it into another container is for the birds.



That’s it!

What were you up to?

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